Pet Memorials
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4/9/2004 - 5/20/2020Lady was my best friend. I don't know that I will ever come across a more loving dog. Her presence helped center me when I felt anxious. I will always be grateful for the love she gave us and consider it an absolute privilege to have had her as part of our family. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I've had to do, and it's still hard. I miss her warm, furry greetings when I would get home from work and the way she snuggled, but I know she's running free with her first mama.

Some favorite memories...
-I have a hammock chair in our backyard. I would swing in it on sunny days, and she would lay next to me. She loved to be outside if it wasn't too hot.
-When Matthew was almost two years old, he found a golden tuft of fur in our floor (like all Goldens, she emitted a ton of hair). He picked it up, walked over to Lady and said, "Here Lady!" and tried to return it to her beautiful coat.
Emily DavisKnoxville, TennesseeMay 22, 2020
Sophie Leeder
5/1/2002We will miss you so much Sophie!! XoxoDebbie LeederJupiter, FloridaMay 22, 2020
2/5/2008 - 5/18/2020A piece of me died the day you left. You were my best friend for 12 years and now there is now a void in my life. Thank you so much for loving me back all these years. I will always love and miss you. You gave me great joy and companionship. I will never forget you for as long as I live. I am thankful for the 12 years we had together and that you are no longer in pain. Say hello to Rumor, Cali, Bo and Grandpa for me. I love you Mylie. Hugs and kisses.
Always remember .....
You are strong
You are a Coddington
You are a fighter
Mommy loves you
Marnie CoddingtonGreensboro, North CarolinaMay 22, 2020
7/3/2003 - 5/17/2020On Sunday, May 17, we said "goodbye" to our baby girl, Sophie, who was a loving member of our family - our little pack - for nearly 17 years. Over the past year and half, Sophie's mobility had been progressively declining. Although she managed for quite a while with the help of medication, as well as a front and back sling, the past month was really tough for her. So, with her mom, dad, and younger brother, Spirit, by her side, Sophie peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge - from her favorite spot by the Japanese maple tree in our yard.

Despite a number of conditions related to her advanced age, Sophie was like the Energizer bunny and adapted well - time and again - to various therapies and alternative means of living a happy and fulfilling life. Over the past 8 months, she continued to participate in family walks riding in her little wagon, which became known as Sophie's "chariot" - an appropriate means of transportation for our little princess.

Sophie will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we can't imagine what life will be like without her. Our one remaining wish is that she has been reunited with her beloved older brother, Jasper, and BFFs, Joe and Chuck. We know they will watch over her always - as they did here on earth.

Goodbye for now, baby girl. We will love and miss you forever.
Annette and John SkiendzielHillsborough, New JerseyMay 22, 2020
5/20/2020Marley you were My Best Friend, you are the Best Dog that I had the pleasure of Spending 10 years with you. You helped make my ❤️ Beat. I will think of you everyday & each thought will bring a Smile to my face BC you were the Sweetest Dog in every way. I will Miss you so much 😪
Patricia VittorioWest Palm Beach, FloridaMay 22, 2020
1/7/2007 - 5/20/2020Toby, enough can't be said about Toby. He came to us at 7 1/2 months and left us to join his sister Lady across the Rainbow Bridge at 13, still fighting to hang in there for me, said Dr. Nil with Lap of Love. He leaves such an empty hole in my heart as he was always my sidekick on road trips. He loved visiting with the grandkids, he was a lover to everyone he came in contact with. He was responsible for bringing one of my besties and I together. And ironically, he shares his forever date plus one year with him, Jake, my friend Geri's hubby. Toby, you will always be my road trip warrior! You will be sorely missed and forever loved!Gail TurnquistHOLIDAY, FloridaMay 21, 2020
2/7/2004 - 5/20/2020Truvy, aka FattyPants, SmoochyPants, HoneyBear, Schoompsy, Trubacca, Are You &%^$ing Kidding Me?, etc. You were the light of my life for 10 long years. From the moment I saw that sweet face that just needed another chance at life I knew we were going to have a lot of adventures together. You were the canine embodiment of me, an extension of my personality. You would eat anything, sleep anywhere, always down for a roadtrip, loved visitors anytime of day or night. We traveled, we moved cross country, we rode on strange buses, cars and trains together, and even a scooter once. You were always so adaptable and it made loving you so easy. I know you held on until you knew I was ready. I wouldn't be who I am or where I am in life without your constant love and listening ear to keep me going. Through every new apartment, new boyfriend, new job, you were there to put your head in my lap and remind me that you were going to be the constant that I could count on in case this new adventure didn't work out, and that made it all okay. I could face whatever happened because I knew you'd be there if it all blew up, and you were. You taught me patience (seriously, must you SNIFF EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THE YARD BEFORE YOU PEE?). You taught me love, and you taught me that good and wonderful things may not last, but the memory of them always will. You made me who I am today. You will always be a part of me. I will carry you in my heart forever. I love you my sweet girl.Fallon BrooksOklahoma City, OklahomaMay 21, 2020
3/31/2007 - 3/28/2020Today I write the hardest lines ...

It was so hard to lose my best furry friend, my dear sweet Rascal. I did not know that this year would be our last year together. I wish you would have had an appetite during your last few days of life because I would have given you your favorite carb-full human foods: Parmesan goldfish, tortilla chips, bread, and what else you would have wanted. I am sometimes distraught with guilt over what I could have done to better assist you, I miss you everyday, I sleep with your "cuddle" blanket, and miss your daily & nightly kneading on my lap with your favorite "cuddle" blanket. Timmy tearfully said how you have been such a big part of our 12 year relationship and you loved Timmy just as much. I have played a video of you "talking" for your brothers, Piedy and Little Guy, to hear and they run over and wonder where you are.

You have been with me through so many of my life's goals I was able to accomplish, life changes I experienced, and brought me joy, kindness, and love to my heart and soul during some very difficult times in my life I had to learn to cope with. Now I have to learn to cope with you being physically gone from my life, my world, my being. It's in the quietness of these times, the heaviness that creeps in, the longingness of where have you gone to my handsome guy.

I was full of acceptance when you rapidly became sick because I knew I had to be and I thank you for giving me that last lesson to learn from you on how to cope and how to love fearlessly, especially during this time of grief, loss, and pandemic.

"He made us laugh, he made us cry, then gave us pause to wonder why." --Unknown
Erin BrychelDENVER, ColoradoMay 21, 2020
6/9/2004 - 5/12/2020Our beloved Misty crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 12th. She was a loving, carefree girl and loved running in the yard chasing birds and squirrels. She especially loved riding in the truck and camping along with wrestling with her fur siblings. She was always smiling and brought much joy into our lives. And while she was "daddy's girl", she always came to me for comfort when my husband was making noises with the lawn tractor or weed-eater. She will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace sweet baby! We love you!Lynn MitchellBaltimore, OhioMay 21, 2020
11/24/2006 - 5/17/2020To my sweet boy Toby, oh how we miss you, the house is just not the same without you here. We are so happy that you were apart of our family for the last 13 and a half years. Everyday that we spent with you was not only a joy but a blessing, you made our lives complete. Your friend miss Daisy is missing you terribly but we are giving her extra love from you. Though we are very sad that you have left us we know you are finally free from the pain and distress of your ailing body. We will hold on to the memories of you that are in every corner of the house and yard, you will never be forgotten my dear friend! We love you Toby xoxoRebecca NicolettiFreedom, PennsylvaniaMay 21, 2020