Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
5/16/2004 - 9/5/2019Our sweet girl has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you to Dr Amy for the utmost of care and compassion during this extremely difficult time.Diane MastromattoRoyersford, PennsylvaniaSeptember 6, 2019
Texas Tuff Aka Tuffy Cobos
3/21/2003 - 8/10/2019On August 10th, my guy decided it was time to go home. It has taken some time to be able to talk about Tuffy leaving us. He was our original hippo, our clock, our keeper of food and treats. He was many things for us all and he taught us many life lessons. Many times I read everyone’s heart breaking story of losing a loved one, a son, a furry, your best friend. Many times my heart broke for each of you. At the end of July, Tuffy was diagnosed with lymphoma and CHF. Even though I knew something was going on with him besides his old man arthritis, hearing the lymphoma word cut deep. While cancer is an ugly thing, it gives you a perspective and brief moment to talk about things with one another, your love, to say goodbye. Now Tuff and I argued daily, especially when he was hungry but now I would not dare argue in the same way. Many nights I would lay with him wherever he wanted and listen to his breathing and heartbeat. Trying to take it all in. As things became too much for his old man body, it was time to let him go. I gave him his last old man bath and brushed his coat. He was always so soft and clean. There were not enough kisses to give him. And as he passed, I sang to him their hippo song and heard his final breath. So many things my guy had taught me and in the end he was still teaching me lessons. In the end he taught me to not be selfish and let him go. And I know Hercules and Doc met him at the gates and were probably asking what took him so long. I think he was still teaching me things. The amount of patience learned over the last few years is more than I ever had. Tuffy was apart of many lives and he was with me for everything. He was my first of everything. My first fishing buddy, running buddy, golfing buddy, road trip buddy, cuddle buddy, lake buddy, swimming buddy, my first everything. My first hippo! He was loved by many and if you met him you knew he was gonna grab your arm and show you his world. You also knew you could not hold any type of food in front of him because it would end up in his mouth. The rest of the hippos and I miss him beyond measure and we will never be the same. We shall not want to be the same. You all know my family and how wonderful they are. It does take a village and my village is beautiful. My hippos are their hippos and I thank them for all they have done for us and for being here for us. I could go on forever talking about Tuffy, his silly ways and how he always had me on my toes but I’ll leave you with a few of his lessons instead.

Drink lots of water

There are times for big wet kisses and soft sweet kisses

Spooning is fun

Never take your eye off the prize

Flour tortillas are better than low carb tortillas

Brownies are good and better by the dozen

Drink more water

Have patience

Be selfless

It’s ok to let go, even when it hurts

Drink more water

Good terds are important

Smell your surroundings

Always look up

Love big
Jessica CobosBryan, TexasSeptember 6, 2019
5/15/2007 - 9/5/2019I miss my little faithful friend
who closed his eyes last night
as I wiped way my flowing tears
and held him really tight

He was my therapist - my confidant
whom I spoke to every day
And I know that I could rely on him
in every little way

He always listened without judging
and never repeated what I said
and all he asked for in return
was some love, some food, and a bed

Today there are no wagging tails
not even a whimper or a bark
Today there are no comforting hugs
or no long walks in the park

My heart is filled with sadness
Remembering those days
As he sat there looking up at me
with his adoring loving gaze

Of all the precious memories
the one that cannot be measured
is how much he was loved by me
and how much he was treasured
Rich FrancoWebster, New YorkSeptember 6, 2019
9/17/2002 - 9/2/2019Josie was the fluffy white glue that bonded our new little family together 17 years ago. We are now learning to be a family without her. She was smart, well-mannered, sweet, cuddly, and cute as ever. She was the 4th child. She loved our life in the suburbs of KS, on our little farm in KY, and in our high rise condo in midtown Kansas City! She went everywhere with us; and when she couldn't come, she was pampered with house sitters or visits to Grandmas. She was loved for so long and by so many. We are blessed to have had her for so long. We miss her so, but we know we will see her again!
These beautiful pictures were taken by Tayona Miller at Loved Up Light Photography (KC, MO) the day before we had to say our good-byes. What a gift these are to our family.
Jill MarchantKansas City, MissouriSeptember 6, 2019
Rosa Barks
2/1/2015 - 9/1/2019Rosa was the perfect pet. Rosa saw both tough and soft, strong and gentle. If anyone had doubts that a pit bull could be so loving, they would meet Rosa and see a 60lb lap dog that loves to be loved. She was a mother of 2 beautiful litters. She even acted as a mother or a leader when we brought in a new puppy. She was protective of my daughter since she was born. She was an angel on earth and i know we can never replace her. Rosas spirit lives in our home and we remember the great friend and pet that she was. R.I.P.Damon MitchellMorristown, New JerseySeptember 5, 2019
9/3/2019You are missed and the house feels empty without you.Jean DeCarloBuffalo, New YorkSeptember 5, 2019
7/1/2011 - 9/2/2019Zeus was the king of this house and he is missed so much!!!! It’s hard to get up in the morning, go to bed at night and even walk in the door when coming home from somewhere and not seeing him. The house feels empty but we know he is in a much better place, looking down on us, saying thank you!! We love you Zeussie boy, always and forever!!!!Tina HagerBayport, New YorkSeptember 4, 2019
10/1/2008 - 9/3/2019My precious Storm. Mommy will miss you always. You went so fast but so peacefully. I gave you back to the earth as you came to us. You loved being outside so much, now you can run free chasing birds. Till we meet again my little butterball.Nina Moreau-WagnerLoudon, TennesseeSeptember 4, 2019
8/5/2001 - 9/1/2019This past Sunday with a very heavy heart, we said goodbye to our "little protector" and sassy girl Kiki-Kookani. We were privileged to have been part of her life for 18 years. She was more than just a cat, matter of fact, she acted more like she was a dog. She would always run to the door when someone came knocking, when we were alone if she got the feeling I was creeped she would growl at the door or any other noises, she was a great listener, a sweet cuddle-bug and a grounding force. We will miss seeing her sweet face. My only consolation is knowing we have another sweet soul watching over our family. Til we meet again Kookans, we love you.💖Lorene LedesmaCanyon Park, Bothell, WashingtonSeptember 4, 2019
8/4/2004 - 8/31/2019Max Emilliondollars Heald Max, you made all our lives better. We already miss your giant sized heart, a heart that never met a person you didn't love and vice versa. I miss your sweet sweet kisses. You gave the best kisses, stinky breathe and all. You took this hot mess of a person and through all this yuck you loved and made me a better person. You never let me let me down; you never failed to be there. And I know you will be here in spirit helping me get through this change in life. Max, my sweet sweet boy, Momma loves you.Kirsten HealdValrico, FloridaSeptember 4, 2019