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9/22/2007 - 7/10/2019Loki lived up to his name. He would often hunt animals in the backyard. Drag large logs from the firewood pile or dig his nose in the snow, plowing a path with his nose. He drove my mom nuts and found a soft spot in my dads heart. He easily became part of my family. He would often run to the door(in his early days) and meet my young niece at the door. She had two Shepherds at home would tell him to go away and this large dog would be put in his place by a small 18 mth old girl. He had a mean bark but was a kind soul. He is forever loved. We miss him dearly and know that he is no longer in pain and is at peace.Catherine JareckiHanover Park, IllinoisJuly 12, 2019
3/10/2010 - 7/11/2019“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
we lost our sweet cat, ming, today. he was only 9 but diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive terminal sarcoma cancer. we spent nearly a year trying to find answers and were devastated with the final diagnosis. he was the most chill, loving, gentle cat😽. the vet called him ‘one big pile of love’😻. even in his last moments, he never stopped purring😭💔. if love could have kept him going he would have stayed with us forever.
rest easy and play hard little guy—we will meet you on the other side🌈❤️🌈.
Forgive all the pics but I want to celebrate and remember ming every year when this pops up on my memories.
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Bridget Berlinerballwin, MissouriJuly 12, 2019
5/24/2019 - 7/9/2019Chewy helped keep our family of 5 grounded. He was there for my 3 kid's most important years of growing up. He was the one thing in our home that could ease anyone's tension, bad day, sadness... A genuine saint who will never be replaced. I've had several dogs in my life and they were all wonderful, but Chewy was there for the most important years. There is enormous pain in our home right now with broken hearts, but I try to remind my family that he gave us all he had for 13 years and now we owed it to him to be strong and let him have his wings.Craig CefolaLutz, FloridaJuly 11, 2019
8/13/2007 - 7/4/2019Dear Cooper,
It's been seven days, but the pain and sadness I have in my heart remains fresh. You trusted us, and while we always did everything to protect you, we failed you; we dropped the ball, and we we will live with that regret for the rest of our lives. We are so sorry that we pushed you, that we didn't listen to you, and that we were ultimately in denial about how much pain you really were in. We shouldn't have taken you on this family trip. We should have packed your medicine. We should have contacted a vet earlier. We should have picked you up earlier. We should have held you more. Your unconditional love blinded us from the reality of your situation, rather than teach us to give you unconditional love back. We miss you terribly, including baby Harper who still says 'bye bye' to you when we leave the house or 'night night' before she goes to bed. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I don't miss coming home from work and having to pick up your poop off the floor or wipe the pee that didn't make it on to the wee wee pad. But the truth is that I would do that every day..every hour if that meant you were still here.

The nights are the hardest for me. When Harper is asleep and while David is at work, it was always just me and you. I never felt alone. I miss seeing you waiting at the foot of the stairs. I miss seeing you behind me when I'm washing the dishes, or seeing you waiting at the top of the stairs after I get back from working out. I try to trick myself into thinking that you're just lying down on the bed or stuck on the couch or sitting on a pile of unfolded laundry, and then I realize you're just really not here and then I cry.

I have never wanted to turn the clock back like I do at this very moment. You were with us during the toughest parts - commuting to Boston when David and I were long distance, moving from apartment to apartment to house, and no longer being our one and only when Harper was born. This was supposed to be your well deserved golden years.

Cooper, I am so sorry. Cooper, I love you so much. Cooper, bye bye.
Jenny Kim-LeeOradell, New JerseyJuly 11, 2019
Charlie Bucket
3/15/2006 - 7/8/2019Charlie Bucket "Buck" was literally my best friend. He knew all of my secrets and I'd like to think he didn't judge. My shadow, constant companion, my rock, Buck saw me through adolescent years of my children, a divorce, a doctoral program. He loved to have his ears rubbed. He wasn't a licker, but when I was away from him for more than a day, he took exception to that rule. I was a lucky human to have him in my life for the last 12.5 years. We had many adventures, traveling out of state, roaming the mountains, lakes, beaches, ocean. As the children grew up, Charlie grew gray, more lethargic and pained. The time had come to let him go. We have learned a lot about letting go this year. He loved wrangling the kiddos, ice cream, bacon and his canine companion, Josephine. He was a gorgeous boy. Go run with the wildlife, Buck. I will always hold you close to my heart. Thank you, Buck, for all the comfort, support and smiles. We love you always.Crystal SherlineOak Ridge, TennesseeJuly 11, 2019
5/14/2007 - 7/9/2019In Memory of our Sweet Rosie!!

She was a sweetheart of a dog. Always by my side. She was the cutest puppy we found on the internet and remember clear as night to pick her up at a Lowe’s at 1am! The dog transporter was running late- but we al piled in the mini van and went to get our new family member.

She was bossy and would tell you when she wanted something - such a smart dog.

Up until her last months taking care of her ; meds 2x a day, helping her in and off the bed, we go so good at it. She trusted me to do back paws first then support her front end. What a bond we had!!

