Pet Memorials
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3/1/2009 - 11/24/2019Rest in Peace, Juno. (a.k.a. Boonie, Junie B., June Buckets, That Scary Cat) Thank you for being the center of our family.Carol BruhnDelano, MinnesotaNovember 24, 2019
6/8/2007 - 11/15/2019Dear Savannah

You were the most treasured companion one could ever have. You filled our lives with joy and fun every day. We miss you very much though we know you were suffering and it was time. You told me you were ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with Max, Mila, and Peg. I know you are all swimming in that giant heavenly doggie swimming pool right now.

You will live on in our hearts and our love for you will endure.

Love mom and dad
Cindy LaskyJacksonville, FloridaNovember 24, 2019
5/19/2005 - 11/22/2019Henry - 14 years ago you came into our lives and I had no idea how big of a difference you would make. When you went blind a few years ago I made you a promise that I'd get you through it. I think we did a pretty good job and while it was a lot of work I was happy to do it and it filled my heart each day. In looking back at the pictures over the years I can now see how hard Father Time has been on you this past year and I apologize for not seeing it sooner. I realized that the only gift I had left to give you was the gift of peace and I hope you are happy. It was hard but holding you right until the very end was the least I could do for my best friend.Tony SeckRaleigh, North CarolinaNovember 24, 2019
6/16/2019 - 11/16/2019Dear Evie,
We all love you so much. You will be greatly missed. Baby Girl, words can not describe how much my heart hurts that you are no longer with us.
Love your Family
Laura EvenDenver, ColoradoNovember 24, 2019
1/7/2011 - 11/22/2019Oh my Roscoe man, words just do not do it justice. I have owned other dogs before, but I have never had anyone or anything show me such unconditional love and devotion as you did. When I brought my little girl home from the hospital, you were there and you made those early, tiring days of motherhood so much more special. On days and nights when I felt so alone in the new mom fog, you were always there. You adopted Haven as your puppy and truly co-parented with me. I never did bath time alone. I never read her her night time stories alone. Thank you for being my shadow all of those years. I hate that your legs failed you in the end, because your amazing puppy head and heart were still so youthful and bright. I will never be the same, and I love you so much.Alissa JenkinsBaton Rouge, LouisianaNovember 24, 2019
6/13/2006 - 11/23/2019Nick was a handsome Westie that loved to eat and was always trying to help in his way no matter what you were doing . Nick was content to sit next to you and just be with you . He was stoic as my dad would say and had his own way of showing his emotions . He was with me for 13.5 years and provided a lot of Love and comfort to me as well as kissed away many tears . He loved to be part of what was going on in the home and we danced together on many occasions . Nick was part of a group , I had another dog Vinny a Maltese he grew up with and my dad had a Morkie Silhouette he also grew up with .Silhouette was a small dog and a girl and would always kick nicks butt in play and he always allowed it as he was so gentle with her . Nick was a Noble , Loving , Loyal dog and I will miss him the rest of my life . I was blessed to have this beautiful soul in my life for so long .

Dara AirasianDelray Beach, FloridaNovember 24, 2019
Lexie Diamond Ruby Chaney Ferguson
4/28/2009 - 11/21/2019Lexie was a very special girl. She was a very sweet and loving girl. She was so devoted to her family and her Bentley. Lexie would always prance around the house and loved to watch the birds with her mommy. She would always wait until her Bentley ate before she ate her food, such good manners! Lexie loved to go outside and play, go on her car rides, and play with her toys. Her favorite toys were the squeaker part out of the toys. Lexie was one of a kind. We will miss her sweet face and snuggles so much! We love you always and forever Lexie Poo ❤️Amanda ChaneyMarietta, GeorgiaNovember 24, 2019
6/16/2006 - 11/16/2019Evie we all love you so much and you will be greatly missed.Laura EvenDenver, ColoradoNovember 24, 2019
7/13/2008Ruth was such a sweet girl. Always happy!Sue WestrichCincinnati, OhioNovember 23, 2019
Precious Marie
10/29/2003 - 11/19/2019You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free
Go away somewhere all bright and new
I have seen no other
Who compares with you
You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worry
You belong somewhere you feel free...
Jessica WilsonTampa Bay, FloridaNovember 23, 2019