Pet Memorials
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8/1/2001 - 8/27/2016In Loving memory of the best black boxer to Valhalla my wonderful boy!! Can't Wait till we meet again!Joe CaloucheCharlotte, North CarolinaJanuary 4, 2017
8/3/2005 - 12/21/2016Simba was my pride and joy. After my Rottie Odie J died due to a break into my house, I decided I would like another dog for company. I read on news articile about a bull dog for free. So I decided to check it out on my lunch time beings the address was close to where I worked. When I got there and they show me the dog, I didnt know what to think. Never really seen an American bull dog. For years we had Rotties and prior to that we raised Pit Bulls. So I asked questions and he seemed very freindly. So I said if I take him home this week end and if it doesnt work may I return back to you and he said sure. So I went back friday after work and picked up Simba. Simba is a Johnson American Bull dog. He did well sitting in the back of my pick up truck riding just like a person. Got home got out of truck and came inside and sniffed around. He seemed to be o.k. Well the next day I had to go out for about a hour so I thought lets see what happens and also he was already 6 when I got him. So he was already pottie trained and neutered. Well when I got back he made him self comfortable on my couch. Didnt even get up to greet me. When he adjusted real well. When I was off from work him and I would go to the dog parks or take a ride to the Keys. He was my side kick to run around with. He always sat up like a person in the back seat of truck and look around. One year after I had for a while I decided to make a road trip to Pennsylvanis to see a family I know which was like my family. It took 2 and half days I dont drive when it gets dark. We had a good time at the rest stops and people would ask me what kind of dog so I would tell them. I got so many compliments on him. He did well at my friends house she even had cats and he got along with them. I spoiled him quite well. When I would eat my dinner or what ever he was always there for a hand out which he got. He even slept with me on my bed. Thank heavens I had a queeen size bed. Then in April of last year he started to limp took him to vet and he said he has a torn acu I think it was callled. well I had the surgery and it lasted until Nov of 2016 when he started to limp again, took him back again and was told he has arthoritis real bad in hips and one knee. so they gave me a special dog food so he would lose weight and pain pills. Well him a dog isnt active how will he lose weight. Well him and I struggle with the situation trying to get him up to go out side.After up he would walk a little and then fall down, thats when I decided after about a week of this, it was time to let him go to Rainbow Brige where my other furry friends are. So I called Lap of Love and had Dr Issac for the service. He as frally great. He took his time and explain what was going to happened. My son and friend was with me when we did this. Dr Issac even made a paw print of Simba. I miss him he was a great soul mate.
Well about a week later I posted looking for an American bull dog and had a lady friend work at Knowles Animal clinc and she text me and said we haqve one that is here for adoption. I went and check him out. He is three and half brown and white american bull dog called Zeus. He is doing fine we are still adjusting to the situation. He is quite different than Simba this is more active which is good. He keeps me going and is a good companion too. So that is my story.
Nancy JohnsonNiami, FloridaJanuary 4, 2017
3/4/2001 - 12/20/2016I love you dearly, my Canyon and I hope Daddy Norman has shown you the way to heaven.Dawn NargiNew York, New YorkJanuary 3, 2017
9/1/2002 - 1/28/2016So long Casper. It was with great pain that I made the decision to let you go. I still feel guilty that you might have turned it around and I didn't give you a chance to fight. Since in the summer when the Doctor told me that the odds were great that you wouldn't pull through. I decided that you could pull through and after the feeding tube -you and I proved them wrong, and you did it. However, the toll it took on your nerves was painful to witness. It became harder to escort you to the Vet because you would know where I was taking you and put up a fuss. I saw your fear and anxiety. When they told me that your liver ailment never fully recovered and the prognosis looked bleak, I couldn't allow you to go through what you did last summer. You are a brave cat, I knew you wanted to live, but I am sorry we had to say goodbye. I miss you terribly. The house is not the same without you. Cloudy goes around looking for you. I always had a home full of people, but after my divorce and since the my sons left home, you made the home still lively. I never knew loosing a pet can be so painful, but I remember the good days. The days when you and I will just relax on the deck. You will always find me when I am busy working and flop on my book or try to get my attention. You were a patient and kind soul and I will have you in my heart forever.DJ JenkinsWoodbridge, VirginiaJanuary 3, 2017
Mr. Coco Puff
5/1/2000 - 12/26/2016I know 2016 has been widely considered an awful year. I have some more bad news. Mr. Coco Puff died last Monday, December 26 at about 7pm, joining the pantheon of great souls we lost in 2016. He was put-to-rest for an eternal nap by a doctor from Lap of Love, an in-home veterinary hospice and euthanasia service. He was 16.5 years old. He passed away very peacefully and gently with lots of loving attention in the presence of Dr. Beth, Manavie, and me. Our doctor patiently spent a long time with us before we put him to sleep (2.5 hours) much of it just petting him and getting to know us. I am very grateful that the process went as well as it possibly could have given the circumstances.

