Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/4/2015 - 6/8/2015Sparkey was more than just a dog he was family! As all animals should be he loved everyone and loved to play soccer! You may question that but he really did. Tossed the ball around with his mom while she played soccer, and would pop them with his teeth having a blast! He loved to cuddle and walk with his family. No dog will ever replace the way he cared, and loved for everyone. If you were crying or upset he would always come up to you and lick your tears away all up till the day he passed on! He was a best friend,a lover and family. He is truley missed and will forever be in the Miller and Gomes's family <3Charlene GomesAuburn, WashingtonJuly 1, 2015
10/10/2006 - 6/29/2015In loving memory of our dear boy Diesel... you bought much joy and laughter to our heart and we are blessed you chose us as your keepers. We miss your goofy corks, snoring, puppy loves including the wet kisses. You were there through thick and thin with us and even tested your boundaries, you silly kid. We miss your sounds and noises but know your in a better place. Until we meet again Bubba. Kisses...Coby & Heidi BaileyFederal Way, WashingtonJune 30, 2015
6/2/2002 - 6/2/2015Today marks 4 weeks since I had to let my Daisy go. I really have not had the emotional strength to write this and tell her story until today. I miss her and still cry for her everyday. She will always be in my heart.Robin RuckerWest Hills, CaliforniaJune 30, 2015
3/1/2015 - 6/27/2015Dodger is now a lion dog in the Animal Kingdom. We miss your steadfast love. You were a part of our family for half of Lily's life, and most of Sam's life. You loved to have your head and face pet with vigor, and you growled in a silly way when we rubbed your belly. Your warm welcomes after a trip away were the best part about coming home! You'd play with the leash whenever we began a walk, and you were busy exploring along the way. Even though you didn't know how to play with other dogs, you could round them up, as a good collie should. You taught your brother Buckley how to bark, but he never caught on to your trick of pulling almost-ripe, heirloom tomatoes from the vines and relishing them in the back yard. To your credit, you never destroyed the plants.

Thanks for everything; sweet, loyal friend. You'll be missed forever.
Karin AdlerOak Ridge, TennesseeJune 30, 2015
Twinkle Toes
6/27/2015Twinkle Toes, you will always be missed by many. Cat heaven gained another angel and a very good one. We will always remember how you were such a great cat and always there for us. Always wanted to be on someone's lap and if not you were wanting someone to always pet you. No matter what, no other cat will be able to replace you! REST IN PEACE BABY GIRL. very sad. <3Brooke EnglertClearwater, FloridaJune 29, 2015
Jake Woodrow Rowland
10/15/2002 - 6/26/2015Our dearest Jake, words cannot adequately express what you have meant to us. Your sweet smile, your soft silky fur, your gentle manner as well as your bossy mouth, your serious nature and your incredible sense of time. We'll miss your beautiful singing with Duke and Waldo, your leadership skills during our pack walks, and your superb shepherding skills. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts, but we know you are now free of pain and are running with Duke, Lynard, Blue, Pepino, Sierra and Roachie. Have fun big man, we love you !! We will meet you all some day and what a great time that will be!

P.S Waldo and the rest of the crew miss and you and love you too!!!!!
Patrick & Valerie RowlandWeston, FloridaJune 28, 2015
11/3/2005 - 6/25/2015Latte our beautiful lab received her angel wings on June 26th 2015 surrounded by her family and pet brother and sisters. She was a gentle and loving lab who love life to the fullest.. She will be forever imprinted in our hearts.Michelle CaronCHelmsford, MassachusettsJune 28, 2015
4/30/2003 - 6/26/2015Fiona was the sweetest bull terrier to grace our lives.kate kyrestampa, FloridaJune 28, 2015
10/3/2003 - 6/25/2015I would like to thank Dr. Dani McVety from Lap Of Love for helping me lay my dog Niko to rest comfortably. This is the first time in nineteen years that I now will be coming home to an empty house. The emotional loss and pain I'm experiencing is overwhelming and numbing, it's a total shock. My home is so quiet without his presence, no longer do I hear his paws walking on the hard floors or the doggie door covers flapping as he goes in and out of the house. I'll miss those early morning and late evening walks he took ME ON, no matter how tired or busy my days were I always looked forward these. The walks with him around the neighborhood or park were my stress relief moments and he enjoyed them as well. Our lives together were so structured meal times and walks were always on schedule, I never needed an alarm clock as a reminder because Niko would come looking for me. This all came to a screeching halt on Thursday June 25th 2015, I ask God to give strength and guidance to carry on without my boy Niko.Michael BarqueraLargo, FloridaJune 28, 2015
Bella Daisy Geegan
1/1/2001 - 6/24/2015Bella was a rescue dog who really rescued me ... from the moment I laid eyes on her (on-line) at "Little Doggies Rescue," Alabama, I fell in love with her. It took her about 30 months before she would trust my husband not to harm her - her abuser was a man. The day her tail perked up, instead of being tucked under her belly, was the happiest day of our lives. From that point forward her sassy, sweet and "I know I'm loved" personality came out. She would prance and do this little prancing jig that cracked me up because she was so happy. When we would come in from a walk, Bella would have this little zip in her step --- she'd run to get a toy or dive into her bed and roll around. I will miss the unconditional love she gave me and her loud snores. She may have been 9 pounds but she could snore louder than my 175 pound husband! I will miss her joyous spirit and nature --- how she would follow me around the house wherever I went. She would wait at the door and stare at it until I came home ... I called her my little "tater-tot," and I will miss nuzzling into her face and getting her little licks. She has left a gaping hole in my heart yet I am so blessed that I had nine-years of joy with her ... she went out with the same dignity and grace that made her so special, in her little bed with me right there by her side, kissing her forehead. I love you my precious baby girl and my life will never be the same again.Diana GeeganSt. Petersburg, FloridaJune 27, 2015