Pet Memorials
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Chester naylon
4/28/2002 - 5/25/2013If not for going to the wrong PetSmart an overweight but lovable lab would never have come into our lives ten years ago. The lab that was having trouble finding a home greeted Seanna and Janelle with such warmth and kindness that we knew we found our dog. From that first ride home where he worked his way from the back of the van to the front seat Chester was always by our side. We soon learned that Chester was part magician and to this day we still can't figure out how he got out of his cage, but we do know he did it because he thought we were leaving him. From the very first week we knew he loved us and we loved him.

The next thing we learned was that Chester liked to eat and eat and eat. No food on the counter was safe with Chester around and our Baby Sitter found out that leaving a pizza unattended for even a brief moment was not a good idea, Chester seized on the inexperience of the Baby Sitter and gobbled up that pizza before she knew what happened.

Chester was always looking out for us and we knew we were safe with our big lab listening for any strange noises during the night.

Chester loved our house and our street but somedays he decided he needed to get out and explore. We never knew when Chester would go around the corner to take a pee and then take off to another neighborhood, we would chase him but he was too fast, then 15 minutes later he would be back and give us a look like " no worries I just wanted to check out what was happening in Eagle Run".

Over the years Chester would eat toilet paper ( boy did he love toilet paper), he would eat socks, underwear, magazines and shoes but he would look at us with those big eyes and we could never get mad.

Yes, we were lucky we went to the wrong PetSmart and fate led us to Chester. We have years and years of great memories and Chester will always be with us.

Rest in peace Chester, you were a great friend and companion. You lived a good life and heaven is waiting for you.
Janet & Bill NaylonWeston, FloridaMay 26, 2013
7/1/1994 - 5/23/2013Mariah was precious since day one... she has been our family member and has been there all the years we raised our children. She made it to almost 19 years. She was diagnosed with bone cancer when she was 15, and showed us how strong her little frail body really was for 3 long years. She went downhill fast.. within a two week period. I am strong and able to talk and think about all of the steps leading to her passing... the reason for my strength is because of Dr. Juliana Lyles. She made our family's sad turn into a day of celebration of Mariah's life. We cannot thank her enough for her caring and respectfulness to us and to Mariah. She helped us... she listened to us, she is more than an humane animal lover. She is a wonderful human being. Thank you Dr. JulieRandi ScheppmanCary, IllinoisMay 25, 2013
5/25/2007 - 5/24/2013Kato daily unconditional love has filled our lives for an eternity. He will be with us today, tomorow and forever. Our tomorrow will always be our yesterday, filled with the joy and happiness he brought into our life.Norma EllisTampa, FloridaMay 25, 2013
6/4/1994 - 5/23/2013Rest in peace, sweet Mouse. Please know you were and are always loved and sorely missed by all those your sweet and playful nature touched. I hope you found Stan and you are with her and enjoying a spot of sunshine together.Jane HendricksNorthbrook, IllinoisMay 24, 2013
1/6/1997 - 5/20/2013Jake was my sweet boy! Always loyal, protective, and loving. My kids never knew life without him. He will be sorely missed.shelly SaundersDelray Beach, FloridaMay 24, 2013
8/21/2000 - 5/14/2013Guinness was a great dog, even in his waning months he would greet me at the door. He finally came home yesterday and will live forever in my heart.Deb PaskowskiHamilton, MassachusettsMay 22, 2013
5/19/1999 - 5/20/2013Our Harry - a little heartbeat at our feet. He loved so well, we loved him so much.Eleanor KingsleyHoney Brook, PennsylvaniaMay 22, 2013
1/7/1999 - 5/20/2013We will miss you Dugan! You were our sweet angel for 14 years. Thank you for all of your love you precious baby.Stephanie PalmerChapel Hill, North CarolinaMay 21, 2013
6/13/2000 - 5/13/2013To our Precious Emma (our bleached blonde chocolate lab):
Mommy, Daddy, Sammi and Lee will forever miss you and love you. You were always our rock and kept us all playing together. You were the smartest but the sweetest!!! We know that you can swim forever - pain free, with no chlorine in the pool...and eat all the cookies and bacon you want. We love you forever!!
Ashley NewhallerTampa, FloridaMay 20, 2013
5/15/2013 - 5/17/2013Dedicated to the most beloved kitty ever. We will miss you more than anything, Cleo Pie. Thank you for all the joy. You will be the best kitty angel. xoxoJennifer PayneOakland, CaliforniaMay 18, 2013