Her fur siblings miss her very much and I think look for her.
Jill TellinBonita Springs, FloridaJuly 10, 2019
4/1/2006 - 7/9/2019Maggie,
Where do I begin to tell you how much you meant to our family? I remember when I saw your picture in the album of adoptable pets, I thought you were so cute! I had no idea of what you had been through already in your life. I'm thankful to the group that rescued you and found homes for all of your babies and we were the lucky ones who got YOU! I can remember looking out the window to see you the day you came to visit us with your foster parent the very first time. It was love at first sight! I have so many memories. How you loved to jump so high. How you loved to walk and walk, for miles! You were such a trooper. Mackenzie taught you tricks. You'd do anything for food! Chance would play with you and give you belly rubs. You liked to sleep under my bed when it was your bedtime. You were so smart and even had a good grasp of the English language and knew all kinds of words such as treat, walk, nap, Casey, Kevin's, and so many more! You rarely got into trouble. You chewed on my shoes once and when you saw I was upset you never did it again. The trash on the other hand, is another story :) Its okay, we learned to put it far away from you. You really did want to please us. And you did! You were my 3rd child. I'm so not used to you not being with me all of the time with every step I take. You may not be physically there but I will carry you with me in my heart always. Thank you for being there for me and the kids through thick and thin, good times and bad. You taught me so much about unconditional love. It was so hard to say goodbye, but your little body was wearing out and I did everything I could to be sure you didn't suffer if I could help it. You were way too sweet and did not deserve that. The day you passed, I saw the most beautiful rainbow and I thought of you and it brought me peace. Rest well Maggie. I miss you tremendously and hope you knew how much you were loved. Hope we meet again! xoxo Mom
Kim FosterSt. Louis, MissouriJuly 10, 2019
Buddy Romeo
10/14/2007 - 7/7/2019Since the day you entered our home you have brought us nothing but unconditional love, laughter and happiness.
When you were diagnosed with doggy diabetes 6 years ago, we knew it would be a challenge but our love and support never wavered.
We will miss you terribly, but we know you are no longer suffering and playing in those beautiful heavenly meadows with your old friends, Balty & Patinhas
(Balatazar our dearly departed Lab - 14 yrs. old). (Patinhas - Our departed long haired cat - 16 yrs. old)

Love you dearly and you will be missed.

Mommy, Daddy, Vicki and Bella Biscuit
Elizabeth LeitaoHowell, New JerseyJuly 10, 2019
11/22/2005 - 7/8/2019We had to let our sweet Rocky Roo go today. Dogs do have a way of touching our hearts. They hold a special place there from the moment they come into our lives. Rocky has been a part of the family for 13 years. I remember when we got him as a puppy and laying next to his kennel as he whined several nights in a row. I remember his sweet puppy breathe and cuddles. I think the hardest part of letting him go was actually thinking about the things he’s seen the family through, the good and the bad. Rocky was there to rest his head on your lap and make you laugh as he pounced around. Can you imagine a 113 pound dog pouncing around the living room? Until just recently he was still pouncing around like the puppy he was at heart.

Things Rocky loved….
1. Tennis balls
2. Squeaky toys
3. Getting his belly scratched
4. Before bed snacks
5. Begging
6. Following mom around the house
7. Being the top dog of the family… like the wise old man teaching the young pups what to do… think The Fox and the Hound… Riley was the Fox, Luke was the hound, and Rocky was chief… well a nice and gentle version of chief!

Rocky Roo we love you! I don’t know what dog heaven is like, but I know you’re happy! Rusty, Riley, and Luke miss you too :)
Robin JungSt. Louis, MissouriJuly 10, 2019
1/10/2001 - 7/9/2019today we had to say goodbye to our sweet, funny lovable cat "Rascal". We rescued him in December 2002 and never knew his birthday, but our Vet guessed he was about 18 mos old at the time. we fell in love with him immediately and he came to his forever home. after a few days I named him Rascal because he was in to everything curious and fearless. he lived up to his name his whole life. He was lovable and funny. He was friendly to everybody and loved the grandchildren when they came to visit. He would get down on the floor with them when they were building or playing games. He shared his new home with his best buddy, a golden retriever named Mandy for 13 1/2 years. After Mandy died we soon brought a new golden retreiver puppy named Cody in to our home. Rascal let Cody know right away who was in charge but they got along fine. Since Rascal was old by then they never had the relationship he had with Mandy since they were young and grew up together. Rascal was such a sweet, lovable companion we will always have such sweet memories of him. he had a unique personality. definitely one of a kind. everybody loved him. I hope he found his old buddy, Mandy waiting for him as he crossed over the rainbow bridge. We will miss him greatly and never forget him. He fought bravely for 2 1/2 years against kidney failure but finally had to leave us today. We love you always Rascal. sleep well my little prince.PATRICIA DANIELRICHMOND, VirginiaJuly 9, 2019