Pet Memorials
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Zoey Toney
8/27/2009 - 10/28/2019Zoey Toney will forever be loved and missed by her human parents, Scott and Marylyn Toney. She was an extraordinary girl, from her sparkling green eyes with the blue ring in the center that almost glowed, to her unique personality and an insatiable hunger for life and her food! She was our only baby (fur or otherwise), and an immensely beloved family member. We will always recall the joy she had jumping and sitting for her favorite Trader Joe's treats, sunbathing under full-length blinds in our first apartment as a family, and all the unique places and spaces she would deem "hers", and especially her sweet "talking" once she "found her voice". On the day she got her angel wings, she held both of our hands, as if to tell us that it was okay. We also held her hand to tell her the same thing, and showered her in love in her last moments, promising to never forget the joy and love she gave us- and we gave her. She passed in her daddy's lap after a 14+ month bout with liver complications. It was a smoldering slow decline that she didn't deserve, as she really was such a well behaved, loving, sweet baby who had a rough start at some point in her juvenile years. We find some peace through the grief that her failing earthly body is gone, and she is now renewed- healthy, happy, with the light in her eyes, and waiting for us at the rainbow bridge. Until we meet again sweet girl, we love you and we will hold the earthly memories of you very very close to our hearts. We love you, Zoey will never be forgotten, but you will always be missed.Marylyn ToneyNewport News, VirginiaNovember 5, 2019
Fat Fat
10/4/2007 - 10/31/2019My fatfat. It doesnt seem real. I miss you so much already. Iam so blessed to have you part of my life for 12 years. You brought so much joy in my heart. Fatfat you were such a strong boy. You got me through so much heartache. I don't know how I'm supposed to fill this hole in my heart. Our bond was a once in a lifetime experience. Just looking at you gave me so much peace and joy. Your attitude was one of a kind. I'm going to miss your dirty looks so much. And your fake crys to get attention, your little wet head. The way you ran when you heard a bag because you thought it was food. I knew you didnt wanna leave me but I couldn't keep you here for me. Letting you go was the hardest and easiest decision at the same time to make. As much heartache that I'm in I would never let you be in pain. I miss you so much. I seen it in your eyes that you were ready. You pushed through so much I know you needed to rest. I love you so much fatfat. You truly was the best part of my life. I still look for you in your spots. I still wait for you to give me some loving. You were a lovie boy but when you did love on me it was the best love ever. I'm sorry you had that nasty disease that took you way to soon. But I do know that you are in peace where you should be. There isn't enough words to say how much I'll miss you. I love you so much fafi. Thank you for being the best part of me.Nicole GallesePhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaNovember 5, 2019
3/13/2003 - 11/4/2019Our sweet girl Cherry will be so missed. The house feels so empty without her. She was the most easy going companion and we have so many treasured memories of her. I just know she is running happy and free now in heaven. We were so lucky to be her people. We love you so much!amy VorheesFairfield, OhioNovember 5, 2019
4/28/2007 - 11/4/2019May you chase 🐇 and 🐿 again and play soccer ⚽️ like you always did. Simba and I will miss s you dearly, watch over us and keep us safe.
Good bye my protector, my German ADT, my sweet and handsome boy hunny, May you Rest In Peace. And until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge you have a piece of my heart with you. Love you forever 😍🐕
Tomita UrsuWest Palm Beach, FloridaNovember 5, 2019
9/13/2005 - 11/4/2019You were such a vital part of our family, Layla, and we will miss you forever. You truly made our house feel like a home. You made our family feel complete. I’ll never forget seeing you at the shelter and just knowing that you were meant to be ours. Your sweet nature and goofiness made us so happy to have chosen you. I know you’re up there in heaven playing with your cousins, Samantha and Molly. You’re no longer suffering and can be at peace. We love you so very much!Patty AlmasyCoraopolis, PennsylvaniaNovember 5, 2019
10/28/2002 - 10/30/2019Oh how I miss our sweet Chezzy (aka Chestnut, Baybeeee, Sweet Nut, Nugget). Chezzy was such a part of the family, companion, and comfort for 17 years. I am forever grateful that she was allowed to leave this world by peacefully going to sleep in my lap with love and hugs.
Love you forever sweet nut.
Lita GatlinCharlotte, North CarolinaNovember 5, 2019
Bella Forader
4/17/2011 - 11/3/2019We will love you forever, Bella!Simsbury, ConnecticutNovember 5, 2019
11/2/2019It is very difficult to type this now. I am having a hard time accepting that Junior is gone. In July he had bouts of diarrhea and throwing up. The vet treated the symptoms but by the end of the month it continued. After so many tests it came back that he had diabetes. So we gave him 2 shots a day. His throwing up and diarrhea subsided a little but not totally. After many visits later to check his glucose levels Junior started to lose his eyesight and had trouble getting around. Once he fell from the dog steps and peed on himself. It was painful to watch him suffer. A couple days before we contacted Lap of Love he would wake us up whining and crying and was almost totally blind. It was painful and heart wrenching. We knew that going to a clinic would mean more tests and knew his quality of life was diminished to a point where we knew it was time to let him finally have Peace. The woman at the call center arraigned for Dr. Brad to come to us. He showed up an hour later and from the minute he walked in the door he was kind and compassionate to us and Junior. It was a peaceful experience. Junior was unique and loved us all unconditionally. If my husband would come over and kiss me or put his arm on my Junior would get jealous. He was protective and loyal. He loved my kids and would get excited when they would come home. The house is so quiet without the tip tap of him walking through the house. He would bark at everyone who walked by the house and had a deep hatred for all delivery trucks lol Our lives will never be the same without him. He has given us so much love and joy. I am glad that he went to the rainbow bridge peacefully and not in pain anymore. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Brad for helping our boy Junior.Nanci NolfiPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaNovember 4, 2019
2/9/2008 - 7/17/2019Our sweet baby girl was a member of our family for over 11 years. There was not one moment she did not bring us joy and laughter. We all loved her so much. She was a good "nurse" dog and loved talking care of her family. She was a retriever that did not like to retrieve and could not catch! She loved going for walks and laying on the front porch and one of her favorite nights was Halloween because all the kids wanted to pet her.

We miss her dearly but know she is better where she is.

That rainbow bridge must be one special place.

We LOVE you, Goldie
Debbie GreubelSt. Louis, MissouriNovember 4, 2019
1/1/2008 - 11/2/2019Church was a cool cat that loved everyone. He was diagnosed with an abdominal mass just five weeks ago, and was declining quickly. We were so blessed to have Lap of Love provide him with a dignified passing. He was able to spend his last moments in peace with us in our garden.Laura DornerSaint Petersburg, FloridaNovember 4, 2019