Pet Memorials
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Marble Ridge
4/9/2004 - 7/9/2016On Saturday July 9th, 2016 we had to say goodbye to our dear Marble Ridge, whom we adopted from Pocono Greyhound Adoption in 2007. And yes, that was his racing name and a perfect name for him. Just a few things I would like to share about Marble. I remember the day we went to see him in the Poconos and everyone from the Pocono Greyhound Adoption Group were so kind. There is where we first met Suzanne Ewing, Marble's foster Mom and her husband Scott. I remember having a conversation over the phone with Craig Shide concerning Marble possibly having sleep aggression issues. We questioned if we really wanted to adopt him. We thank God that we decided to adopt him. He was a perfect boy, and no sleep aggression. I remember the day he was delivered to us by Kim Shide and Craig Shide. It was a cold February day. I remember watching out the window like a kid on Christmas, waiting to see when they arrived. And across the street came Craig, with Kim handling skinny, young, stunning Marble Ridge. While he was exploring the downstairs, our resident cat in charge Cassie, sucker punched Marble a few times in the face. Cassie grew to love Marble! I remember that day when the telephone rang for the first time since he was here and he cocked his head and his scooby-do ears looking like what the heck is that?? He was always a true gentleman, even after our bossy Sadie came, our female grey. They were ok with each other's company. There were road trips. We attended many Pocono Greyhound Annual Picnics. We traveled to Western PA, up to Erie and took Route 6 back to Eastern PA. We travelled to the Adirondacks, where Marble and Sadie escaped from the hotel room and zoomed a total of a block or two, they finally stopped at a dead end of a parking lot. Where thankfully a lady was petting them until we "ran" over to retrieve them. Imagine running after them and a few guys were on a balcony and I was like, hey did you see two greyhounds run through here?? Lol, funny now, but not then. Lost in the woods of the Adirondacks would not be good!! We travelled to Delaware for Greyhounds Reach the Beach in the Spring. That was a fun time! It was Marble's birthday and he got a hat to wear at the ice cream social. Then a few years ago he got sick. We almost thought we were going to lose him. They had to carry him in on a stretcher. We thought he was having seizures or a stroke. A day or two in the emergency hospital and a couple days being a guest at the Regular Vets office during the day, he was home. Slowly walking and weak, it took him months to really recover. We think he had an inner ear problem. After that, we treasured every day with him not knowing when or if it would happen again. Maybe a year or so ago, he started urinating in the house, something he only did once or twice in all the time we had him until then. He was such a good boy. He had early kidney disease. He tried, but he urinated more. Then about two weeks ago he had a bloody nose. A dog with a bloody nose was not fun to get to the Emergency Vet, but we did it. He had extremely high blood pressure that they believe was a result from his kidney issue. That was the beginning of the end. He started not eating and having an upset tummy. Basically his kidneys were failing. And then the day came for us to say good bye. It seems unreal yet really. But I am glad we could say good bye at home where he was comfortable. We will never forget you Marble Ridge! And thank you to all who had a hand in bringing him to us, from Florida (Judy Shamp) to Pennsylvania!!!!!!!Christine SweigertReading, PennsylvaniaJuly 14, 2016
6/30/2016Gratch came to us as a fully grown feral cat and I will attest that I have never shared my home with a more loving and appreciative animal. Please read Gratch's story below and understand that feral animals need to be loved and rescued from a life cruelly shortened by disease and/or starvation which leaves them to die alone without the loving touch they crave and deserve.Gary GoforthArlington, TexasJuly 14, 2016
Dixie Cup Martin
3/17/2008 - 1/7/2016We miss you so much Dixie! You were taken from us way too soon. We hope Heaven is filled with treats and endless sunshine.Woodstock, GeorgiaJuly 14, 2016
Joel Glasson
1/1/2003 - 7/6/2016For your whole life Foxey, you were a personality. You are a foxey girl with an attitude of being superior in all things dog. We always appreciated your joyful greetings, enthusiastic play, and loving kisses. Your loyalty and love when we needed it most were given and always present. I often thanked God for the honor to have you as my dog. The wonder of another creature that was wild but yours to love, that creature, self aware, choosing to love you back. I pray for your keep over the rainbow bridge until you hear me call, "Foxey.....lets go for a walk."Joel GlassonDurham, North CarolinaJuly 14, 2016
4/16/1999 - 7/13/2016My wife and I got our little buddy Wally 2 months after we were married back in 99. He was just a pup. We brought him everywhere. He got to travel so much and see so many things. He was a happy little stubborn, tough beagle. He wouldn't back down to no one or thing. We'd take him on walks everyday along with his brother (grim) and sister (nico). The last 2 yrs he acquired the "old dog disease" inner ear something or other, he just would walk in circles. He was still happy though!! He still would "attack" his older brother, and eat like there was no tomorrow, all the way till the end. We gave him two pieces of salmon for his last 2 meals. Fresh king salmon!! Little spoiled monkey. He was the best to us, and we loved him more than anything. We know he's in a better place now and able to rest comfortably. Thank you for the ableness to do this in our home. Thank you lap of love. Dr Ashleigh was super awesome!!! Wally rest in peace 17 yrs 3 months WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!!!George RodenSeattle, WashingtonJuly 14, 2016
7/5/2016Heidi, we love you forever and will never forget you. "I have loved you with an everlasting love" ~ Jeremiah 31:3Anneliese GiovinazziGarden Grove, CaliforniaJuly 13, 2016
5/4/2001 - 6/17/2016We loved our dear Chico. He was a sweet spunky little chihuahua. He will always be a highlight of my life. He was there for my first home, car and teaching job after college. He's been with me through it all. I'm so grateful for having experienced his love all these years.Carla GuerraHollywood, FloridaJuly 13, 2016
9/11/2002 - 5/27/2016To my first child,
Thank you! Thank you for 13.5 years of unconditional love and joy. You were the perfect dog. We were both unsure of each other during the first month but after the "getting to know you phase", I never looked back and never pictured my life without you. I loved everything about you, even your initial shyness. Thank you for your human soul and sweet gentle eyes. I love how you would smile with your whole face, and your laugh was a fast paced pant. Your tail was a big fluffy indicator of your mood (from very playful, to cuddly, to protective). You loved everyone and brought such excitement and joy to all, especially the Hospice patients we visited as Vitas Paw Pal volunteers. ❤️ My favorite feature of yours were your ears!! They would pop up whenever you heard my voice, and they bounced when you trotted along on dog walks. I joked and called you "bat dog" when you would stick them straight out to the sides. 😍 The underside of your ear folds felt like a fleece blanket!! I am so grateful I had the honor of watching your jet black hair slowly turn white; around your muzzle, then your paws, slowly throughout your limbs, spine and lastly gray hair in your eyebrows.

