Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/26/2016I don't know how old Pepper was. I began feeding her outside in 2003 when she showed up in my yard, obviously starving. She was cautious, but I could tell she wanted to be friendly, and within a few days she was rubbing against my legs, letting me stroke her head and scratch behind her ears. Within a week or two, I was able to take her to the vet to be spayed. I had three indoor cats at the time, so didn't bring her inside until November 2015 when she was injured by a large abandoned tom cat I had begun feeding. Blood tests at the vet revealed that she needed thyroid medicine twice a day, so she remained inside for just over a year. She was a well-behaved indoor kitty, but I believe she missed being active outdoors. She spent most of her time sleeping in or staring out of my bay window, and woke me without fail around 5:30 AM each morning to let me know her feral friends were outside and waiting for their breakfast. She had just recently become a lap kitty. Is there anything sweeter than a warm kitty purring in your lap? How I'm going to miss her! Sometime in the last couple of weeks, her liver began to fail, and I made the very hard decision to let her go. I am so thankful to Lap of Love for making it possible for sweet Pepper to die peacefully in my lap, where both of us so loved for her to be. She is now resting under one of her favorite outdoor hangouts, a thick nest of leaves sheltered by shrubs and shade trees.Johnie JonesRaleigh, North CarolinaDecember 27, 2016
3/23/2003 - 12/23/2016Last week I lost my best friend Lucy. Lucy was 13 ½ years old, and suffered from occasional seizures, the last of which took her ability to walk or live well. I will never love another dog as deeply as I loved Lucy…I waited all my life for her, and as soon as I got her she brought healing, companionship, and indescribable joy to my life from the first day I got her until she gently passed on the last day. She was a loving, silly, playful, happy girl who didn’t like to play ball, but she loved her beanie babies – she truly was the best dog ever. I’m so honored and blessed to have been entrusted to being her mom. If I never own another dog again, she has fulfilled my heart completely. I pray that we will meet again someday. You will forever be in my heart. Rest in peace Lucy, you did good sweet girl. You did so very good.Ginger KeysArlington, TexasDecember 26, 2016
11/2/2002 - 12/22/2016Crush, No matter how much trouble you got into- you were always my good boy. I hope you know how deeply you were loved and your memory is cherished. I am honored that I was able to give you your forever home. Thank you for being so gentle with our daughter, even when your joints were aching. You were the kindest and most gentle animal that I have ever met. There will not be another "Crush" in my life, and that is ok- you were one of a kind, a sweet soul. -Your Family : Allison, Aaron, and CharlotteAllison LukosavichClearwater, FloridaDecember 25, 2016
4/4/1999 - 12/19/2016Daisy was such a sweetheart! My husband has a chainsaw shop at home and he also works on antique tractors. Daisy always loved to sleep on the tractor seats while my husband worked. The noise didn’t seem to bother her, she was very trusting. She loved the attention she got from all the guy’s that would stop and pick up their equipment. Even people that didn’t care for cats liked her. She was a beautiful little fuzzy calico kitty that would plop down in front of you so you could rub her belly. She loved to ride on tractors with my husband and loved being outside. When the weather wasn’t too hot her favorite spot to sleep was on my cushioned lounge chair along side the pool. She loved when my husband started the fire in the wood stove in the morning and she had to be right there on his lap. She would sleep between us in bed on her own pillow and she would purr us to sleep.

