Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/2/2009 - 4/4/2017My pit bull Samson never left my side he is forever in my heart . He went everywhere with me and he was so loyal and compassionate just a sweet boy who found his fur ever home . He was more than a dog he was one of my children and a part of my family. I am devastated of his passing though it's been a week it doesn't get any easier. My greatest memory of him is the way he would stay with me and wouldn't leave with any other family member unless I was coming along . He was always looking for me and he knew I was his momma . The way his big head would pop up whe he heard the word momma I've never felt so much love before in my life he was my little baby . I still see him laying there on my bed like he always did . I still wake up in the morning rolling over to play with him than I realize he's gone . He used to steal my pillow during the night and sleep so close next to me I just can't get over his passing I loved him so much.Deborah MilesLake Charles, LouisianaApril 12, 2017
Maggie A/k/a "Waggie Maggie"
11/16/2002 - 4/6/2017My sweet Waggie Maggie, you taught me so much about love and about myself, and I hope I gave you have as much happiness as you gave me. We had our challenges and my only prayer was that I could ease your fear of storms and fireworks and ensure you knew I loved you with every part of my being. When we lost your sister, Leah, last year on April 12, 2016 suddenly, I don't know if I would have survived the pain without you.
I promised you that as soon as you let me know you weren't having fun anymore, I would let you go and set you free. Despite that promise I would still lay on the floor with you and tell you, "You don't have to live forever, just as long as I do because I don't know how to live a day without you". But as soon as I saw your difficulty with mobility compromise your silliness -- and you were a silly girl still at 14 years old -- and your happiness, my grief had to be less important than your happiness. I am grateful
Susan RosemarinPompano Beach, FloridaApril 12, 2017
3/1/2017 - 4/4/2017We lost our precious Molly to cancer. Some won't understand when we say she was "more than just a pet", but others will. She was one of our family members. Molly was Rick's constant companion and helper all day, everyday. She was always by Ricks side while he worked in the garage, the garden, backyard or while he was screaming at the newscasters on TV. She would help me with chores, overseeing my Pilates practice or patiently waiting for her daily bone at 1:pm everyday. Abandoned as a puppy, we rescued her and made her one of our family members. We would call her our third daughter 😍 Now her bed is gone, her food bowl absent, and we are left with a huge empty hole where our "pet" used to be. Even knowing this was the eventual outcome, and having time to prepare, it is still overwhelming. She will always have a special place in our hearts. We love and miss you Molly!Rick & Tammy GillilandBrea, CaliforniaApril 11, 2017
9/4/1998 - 4/6/2017Tippy, the sweetest girl, my best friend for seventeen years, passed to another plane last week. We will remember her always as the most gentle, loving friend.Abby StoneCoconut Creek, FloridaApril 11, 2017
12/15/1999 - 4/9/2017There are many things I already miss about our sweet Monday - or Monday Butts, as we sometimes called her. She really was such a good girl. My constant companion, constantly following me around the house, no matter where I went. She just always wanted to be near me. I miss her nails click-clacking on the hardwoods. I miss hearing her "old lady groans" as she laid down. I even miss her hair all over the house - never thought I would say that. Monday was so loving. She always tried to sneak kisses, then would "act shy" afterward LOL She was the best snuggler in the world. I go outside frequently to say hi to her. The house is too quiet. And I don't like it. I know everyday these feelings will get better, but in the mean time, it is just very hard. I am grateful she was able to pass away at home. And I am grateful for everyone who was there both physically and in spirit. Your encouragement is helping our family more than you know. If you would like to say a few words of your favorite Monday memory, please do so. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of my "good ole girl", aka my little squirrel. Rest easy, sweet Monday.Anna HazenKansas City, MissouriApril 11, 2017
1/7/2002 - 4/10/2017It is with Sadness in our hearts that we announce the passing of our fur baby Daisy at the Age of 15. Daisy was our first member of our family even before the kids were born, she gave us unconditional love and affection and so did we. Today we are very sad but we know she is a better place as all dogs go to heaven.

We will miss you Daisy!