During our time together, you saw me through many difficult times. Serious relationships ended tragically, we moved houses, changed jobs, my father passed away, I met and married an amazing man, and I gave birth to an incredible little girl. Thank you for always being there during the good and tough times. When I had no one else you were always there; smiling, wanting to play and providing me with unconditional love. You were my best friend, travel buddy and snuggle partner... I know you were a little jealous and sad when Baby Hannah was born because you were no longer my spoiled, only child. You allowed Baby Hannah to pull your tail, ears, ride your back, sleep on your side and were always extremely patient and gentle to her. Every morning she looked forward to giving you vitamins and treats. She loved our lazy mornings where we would snooze and snuggle you!! Thank you for bonding with and loving my baby girl. I know you didn't want to share me but you did so very well. Hannah loves and misses you too. We explain to her as best we can but she still calls "Sable!" looking for you. She tells me "Sable's a good girl. I want to pet her. I miss her. Mama sad." She is obsessed with fleece blankets and I believe it’s because of your velvet ears! Our whole household is mourning you and you are dearly missed by everyone. Nana, Jessica, Keri... many of our close friends have cried with me and we all wish we had more unlimited healthy years with you!

You were more than a pet. You were my first child. You understood all of my emotions and always aimed to please me with silly playtime or cuddling quiet time. You protected our house by patrolling the yard perimeter every time you went outside and barked like a vicious killer whenever a strange human or dog was near our front lawn. You loved to watch out the front windows to ensure no one surprised us. Even though your bark sounded extremely scary, once I allowed someone in the house, you would joyfully wag your tail, smile with your eyes, and then show them where we kept the treats and toys. I am blessed with memories of you at the dog park, beaches, TN mountain trails and waterfalls, many south FL trips, chasing squirrels and bunnies, etc. It makes me smile how you loved the water but would never go deeper than your chest. Whenever we would walk after the rain or during a light rain, you insisted on tip toeing through and tasting the puddles. You would steal socks and carry them around like a baby puppy or some kind of prize! You sweet, silly dog 😘 I love how you would take a big deep sigh after I did. I adored the super soft fuzzy fur under your ears and the thick fur at the nape of your neck. You loved having your chest rubbed and snuggling. I nicknamed you "Noodle" and I would sing "are you going to be my dog?!" by Jet. Kristie & Sable were like PB & J from 24 to 37 years old! Almost 14 years and all of my adult life!

I am so sorry you got sick. I wished I could have changed the diagnosis, heal you, and keep you happy and healthy forever. I am sorry you were in pain. Please know I did my best to keep you comfortable, give you all your favorite indulgent foods and treats, and take you for as many beach trips and dog walks as possible in your last month. As always you did me the favor. Thank you for giving me warning that you were sick and your time was limited. Thank you for giving me the extra month to mentally and emotionally prepare to say goodbye. Thank you for allowing me time to make arrangements for you. You gave ME the gift of a peaceful, beautiful passing... Outside, in the sunshine, breeze, by the waters edge, and on the anniversary of the day my father passed. I imagine you and Dad are together now.

No one will ever fill the place you have in my heart. You were part of my identity! I treasure hearing our song on the radio, and finding your fur everywhere! Thank you for visiting me through the dolphin that splashed our boat. Please "visit" and give me signs as often as possible. Thank you for almost 14 years of unconditional love and joy. You were the perfect dog. Our family misses you so much!

Kristie StacyJacksonville, FloridaJuly 13, 2016
5/16/2004 - 7/10/2016Our dear Princess came into our lives in May of 2004. We had lost another toy poodle (Prissy) the year before to cancer and we were not sure we were ready to commit to another pet, but that fear was put to rest the moment we met little Princess. We have no children so Princess (like Prissy) instantly became our little girl. My wife Mary went to the breeders home and picked her up while I was at work. When she got home with Princess in her pocket I knew this was a match made in heaven. Sadly, I lost Mary to cancer in January of this year, if it were not for my little Princess I don't know what I would have done. She pulled me thru the most difficult time of my life, she gave me a reason to get up each day, and the way she would just lay on my lap and paw at my hand to pet her was so comforting. I miss my girls so much, but knowing that she is now in heaven with my dear wife gives me a great deal of comfort.Mike ThomasDurham, North CarolinaJuly 12, 2016
11/10/2000 - 5/27/2016I’m pretty sure I picked up and hugged Redley almost every day his entire life, but I’m convinced it was him that carried me for almost 16 years of mine.

He was my best friend and my son and I will be forever grateful for having him in my life.
David MarksSafety Harbor, FloridaJuly 12, 2016