She became the boss and the queen of our property when her buddy, our maine coon named Noon, died 4 years ago. Two other cats have adopted us since then and they knew she ruled the roost. They miss her now and wonder where she is. Having Lap of Love come to the house was the best thing we could have done for her and Dr. Bill was wonderful.
Linda BoschiSpring City, PennsylvaniaDecember 24, 2016
8/21/2003 - 12/21/2016Harvey peacefully passed surrounded by his family on 12-21-16. He was 13 1/2 years old. Though father time had taken his physical body (arthritis) and eyesight (diabetes) , he battled to live everyday. Always pushing for a short walk to the park no matter what. Even when Harvey could barely walk he would still limp to the door when we arrived home to greet us. He was so loved and gave back love unconditionally everyday. On his last day on Earth, Harvey got 2 separate walks and a trip to his favorite park wherein he laid in the grass for the last time. Harvey crossed that Rainbow Bridge last night and will now be able to run free without pain and see all the beautiful colors of heaven. I hope to see you again Harvey. You will always be in our hearts my dear old companion, Harvey.Jack BurdenLas Vegas, NevadaDecember 22, 2016
2/1/2003 - 11/12/2016You will be so missed my treasure.....

I have so many memories of fun times together...... going to the dog park, playing soccer (he even used both paws to push the ball!), going on walks and even on runs. He loved the ball terribly and jumped so high thousands of times to get this  little play thing.
I cherish the love, loyalty and happiness he gave me. It was so hard to make the decision to let him go. I never ever wanted to face that because I had never had such a close connection to a pet as an adult. His health had been deteriorating over time, however and I could not see him suffer any longer. I miss my boy so much. There will never be another like my luckie boy.
Melissa MeghdadiAltamonte Springs, FloridaDecember 21, 2016
2/14/1999 - 12/18/2016My sweet bear, you have been my ray of light and my rock. Your sweet face always reminded me that no matter what, I had you in my life and that was more than enough. I always felt lighthearted at the end of a work day because I was coming home to you. We have travelled across the country together many times and I can't imagine a road trip without you, much less daily life. Looking back through all of my pictures of you and remembering what a rich history we shared that evolved together--how could these few words ever do a life, your life, justice? All that I can express is that I dearly love you, and have always been so proud of you, my sweet, Big B.
💖, Mommy
Rebecca MorrisOrlando, FloridaDecember 20, 2016
9/14/2000 - 12/16/2016Our beautiful, funny, loving and most of all much loved Molly, a 16 year old tri-colored cocker spaniel died peacefully on Saturday, December 17, 2016 at our home in Cottonwood Heights, UT after giving us 15 years and 9 months of unconditional love. I don't know what we will do without her pawing us when she wanted attention or more so, a snack of some kind. Dr. Mary Jane came to the house and was so kind and helped us say goodbye to Molly on her pillow by the front door with our 15 year old chocolate cocker, Cocoa, next to her and us holding her and telling her how much we loved her. She will be so missed but she is now feeling great and waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge where she once again will paw us for love and food. We miss you, Molly and love you forever. Cocoa misses you too and is lying on your bed to get all of your smells. The house is empty without you.Chris Beck-McKayCOTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UtahDecember 20, 2016
11/15/2001 - 12/18/2016In memory of Mushka, a loyal, well-loved companion to my mom and dad until their passing. She was able to bide and heal with us for the past two years until it was time for her reunite with them. We will miss you Mushka-boo, but we will be seeing you again. Say a special hello to our best buddies, Raylan, Paden, Emily, Max, Cass, Gunny and Brunswick for us.

It was a blessing to have found Lap of Love and an honor to help make Mushka's final moments painless, stress-free and dignified. It was a very moving experience to be able to let her go as she lay in the comfort of her own bed. Dr. Ashleigh was very tender with Mushka and respectful of the whole process and of our feelings. I feel a great debt to her.
Mary KiefferMaple Valley, WashingtonDecember 19, 2016
8/19/2001 - 12/16/2016We are saddened to say goodbye to our sweet Pippi. She was gentle and kind. Everyone who met her commented on her big bouncy ears, good disposition and calming presence . She made us feel safe and loved. We'll miss watching her jump out of the car to run to the beach. Watching her catch a frisbee never got old. Not having her near us has been a challenge, I can't imagine that will every change. She was just that special. I'm so glad we found each other and belonged together for 15 years. I wish it was longer.Mia McGloinChicago, IllinoisDecember 19, 2016