Pet Memorials
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8/1/2008 - 11/16/2014My Dear Precious Abbygirl,
From the moment I saw your posting on, I knew we were meant to be forever friends. And even though you were scared and didn’t want to talk to me that first day we met at the Bingo’s Foundation Shelter, I still knew that I was meant to save you and bring you home to live with me. You grew to be my very best friend, my confidant, my lovebug, my baby, and the best snuggle partner. You saw me through many heartaches and even moving out into my own place for the very first time. Words can’t begin to express how so very much you are LOVED and how much I am missing you. I know you are happy now, able to play and eat and drink, and feeling no more pain. Rest peacefully, my sweet, pretty girl. You were THE BEST. Mommy loves you so so much. I know we will snuggle again one day.
Shannon AndersonBensalem, PennsylvaniaNovember 17, 2014
1/23/2001 - 11/16/2014My Sasha, you chose me as your mommy at the tender age of 8 weeks young. Brought you home and from the beginning you were the sweetest most kindest and loving dog anyone could ever ask for. You did chew through some carpets, socks, paper towels and got into the garbage once in a while. Took me almost 2 years to potty train you ... typical of beagles to be stubborn little ones. You were with me through happy and challenging times.
You were loved by everyone and you certainly were quite the social one and very popular on social media.
You were part of our family and we miss you so so much. We know you're no longer in pain though. Run free my sweet Sasha, behave ok and until we meet again, you will Furever be in our hearts!! Thank you so much for the unconditional love and wonderful memories!!!!
I love you and miss you
RIP baby girl
Michelle AlvareBlackwood, New JerseyNovember 17, 2014
4/20/2014 - 11/14/2014Murphy was the best dog ever! He was loving, loyal and protective and always wanted to please us. He has brought us utter joy throughout his 13 wonderful years and we feel blessed to have been a part of his life. Our house is not the same without him in it and we miss him dearly. Because of Murphy, our lives have been enriched; thanks for the memories Murph... you rock!!Christine FloresPembroke Pines, FloridaNovember 17, 2014
4/3/2014 - 11/10/2014Smokey was not our dog, he was our best friend. He was the greatest puppy ever! Everyone loved him and he loved us. Our lives are forever changed by him. We were lucky enough to love him for 12yrs.Smokey will be missed copelandjacksonville, FloridaNovember 17, 2014
11/14/2014RIP My Beauy Queen Lacey is now an ANGEL❤️
She will always be loved and missed but will be in our hearts forever. We are grateful for the 13+ years that we had her unconditional love and devotion. We love you soooo much Sister!!!
Tracy VialJacksonville, FloridaNovember 16, 2014
8/6/1999 - 11/15/2014Fifteen years of joy. Louie was the perfect dog, and his primary objective in life was to love us and please us. This is indeed the saddest day of my adult life. Dr. Erin Hogan was an angel sent from above. I'm so glad that Louie was able to pass in his favorite bed, in his favorite room, while we were petting him. He will be in our hearts forever.Jim YandellLong Beach, CaliforniaNovember 16, 2014
5/28/2003 - 11/9/2014Rest in peace, Scooby. You were a fiercely loyal and steadfast friend. We love you and miss you terribly.John DoyleChesapeake, VirginiaNovember 15, 2014
11/1/2000 - 11/14/2014Jetta, thank you for coming into our lives and bringing us all the joy that you possibly could. You have brought many loving memories to our family. You are missed.Randi StewmanCarrboro, North CarolinaNovember 15, 2014
10/6/2005 - 11/9/2014Sammy,

We miss you so much, boy! Our family isn't the same without you -- the house is too quiet and clean and there's way too much space on the couches and in our beds. We miss how you "talked" to us when you needed something, the identation on the bridge of your nose where we planted our kisses, your gentle licks and goofy expressions, and even your hair all over our clothes.

You taught us so much about how we should all live life. In the moment, appreciating the little things, taking a good nap now and then, and stealing snuggles whenever you can get them.

You were the best puppers ever!

Your family
Rebecca BrayTampa, FloridaNovember 14, 2014
12/8/2003 - 11/9/2014Holly, Holly Molly, Pumpkin Pie, Missy's a wonder you knew your name, we called you so many other pet names! My sweet Christmas Holly, I loved you from the second I saw those big beautiful ears on Petfinder. It just wasn't a day unless I had your doggie nose prints on the backs of my legs when we walked. We three - you, me, and Jerry Lee - we were the Three Musketeers, my girl, and we walked such miles together! You were my best walking partner, and I couldn't have traveled all those many roads and trails without you. I am so, so lucky you were mine.

For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. I love you 'til the end, my Holly Stargazer.
Gina LongoDurham, North CarolinaNovember 13, 2014