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Calie was about 2yrs old according to the vet, when he came into my life in 1994 in San Diego when I saw him looking at me through my patio door. The minute I opened that door, he walked into our home and into our hearts. I named him Calie, short for California. We had many adventures including driving cross country on route 66 in a moving van. The love and comfort that he gave us can never be expressed in words. He would comfort and listen to me when a I had a bad day. Every evening he would curl up in my arm and sleep (sometimes snore). He was a very smart little guy, opening drawers, cabinets and always understood what you said to him. A day didn't go by where his antics would bring a laugh or smile to us. He was a crazy eater, always sneaking people food, including vegetables. That stopped 4 yrs ago when he was diagnosed with diabetes.

This past year he had pancreatitis, which we treated and learned he had a heart murmur. All seemed well till end of Oct when he wasn't really eating and losing weight. After several tests we learned in Nov that he was in renal failure. We were heartbroken over the news and in making the decision to end his suffering. I cherished every minute/day we had, toward the end he would lay on my chest with his head tucked under my chin. There we would feel each other’s warmth and I would feel his heat beat, I wonder if he heard mine. Lap of love & Dr.Lewis was a blessing that allowed Calie to be in my arms, in his warm home and listening to soft music( his favorite)as he passed. He joined his dog cousins Tags, Charlie and Harley at the Rainbow bridge. Thank you, my precious little boy for choosing us to share your life with for almost 18 wonderful yrs. We love you and miss you dearly. Run and play till we meet again.
Marie D.Raleigh, North CarolinaNovember 18, 2012
On Jan 27, 2012, my husband and I had to make the toughest decision of our lives. We had to put down our beloved Casesar, a yellow lab who was almost 14 years old, due to severe pain caused by his hip dysplasia. He was the best dog ever. He was truly our best friend and we miss him terribly. Dr Buisson was awesome. She helped us through a very difficult time. Her compassion, patience and understanding really made a huge difference. Lap of Love was also amazing. They took care of everything and were very professional!

We would highly recommend Dr Buisson and Lap of Love to anyone who needs your services. We miss Caesar so much, but you have helped ease our pain. Forever grateful
Sharon & Patrick WelshLargo, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
God Bless you Chopper for being the wonderful furry friend that you were and for loving me so much.

A heartbroken Gabriela
Plantation, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
I was not a “cat” person. I’ve had mostly dogs all my life. When Cheeser came into our lives, we had a dog. Cheese decided we needed a cat. Cheese had an owner that lived about 3 miles from our house. The first time he showed up, we called his people and they came to get him. Four return visits later, I suggested to the owner that Cheese become a permanent resident in our house. It was obvious his family loved him but they reluctantly agreed since Cheese was crossing busy roads to get to our house. Cheese chose us. I feel sure this was a difficult decision for them. I will forever be in their debt for allowing me the privilege of loving Cheese for 8 of his 16 years of life.

An equally difficult decision is to let go of a beloved pet. Cheeser had cancer. He managed to fight it with 2 surgeries and 11 months of life. Ultimately, cancer won. What cancer has not taken is our loving memories of a unique and wonderful cat. Cheese had a gift of making people love him. He administered intense “cat healing therapy” when you were sick. He loved outside and the hotter, the better. Cheese lived large in every way.

I am so grateful for Dr. Dana Lewis and the service she provided. Having Cheese breathe his last breath in the place he loved the best, outside, made all the difference. He was fat and happy until the end.

Cheese, you have made me a “cat” person. You will be missed and loved always.