Here's what happened:
This all came about very suddenly and unexpectedly. I had only noticed anything unusual since around the Monday before Christmas when Mr. Puff began being difficult about eating, which progressed to not eating at all. I took him to Friendship Animal Hospital that Friday. They did blood work, urine analysis, and an ultrasound and found a large mass of cancer in his upper intestines blocking his stomach, causing him to stop eating. They think the cancer had already spread to his liver, lymph nodes, and spleen. They also saw disease processes in his kidneys and bowels. His little body was shutting down. The doctor said that GI cancers tend to sneak up on owners like this, not presenting any clinical symptoms until it's already very advanced, and that cats are notoriously good at hiding their pain. I was extremely fortunate to be able to take him home that evening and cancel plans in order to spend all of Christmas Eve and Day with him. I doted on and hovered over him; I could only get him to take water and chicken broth. We used the time to do some of our favorite activities together -- stroking, brushing, and talking to him, photographing him sleeping in the sun, watching his favorite cat dvd, and one brief trip outside in his pet stroller to sit on my lap on the bench for fresh air, bird watching, and sunshine on Christmas Day. I was so lucky that I was able to use the quiet time afforded by the holiday to just be with him uninterrupted and to have a lot of patient support and empathy from the Lap of Lap person who was answering my phone calls during this time. Having these days with him and using the in-home euthanasia service turned out to be best choices for us. My other cat, Manavie, was also present for the whole process. He really watched and sniffed everything that was happening. He seemed to understand in his own way, though he currently seems a bit disoriented and low energy as Coco Puff was such an integral part of our daily routine. I had brought Coco home from the hospital on Friday at 7:30pm, and coincidentally, the doctor left with his body on Monday at 7:30pm for his remains to be cremated. As keepsakes, she left us with a paw print, a lock of fur, and a death certificate/booklet on pet bereavement. I'm very thankful and take solace in that I don't have any regrets about any of the difficult decisions that I had to make in that short period of time.
Amanda MosherWashington, District of ColumbiaJanuary 3, 2017
4/1/2000 - 12/31/2016We lost a beautiful soul. It is with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our Nala. She was a Siamese who had piercing blue eyes - probably the most beautiful I've ever seen. She was always the hostess and charmed everyone she met.

She was mischievous and a night owl; she never met a twist tie or Christmas ornament she didn't want to destroy. She would often “catch” dog toys (the small squirrel was her favorite) and announce to all who would listen that she caught it all by herself. With her little pink tongue she would spill water - fresh water was her absolute favorite - all over the place. She was a graceful goofball and a gentle soul who acted as our grief counselor...and during this time of grief it makes us miss her even all the more.

She had 16 (almost 17) good years, but it still feels too soon. She came to us as a mischievous puffball kitten and left us as the most loyal friend. Rest in peace, Nala Girl. We will miss every single thing about you. May you cuddle up to Bailey and have a toy squirrel near you at all times.
Kim NelsonLas Vegas, NevadaJanuary 1, 2017
4/1/2005 - 12/28/2016Cosmo, you truly were the best companion around. Your kind soul and gentle nature will be missed so very much. Our home just isn't the same without your presence. Rest in peace old friend.

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss
Amanda & David RKirkland, WashingtonJanuary 1, 2017
3/15/1997 - 12/14/2016Goodnight my sweet and handsome Baloo Bear. You gifted us with so much love for almost twenty years. You were a fierce defender against all interlopers, but the most gentle and loving cuddle bear to your humans. We will miss your beautiful golden eyes, luxurious fur, thousand and one impossible poses and that oh so thunderous purr. Give your brother, Bagheera, a kiss for us and tell him we still miss him, too. You're free to be kittens together again and you'll always be our special angels.Susan WatsonEast Greenbush, New YorkDecember 31, 2016
12/17/2004 - 11/23/2016Crosby- You meant so much to us. We miss you so much, dear friend. You were an angel of a dog here on Earth and now you are our angel in heaven. We have never known a soul so good, so happy, so loving, so loyal and trusting of everyone. You never knew a stranger. Everyone was your best friend, and they all instantly fell in love with you. How could we not? You had the spirit of a puppy into your final days.

I will always remember our parting moments and the big wet kiss I got from you just before you left this world. You were such a comfort when your sister Chloe departed for the Rainbow Bridge just three months before you. Forever in our hearts you will be.
Tampa, FloridaDecember 31, 2016
3/11/2003 - 12/16/2016As Kermit/Bob Cratchit so wisely says in The Muppets Christmas Carol, "life is made up of meetings and partings; that is the way of it." We said goodbye to a family member on December 16th and it was a hard parting though a peaceful passing. I miss Chester greatly. I will always remember the boom of his bark, his devotion to me, his pawing at me for potato chips, his big brown eyes staring at me until I yielded my cereal milk, his snoring and his impeccable timing with a sigh at just the right spot in a TV show. We -- my daughter and son and Chester's Daddy and I - lost a good friend. As his Daddy put it: "A friend loves unconditionally, knows what you are feeling and responds with care and concern, is never too busy to listen and be with you and never demands conditions to be your friend. " Our Mooser boy was such a friend for 13 1/2 years, a long life though it's never long enough with those we love. We take some comfort in believing he is with his buddy, Shadow, a black pug who left us three years ago. They were the best of friends and in our hearts they are roaming the fields together.sharing wonderful adventures.Melissa WarnerGlen Allen, VirginiaDecember 31, 2016