Pet Memorials
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03/01/2001 - 6/5/2019Goodbye, little girl. It was time. The boys named you and your sister after Spike and Sponge, the evil aunts in James and the Giant Peach. Sponge never came home from the vet. When you turned into quite a round animal, for me, you became Pudgebutt. Pudgy for short. The home alarm installer couldn't put a motion detector in the living room, you were so rotund. But kidney failure took you down to about a pound and a half, little girl. My bag 'o' bones. You gave us great joy for 18 years. I miss you already.Patricia CrawfordWildomar, CaliforniaJune 6, 2019
5/5/2007 - 6/3/2019I am so sad to lose my best friend Maverick. He was loved dearly by me and my family. He is my favorite dog. He was my companion. I am grateful I for the 12 years I had him in my life. I work at home so I got to spend a lot of time with Maverick, he was always by my side and I will miss him greatly. It's hard to put into words how I feel about him. He was a great friend. My wife Barbara called him Mr. Personality. He had so much personality and life in him. He brought so much happiness and joy to me and my family. I can't thank him enough for the love he gave to me and my family, He was highly intelligent. He loved to swim. He's bred to be a working dog and herd sheep. When I went into the pool he would swim after me and try to herd me. Every summer we would swim every day, We swam laps. I would swim and he would swim after me. He loved it. He was always by my side and I can't express how much I miss him. He will live forever in the joyous memories I shared with him. We love you Maverick. You are in heaven.Richard LevineCalabasas, CaliforniaJune 6, 2019
8/10/2007 - 5/27/2019Roxxy will be greatly missed ! She has been a part of our family for over 12 years.
She loved to swim and and dance around. She would let my daughter Mads dress her up all the time and never flinched.
She has such a sweet and loving personality. One of the best Boxers/ dogs I have ever had. I will miss her cuddles, and how she spun around like crazy when we came home.. doing the " Roxxy Dance" , her playful jump and runs and most of all her loving presence.
I will always remember she had the softest fur around her face and head that I have ever felt. No One can take your place Roxxy girl ! Ill see you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. In the meantime, play with Bubbles and China. Say HI to Papa and Aunt Kathy and Rubio and Keyan and all the other family both human and Furbabies. Enjoy your pain free life and know that your family misses you always. We Love you Roxx!
Kim CullenValrico, FloridaJune 5, 2019
3/10/2005 - 6/4/2019We love you sweet Lacey. Miss you terribly. You were a special treat for us. Hope you are running with the best of them in heaven. The Bible says God is going to reclaim all of his creatures. So one day we will be reunited.Doris OsborneLiberty Township, OhioJune 5, 2019
5/1/2000Schmoo was 19 years old. Dr. Annie from Lap of Love was with us yesterday to provide a smooth transition for Schmoo between earth and the great beyond and she did so with such kindness just as she did for Schmoo's brother, Pepsi, 3 years ago. Schmoo was a sweet spirit all of her life. All she ever wanted was to be loved and she was. It was difficult letting her go, but I know her time had come with a diagnosis of liver cancer. She could have lingered, but it wouldn't have been a quality life. Our last loving gift to her, a peaceful death with loved ones all around, handing her to loved ones on the other side. RIP little Schmoo. You are already missed.Sabrina CiccarelliApopka, FloridaJune 5, 2019
6/15/2001 - 5/22/2019In loving memory of our beautiful little girl, Oreo aka Fudgy girl. From the moment we adopted you we fell in love immediately! Although our time together of 6 years was short, you were already around 18 and lived a full life. Those years are some of the best years of our lives and we will always cherish your memory baby girl.Steve and Lisa DuranteHolbrook, NYJune 5, 2019
3/28/2003 - 06/04/2019Emmelou...our little world traveler will be missed ..she has crossed over to be with Obadiah, Zechariah, Micah and Sarah. We know we' ll see her again. At 16 she was the sweetest of the sweet, always ready to love on us as much as we loved on her. Forever in our heart.Joe and Denise EllerSt Petersburg, FloridaJune 5, 2019
1/19/2002 - 6/4/2019Lucky has been a part of our family's life for over 17 years. He has provided and taught me and my sister unconditional love, responsibility, and what it means to have a friend. I'll never forget how every morning before school, my mom would bring Lucky into my room to wake me up serving as my own personal alarm clock! He would hilariously scratch at the bed thinking he was digging for buried treats. My sister and I went off to college and came back home intermittently to which my mom has been with him consistently since the day we brought him home as a puppy. He has provided us with so many great memories and has consistently supported us when, at times, we could not be there for one another. Lucky has taught us a lot over the years to which we will honor him by loving others just as he loved us. We love you so much Lucky and we are looking forward to our reunion in the next life.Zachary WeirMooresville, North CarolinaJune 5, 2019
10/15/2007 - 5/23/2019Kona was named after the Kona Kailua coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Work included alot of travel early on and we were blessed to have been able to visit there multiple times as working vacations. Kona’s coat coloring reminded us of the Kona coffee. She was a small, but feisty cat. She didn't start out that way; when we first brought her home she weighed only 2 pounds and we shortly found out was not in good health. She hid under the bed alot and even had a bed and toys under there because that's where she felt safe. After a brief stay, she left her under bed lair and took charge of the house. The magnolia tree had buds when Kona passed away. A week later all the buds opened and turned to flowers. This will be a flower to remember Kona by for us. I will always miss Kona. She was very attached to me and I will cherish that she chose me. I miss her terribly.Scott & Bridget BattagliniBristow, VirginiaJune 5, 2019
2/1/2005 - 5/30/2019Maggie was my special little girl who loved chin rubs and Greenie treats. Wrestling sheets and chasing laser lights showed your fierceness. However you also liked to share the couch with me when I napped after working 12 hour shifts. You also like to sleep next to me in bed. You loved your licks of butter or whipped cream off my fingertip and some turkey at Thanksgiving. You were a fearless small cat with a big heart who quietly took a hold of mine. When you were diagnosed with cancer I actually couldn't think straight and remember my own phone number. That made me realize how deeply I loved you and how much I admired your fight throughout your chemo treatments. Then you went back to being a cat who loved her chin rubs and treats. Thanks for all the love you gave to me and all the love I gave to you.Lisa StoddartWashington, District of Columbia (DC)June 4, 2019