Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/10/2004 - 12/21/2014In memory of Charly. We thought we had rescued her, but she rescued us.Charly (Charlotte Renee) GustafsonWinter Park, FloridaDecember 29, 2014
8/20/1998 - 12/28/2014For my sweet little boy!Fernando GarciaChicago, IllinoisDecember 29, 2014
Cleo Loring
7/24/2001 - 12/24/2014My sweet Cleo "Bugs". You will be missed greatly by Mommy & Daddy. You were our first baby and claimed our heart from the beginning. You were well reserved about your love and didn't just offer it to everyone. Your love was a special treat not many got to experience which made us feel spoiled. We are happy you are at peace now to nap in the sun and eat lots of goodies any time you want. I just hope someone is there turn on the faucet in heaven and maybe has spray butter for you. My little princess had to have fresh tap water. Be at peace my Cleobugs. Mommy & Daddy will miss you so much. RIP.Shannon LoringYorktown, VirginiaDecember 28, 2014
Maddy Marchiafava
3/2/2001 - 12/26/2014On December 26th we had to say goodbye to our precious Maddy. She has brought us so many great memories and great time's. Maddy will be missed and thought of each and every day.

Doctor Brad made the whole process very easy and explained every step of the way. He was reassuring that it was the right thing to do for Maddy and that she would be at peace. She died peacefully with her family around her.

Doctor brad. We thank you for your compassion and your professionalism.
Sylvia MarchiafavaPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaDecember 28, 2014
1/1/2000 - 12/26/2014In loving memory of our sweet angel Priscilla who brought us 14 and a half years of pure love and joy. You will be missed so very much, but will remain forever in our hearts. You grew up with the kids and taught us all the true meaning of unconditional love!
Rest in Peace our sweet baby girl and know you were loved by us so very much – wet kisses to you Priscilla – Ron, Lisa, Austin and Ashley
Lisa MarcellusSeminole, FloridaDecember 28, 2014
Mr. Blake
3/6/2001 - 12/26/2014In memory of Mr. Blake who gave us 14 years of pleasure. You are missed greatly around the house today and will always be in our hearts and thoughts each Christmas time. We miss you.Caroline FeenanCheltenham, PennsylvaniaDecember 28, 2014
11/15/1998 - 11/30/2014Snowflake came to us a youngster at 1yr. We feel blessed that we were able to share 15 yrs of our life with him. He was loving, loyal and fearless member of this family. Such a strong boy and protector of all of us and such a lap kitty whom also like walks out doors.
He taught us and took care of us as much as we did for him. He has always participated in our conversations and activities. We miss you snowflake, the days are not the same without you.

Be in peace our sweet love, for we know you fought hard this past year and it was not easy on you. You deserve the peace, happiness and love god will provide for you. You will remain forever in our hearts and loved always.

We love you Snowflake,
Sam and Scott
Sam BarnhartHanover, PennsylvaniaDecember 27, 2014
3/19/2001 - 12/22/2014It seems like yesterday when we brought our little bundle of fur home. Through the years Casey brought us so much happiness and we loved her so much. But almost 14 years later it was time to say goodbye. It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do and we hated to let her go, but we knew it was the right thing. We know she is at rest now and she passed peacefully with the help of Dr. Brad.
We will miss her dearly.
Carol & Frank StypinskiKing of Prussia, PennsylvaniaDecember 26, 2014
5/29/1998 - 12/20/2014December 20, 2014 was Allie's last day with us. She taught us the true meaning of what a "companion" animal is.
We will miss you Allie, but we are so thankful for the time that you spent with us.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole Francis
John & Diane LargeyBoca Raton, FloridaDecember 23, 2014
6/17/2014 - 12/20/2014Maxi Man, you were the most precious, sweetest, funniest little man imaginable, and you were loved more than words can express. I can't imagine coming home and not finding you at the garage door waiting for me. You were my shadow, as grandma would say, and I miss you so much that it hurts. I knew you would have to leave us one day but I never thought it would be so soon. You gave us so much love over the years and just looking at that face made me smile. Yiu will always be my little man.

Fran ZynisCoral Springs, FloridaDecember 23, 2014