Hector Del ValleOviedo, FloridaApril 11, 2017
11/28/2001 - 4/5/2017Jazmyn was my first dog and a wonderful companion. She was able to run free and live the dog's life, things like chasing squirrels and rabbits, playing catch and frisbee, along with all of the other tricks and things she could do. Her eyes and expression would make you think she could actually speak and she certainly understood what was being said. She lived a long, full life and came to the end of the trail at home, on her bed, where she was most comfortable. Thanks to Dr. Graham and Lap of Love, she didn't have to experience any fear or stress, her passing could not have been more peaceful and she will be missed dearly.Brian MonticueMount Clemens, MichiganApril 10, 2017
1/30/2017 - 4/10/2017The pain we feel today is only surpassed by the love we have for you. You were our little "Allie Cat" and made every day special. For seventeen years you were part of our lives and it will be difficult facing tomorrow without your sweet face. But you grew old and sick and we could not watch you suffer. Although you're gone from our home, you will be forever in our hearts. Thank you for sharing your life with us.Brenda CruiseMurfreesboro, TennesseeApril 10, 2017
Mia(mya) Jenkis
9/6/2005 - 4/7/2017Mia was a mix Rottweiler, she became a member of the Jenkins family at the age of six weeks old. She was born in Miami Florida, she made her first trip on an airplane at the age of six weeks old from Atlanta Georgia to San Francisco California, at that time we lived in Oakland California across the bay from San Francisco. When I brought Mia home from Miami on the airplane, no one knew that I was bringing her home, Mia was met at the house by her new family and our 6yr old male Australia Terrier name Cali.Due to the fact that Mia was so young when I got her, she had to be bottle fed which every member took turns feeding her until she was able to feed her self which did not take long. Cali raised Mia, even though Cali was a little receptive of Mia for invading his space, but after bonding which did not take long, Cali & Mia became Brother & sister. Mia & Cali went on all family vacations, trips, family rides, etc., they had the best to eat, the best medical treatment by my brother In-law Dr. Bernard Myers and Dr. David Gallagher, both veterinarians.Mia & Cali both slept in the bed with mom & dad. Mia was a very smart & loving dog, very obedient and loved giving the family members those "lick of love kisses" in the mouth. Mia never enjoyed staying in kennels for boarding when ever she needed to be boarded, because we were always together as a family, never apart unless for the time we were at work or the girls were at school. After being home alone, when the family come home Mia greeted us with that wagging tail of hers and the "jumps of love" or she would lay down if she had destroyed the house or ate up someone shoes during her play time we she was alone in the house by her self. Mia went everywhere with dad, to the park every day for her daily walks always carrying her favorite toy in her mouth, when dad went for his hair cut, to the grocery store, I mean Mia was where dad was except for work. She will be missed. Mia will always be in the hearts of every member of the Jenkins family, but we are at peace knowing that Mia no longer have to be in pain and to know that "ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN". Have fun in glory Mia, and when our time come for God to call us to glory, we all will pick up where we left off at. Love Dad & the rest of your loving family.Lee JenkinsCharlotte, North CarolinaApril 10, 2017
5/1/1999 - 4/3/2017Lucky- You were the best kitty cat we could have ever asked for! Thank you so much for choosing us! You rescued us every bit as much as we rescued you. We desperately miss having you with us! The house just feels so empty! Every thing I see reminds me of you! I miss kissing your soft little head. I miss when you were younger and you'd lay on your back and let Daddy and I kiss your belly. You loved your Daddy so! You were such a Daddy's girl! You let your Daddy do ANYTHING to you! And you were such a good sister to Lauren. You let her do anything to you as well. You let her pick you up and carry you, even when your arthritic legs didn't like it. You tolerated so much from her. You gave us just one month shy of 18 years. It's hard to know what to do without you! I don't like just having Weasel. It's not the same. I don't like only feeding one cat. It was always Lucky and Weasel because we got you two years before her. She misses. you. She's been acting differently since you left us. We all feel the loss profoundly. I could never feel the same way about another kitty cat like I feel about you. You were my first baby! I miss you so, so, so much Lucky, and the hole in my heart will take a long time to heal. I hope you rest in peace and that you are running and playing with the other pets at the Rainbow Bridge.Jennifer BundyWyndmoor, PennsylvaniaApril 10, 2017