Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
5/1/1999 - 4/3/2017Lucky- You were the best kitty cat we could have ever asked for! Thank you so much for choosing us! You rescued us every bit as much as we rescued you. We desperately miss having you with us! The house just feels so empty! Every thing I see reminds me of you! I miss kissing your soft little head. I miss when you were younger and you'd lay on your back and let Daddy and I kiss your belly. You loved your Daddy so! You were such a Daddy's girl! You let your Daddy do ANYTHING to you! And you were such a good sister to Lauren. You let her do anything to you as well. You let her pick you up and carry you, even when your arthritic legs didn't like it. You tolerated so much from her. You gave us just one month shy of 18 years. It's hard to know what to do without you! I don't like just having Weasel. It's not the same. I don't like only feeding one cat. It was always Lucky and Weasel because we got you two years before her. She misses. you. She's been acting differently since you left us. We all feel the loss profoundly. I could never feel the same way about another kitty cat like I feel about you. You were my first baby! I miss you so, so, so much Lucky, and the hole in my heart will take a long time to heal. I hope you rest in peace and that you are running and playing with the other pets at the Rainbow Bridge.Jennifer BundyWyndmoor, PennsylvaniaApril 10, 2017
7/16/2004 - 4/8/2017Our little Xander was what completed our little family here in Bloomfield and our best friend. He had so many friends, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and cousins who loved him very much, if we tried to name them all we would not have enough room on the page. He was a good boy with lots of energy and love to share with everyone around him. Some of his favorite times were playing with the boys at the Evaline, hanging with his cousin Odie on the hill, sleepovers, porch nights, traveling to see family in Sharon PA and New Jersey. Everyone who met him saw his HUGE personality and one way or another he was unforgettable to them. I know that the love he shared is the love that will help us through our heartbreaking loss. Xander lived a very adventurous life and made his way around the east coast, camping, car trips, beaches, rivers, parks, festivals, parties and ate almost every food imaginable. He was always showered with gifts and treats and even got his own mail and bone money! All of his grandparents treated him just like their own and loved him in their very own special ways. He loved to be a part of the gang and had his own way of showing you he loved you, whether it was his "gentleman" trick or just a paw on your lap.
We cant begin to thank our friends and family enough for the love they have shown us all. We love him very much and will forever be changed by the life we shared with him.
Please send us any pictures you have with Xander, we tried to gather as many as we could find but there are always ones we cant find! We were only allowed to post so many on this page so we will be sure to send more pictures.
Alicia & Jarrod DiGiorgiPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaApril 9, 2017
09/01/2008 - 04/05/2017No heart was bigger, no spirit greater, no love sweeter, no will stronger, no kindness unnoticed and no one will miss you more than the family that will forever love you!Teha NightsoundsHillsboro, OregonApril 8, 2017
Bobby B
1/1/2006 - 4/7/2017Bobby B you will forever be missed. You touched everyone's lives. Even the ones who weren't sure about pit bulls. Its hard to explain to people who you were to us, that you touched us more than any person could have. I know that Steven Connor and myself will never have a love like this again. You were the best dog anyone could have asked for. I am so happy that I got to meet you when I did.
You will forever be our Bobby B!
Autum PaschichTukwila, WashingtonApril 8, 2017
3/1/1999 - 04/06/2017Dixie, you will always have a place in my heart. Thank you for sharing your life with me. You made every unpleasant day a more sunny one. I hope that your time with me was just as wonderful as mine was with you.Jeff BogardLake Worth, FloridaApril 7, 2017
8/13/2002 - 3/28/2017In loving memory of Tango, my cherished best friend and loving hearing dog.Pamela KirkWeston, FloridaApril 7, 2017
Lucky Gale
4/4/2000 - 4/4/2017In memory of my sweet angel - Lucky. She gave me so much happiness, love, and laughter that words can't describe the hole she left in my life and in my heart. She was the light of my life and brightened every single day that we had her. I'll forever love her and miss her everyday for the rest of my life. Our time together wasn't enough. Until we meet again!Heather GaleReston, VirginiaApril 7, 2017
4/1/2006 - 1/31/2017Biscuit (Mr. B as we all loved to call him) wasn't with us for nearly long enough. We adopted him as hospice knowing he was ten years old and had a cancerous mass on his leg. The rescue we adopted him from (Thank you so much to Power of the Paw!) told me he probably only had about 6 months to live. But I didn't believe it. From the moment I first saw his photo on Facebook I knew Biscuit was supposed to be with us. It only took me about 10 minutes to fill out the adoption application, even though I had no intention previously of adopting a third Boxer! But as soon as we saw him and read his story that was it. Love at first sight! I flew to Spokane to pick him up and the moment I met him it was if we'd loved each other for ever! My partner Marda had driven from Walla Walla to Spokane so that she could drive us back to Seattle. Mr. B hopped into the car just like he'd been waiting to go home with us.