Tracy - 2012
Chapel Hill, North CarolinaNovember 18, 2012
Thank you Cody for giving me 13 amazing years of joy and love.You had the sweetest heart a dog could have.We all love you and miss you.You wern't just my pet,you were my best friend.Our memories of you will never by forgotten.Spring Hill, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Chi chi
“A couple of days ago, Chi Chi, my female pit bull would have been 13 years old. On December 31st 2011, I had to take one of the hardest decisions of my life. Thanks to lap of love and Doctor Annie Golden, this moment has gone the smoothest it could ever had. Yes, it was absolutely heart breaking for my wife and I to make this decision but it was unbearable to watch our dog suffer. She had been so full of energy all her life, swimming, running, jumping, playing with kids. She was my first dog and she accepted 2 more dogs and 2 cats also rescued, as part of our pack.
She suffered from mammary tumors, and had many surgeries. She always recovered pretty fast. But last December, a few months after her last surgery, even though she seemed fine, in only a few days, she lost mobility. Everything changed. I could not see that joy in her anymore, that smile that was in her face every time you looked at her. She was asking for help.
When Doctor Annie Golden arrived, her energy was already helping us. She explained us the process and helped us all to relax. She is a sweet, passionate, caring person, and very professional. All our pets were lying down in the bedroom, next to Chi Chi. When it was time to do the injection; we were all around her to feel her last breath. It was a sad moment but also a relief to think she didn't have to suffer any longer. And above all, she was surrounded by her family and this is priceless. Thanks to Lap of Love, and big thanks to Doctor Annie Golden.”
Pierre .Ft. Luaderdale, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Cj" (carols joy)
11/20/2001 - 6/15/2012Carols Joy "CJ"
November 20, 2001 - June 15, 2012

March of 2002 I received a phone call from a friend, concerning a Miniature Schnauzer puppy named Pepper.
Pepper had to find a new home, and my friends decided that would be mine. My friend Maddie had a Miniature Schnauzer
Grand pup named Hans,{very well behaved, let him outside, he'd potty and come right back inside} no problem, so I decided OK; just how hard can this be!!! I brought Pepper home with me. When it came to outdoor potty time..... wow ...... what a surprise I had coming.....Let her out and she would sniff, sniff and run, take over the neighborhood Nothing like my friends Schnauzer Hans !!

The first time I left her alone and returned she had found my makeup bag ... and well, I'll just say, rainbow colors were smeared all over her body; the carpets, bedspread and couch. So, human learns from puppy, just put everything up and away. Her first trip to her Vet, she wiggled and wiggled all around the office; we have a wiggler here, laughtd her Vet; and so her nickname from that time on was wiggle wiggle. I requested help on training Pepper to come back when outside, I explained she would sniff follow a scent and run. The Vet, then gave me a short lesson on my Schnauzer and suggested to make my life easier," I " needed to change. So, a large potty, run area was created, on a leash line. This little Schnauzer could be more persistent than her human counterpart, and smarter!!! The first time my parents met Pepper, my dad stared and said "WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT THING???". Well dad, that's my new puppy, Pepper, she's a Min. Schnauzer. Pepper, this is Grandpa and Grandma . OH NO!! we are not grandparents to no dog shouted my little mom !! However that changed within a few hours, she melted their hearts and wiggled her way into their lives. She forever more heard; "come to granny," "come to grandpa." we love our little wiggle wiggle. It didn't take me long to realize I was given Pepper because she needed a good home; BUT she stayed in my home, because I {we} needed her. What a special part of my life she had already become. Going into my 3 rd week with Pepper, I realized this puppy was not a "Pepper". Her own personality came shinning through and she was my Joy.!! Her attitude and determination was so much like myself that my friends would say, she's just a Little Carol, and wants it her way!! Get over it!! Thus, I changed her name to Carols Joy, "C J"; and she will be loved and remembered in our hearts forever,our little wiggle wiggle.

Thanks so much to Dr. Danielle and the Lap Of Love foundation. I could hardly talk when I called Danielle, she was so kind, understanding and patient. My mom and I were allowed to say our goodbyes, sitting on our living room floor, holding our CJ. In our minds we were saying goodby and CJ was saying hello, to her beloved Grandpa in Heaven.
Carol .San Mateo, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
As much as we hated to let you go Cooper, we are so very grateful that we could do it in such a way that you were not in pain or suffering. It was a beautiful transition for you and we all know that we will see you again! Until then, you go have some big fun!!
We will never forget you sweet Cooper!
Dallas, TexasNovember 18, 2012
It's been one year now since our boy is gone, and he is still missed - always will be. Such a funny boy, endured multiple medical problems without complaint. In our hearts forever....Chris .Charlotte, North CarolinaNovember 18, 2012
Dr.Nancy was wonderful. She was very compassionate and made a heart breaking time bearable for both us and our 13 year old golden retriever Cody. Thank you Lap of glad we were referred to you.Ken and TammyPalm Harbor, FloridaNovember 18, 2012