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This photo is a tribute to One of my Best Friends, who I will hold dear in my Heart forever.

Gracie was adopted and found wandering by a no kill shelter. When we found Gracie: Her beautiful eyes drew me to her. She was a smart dog who someone had trained. She captured my heart.

Only after a short six years with her. She became older before my eyes. I held on as long as I could, before I thought I was hanging on for me instead of her.

I truly Miss my Gracie 7-14-11
Lighthouse Point, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Three weeks ago we took our Gabby to the Vet, she had a bump under her chin that turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer. When we were informed that she had 2 to 3 weeks to live we could not comprehend it and were devastated. Gabby was not only our family's joy she was a joy to everyone who ever met her. When friends and relatives would visit our home they would walk through the front door and immediately would ask "Where's Gabby?". Her purr was infectious, her coat was a beautiful shade of gray with very fine white tips and her personality was larger than life. She was extremely smart, she could turn on lights, open doors with round door knobs and would spend hours basking in the sun on our lanai. She didn't live with us we lived with her and every single day of her 15 years was a gift. The end came so quickly and there hasn't been a day that goes by that we haven't deeply missed her, the house seems so empty without her.

Dr. Dani McVety will always be very special to us. On a beautiful November afternoon, in the comfort of our family room as we gently said goodbye, Gabby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She peacefully left us laying on her favorite blanket surrounded by the people that loved her most. At one of the most difficult times in our life Dr. Dani was there to not only help Gabby but to also help us. Dr. Dani is truly a blessing and we were able to give Gabby a beautiful and graceful goodbye. Words will never be able to truly express our gratitude, thank you Dr. Dani.
Cliff & Sally GOdessa, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Almost 20 years together -- I can't believe you're gone. I would love to hug you one more time...but that wouldn't be enough. You were so brave and beautiful even though your eyes told me you were hurting. Thank you for your fiesty attitude, your persistent reminders, and your loving 12-lbs. of comfort that fills so many of my memories. You will be in my heart forever. Mommy will always love you, Gus-Gus.Denise WallaceCary, North CarolinaNovember 18, 2012
Greta was my best friend for 13 years. She loved the pool and the beach. And she was a "Dancing Bulldog". We miss you so much Greta.Carolyn PuseyJupiter, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Gray boy
Softly now, you nuzzle me
My handsome baby boy
With your gray coat slicked,
Pristine white chest,
And your little white socks,
As though the world is always a bit too cold.
You curl up against me.
You fall fast asleep
And dream of a better world
Than I ever could.

I miss you already.
Allison RobertsMcKinney, TexasNovember 18, 2012
Gidget was released from her earthly life in the evening hours of 3/15/12. Gidget and I found each other 12 years ago on Indian Rocks Beach. She loved to play with other dogs, take walks, and cheer up all those she met.
I miss her so much!
Jennifer & Don Munro-GolliherLargo, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
To my wonderful Gizmo! You were my first baby and after 16 1/2 fun filled years it was time to take away all your pain and let you play and run like you did many years ago...

You will always be my favorite dog! You can never be replaced and will be in my heart forever... I love you my Gizzy Girl!
Charlene .Parkland, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Gus - For 14 ½ years, I have known the joy of your unconditional love. In good times and bad, I have always come home to your wagging tail and happy spirit. You comforted me in bad times, and helped me rejoice the good times. In the past couple of years, we braved illness together, fought it and won. I loved you so much, I could not ask you to fight this latest losing battle. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. My heart aches now that you are not here. You have given me so many gifts over the years. I thank Lap of Love and Dr. Marguerite for her compassion, and for allowing me to give you the final gift of a peaceful good-bye at home. You will always be in my heartSusan AVenice, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Fred the Girl Cat was my beloved Pussycat for 20 robust years. I was her Momcat. Those eyes held the wisdom of a philosopher and the curiosity of a child.

She was my role model for her ever-happy spirit.
Donna WSt. Petersburg, FloridaNovember 18, 2012
Francis was a happy boy who loved wandering in the park, playing with his tennis ball and swimming. He injured his elbow as a puppy and even after surgery and countless other attempts to manage the problem, as he grew older his elbow pain became unmanagable and prevented him from doing the things he loved.

I talked with Dr.B and decided that I would try more medication to make Francis more comfortable and then finally decided after one month that although he was happy, he was in pain and it was unfair to continue on that path. His quality of life had changed because even though he was still willing to do the things he loved and I would allow him to do so every now and then, the large dose of medicine now required to keep him out of pain was too great.

So on the afternoon of January 19th, 2012 Dr. Buisson came out to the house to help Francis make his way to heaven. That morning I took Francis to the park to wander and play ball for the last time in that form. He was a very happy boy. He was home with his mini-weiner dog sister and his cats when Dr. B arrived.

Dr. B was wonderful, so very loving and kind. She sat with Francis on the floor while he rested in his bed and when he finally decided to surrender and go heaven Dr B. said " when Francis wakes up in heaven there will be no more pain." Lap of Love is a wonderful service and needs to be expanded into all areas of the country. Most people don't know about this very affordable service and if they did they would never choose the clinical setting in a veterinary office unless forced to do so.

Me and the mini-weiner dog (Ali) miss Francis very much, we picked up his ashes today, one week after he went to heaven and will scatter them in several of the parks that Francis loved to visit and also in my garden.

All I can say is that I wish humans had this option because when Dr. Buisson wrapped Francis in a blanket that said "Love & Dignity", that said it all.

Thank you Dr. B, we love you.
Lynn, Ali and the CatsTreasure Island, FloridaNovember 18, 2012