I'd been a bit concerned that my female Boxer wouldn't love having another dog to share the attention with. But from the moment Kaitlyn met him she seemed to know that Mr. B was special and that he needed her love and nurturing. My younger boy, Stormy , on the other hand, was a teensy bit jealous at first, but Biscuit was so sweet and didn't seem to mind at all. He just melded right into our family as if he'd always been a part of it.

We agreed to adopt Mr. B thinking that we would be bringing home a dog that was literally at death's door. I didn't know if I'd have to carry him upstairs, if he'd be able to get around at all, what amount of energy he would even have. I was so shocked when I met him and realized he had more energy than I had ever expected and really still acted like a puppy in so many ways. No way this dog was going to die within 6 months!!! I was certain that with all of the love, and care, and good food, and nutritional supplements that he would prove the doctors wrong. So we got busy doing all of the wonderful fun things that any dog would have on his bucket list. We went for so many walks, and he LOVED car rides!! He loved to go into the hardware store and have everyone tell him how handsome he was. We ate ice cream cones and went to the beach, we made a trip to Eastern Washington where he met horses, probably for the first time ( and really liked them!). One of the things Mr. B loved to do was "talk". He was a very, very talkative guy!! Especially when he was ready for his dinner!! And he loved to howl with his fur sister Kaitlyn and I when the sirens went by. And he was surrounded by a houseful of people who loved and adored him.

We found out very quickly that Mr. Biscuit had horrible separation anxiety. I am so grateful that, thanks to my amazing housemates, he never had to be left alone after that. He either went with one of us or someone was home with him. And he flourished!! He was a happy. happy boy! Unfortunately, about 4 months after he came to live with us Mr. B's tumor split open and that was the beginning of the end. My amazing housemates Lobo and Adrien took such special care of Biscuit during this time. Every single day they cleaned and bandaged his wound. And loved and comforted him. Thankfully it wasn't painful for him until the very last day. But this wound took a huge toll on Mr. B's energy and after a month or so it became obvious that he was not doing well. On his final trip to the Vet we found that he also had kidney failure. We were all completely heartbroken. I struggled with the decision to have him put to sleep and prayed that I would know whether or not this was the right time. Well, Mr. B and his infinite love made it very clear to me that he was ready to leave and go to run free over the rainbow bridge.

We are all so incredibly grateful that we had the privilege of spending the last bit of Biscuit's life with him. He had a huge capacity for love and he changed all of our lives with that love and with his sweet and funny personality. I've never known an old dog who was such a puppy at heart. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Mr. B is running joyously through the fields, no tumor to hinder him, with all of his puppy energy.

I am especially grateful to Dr. Ashleigh with Lap of Love. Dr. Ashleigh allowed Biscuit to be surrounded by everyone who loved him so dearly as he went to sleep for the last time. Alex played her guitar and sang him a song, he ate steak and oreo cookies and peanut butter, and he fell asleep with his head in my lap as we all told him how much we all loved him. We will miss this sweet boy forever and will never forget his loving soul, his wonky puppy ears, those huge gorgeous eyes and that voice of his. We love you Mr. B <3 <3 <3
Kathryn LenhardtSeattle, WashingtonApril 7, 2017
6/5/2008 - 2/27/2017A letter to Lucas Jackson,

When you came into our lives as a birthday gift, I had no idea if your Daddy man had the ability to love another canine soul. The brother you never met left us 4 years prior to bloat and we were scared. But you proved to us that not only could we love again but that we were destined to be a family. The years passed too fast and you were called too soon at 8 1/2. We had some high ol times, the terrible threessome we were and you wanted to be with us as much as we wanted to be with you. There vacancy in our hearts is palpable but we know you no longer have pain. I try to find comfort in that.

I told you as breathed your last breath and slipped away to look for us some day. Whomever gets to see you first will have pelotas, sweet potatoes, pillows and your favorite strawberries. You'll have morning ears and the belly rubs will go on forever. We miss you punkin butt, so much I still cry every day. No dog will ever be like you. It's just not possible to duplicate the connection we shared, as a family and as a companion to both of us.

Just like your namesake, Luke Jackson aka Paul Newman, you were a cool hand.
Nancy BernierBeverly Hills, MichiganApril 7, 2017
Austin Goldcoat
3/15/2004 - 3/31/2017Austin was happy, playful, curious (O.K. nosey), gentle with children and other animals and had a wicked sense of humour. Wouldn't it be grand if we could say the same about most if not all humans? My husband and I can only hope we provided him as much of a joyful and pleasurable life as he gave to us.Maitland, FloridaApril 6, 2017