Pet Memorials
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1/1/2004 - 4/3/2017Maliki, was the love of my life. For 13 years he gave me unconditional love never asking for anything in return except my food of course. I am finding it very difficult to accept that he is no longer here. My only comfort is knowing he is no longer in pain and off on his next adventure happy and free. He began to struggle with arthritis in his back leg 2 years ago. the past few months things began to get very difficult for him. Last week he started to vocalize his pain to me letting me know his time was coming and to be prepared. Of course nothing can ever prepare you for this. After almost a week of him unable to lay down due to the pain, sleepless nights, multiple pain medications that provided him with no comfort on our final day we were referred to a specialist to have an MRI done. The Veterinarian did an exam on him and informed me that he has some neurological damage most likely a brain tumor that was causing the whole left side of his body to no longer function properly. Proceeding with any further treatment at this point would have been selfish on my part.
On our way home we stopped at the beach, Maliki LOVED the beach. We cooked him a steak and took a walk to the park in our last hours together. He laid down on the grass , right in the sun; sun bathing with a big smile like he always did. When we got back home he came to me and laid on me for 30 mins before Dr. Jade arrived with no crying,he was calm and relaxed. He never left that position, I held him till the end.
Maliki showed people the truth about pitbulls. He was the sweetest soul and knew no stranger. He gave love to everyone and all other pets he ever met. His sister is a 7 pound Shih Tzu who will miss bossing him around but most of all running and playing with her brother. Though I feel this is one of those heartbreaks in life that will never be healed the memories, happiness and bond we had is something I smile about and will forever cherish.
Thank you to Lap of Love for providing this in home service and making the transition as easy as possible.
RIP Matty, mom will forever love you!
kandice actonclearwater, FloridaApril 5, 2017
11/25/2005 - 3/24/2017What an honor to have a dog like Bernie.He would lay down on call and let you do anything including brush his teeth.All you did was call,here he came,not a bit of hesitation.He had so much love and trust in his heart .He even did treadmill walks.He was my walking partner for almost 12 years ,rain ,snow ,he never wanted to stay home when I went out.He loved kids and everybody he met.I miss him so much .He was a blessing on 4 legs and my best friend.Words cannot describe his loyalty and love.Ed UznanskiSt Augustine, FloridaApril 5, 2017
7/13/2003 - 4/3/2017To the most handsome puppy and friend,

Thank you for being our puppy for 14 years. We will miss your wet kisses, bad breath, and ceaseless appetite for challah. From Rover's to Pepcid to a good ol' belly rub, your excitement for the little things in life will be a model for us all. Although you never quite figured out how to return the ball in a game of fetch, we will miss your endless eager energy for games of all sorts. You were the king at catching Daddy in games of tag, and you were always there when we needed help finishing our food.

Thank you for always greeting us with a bark and a lick.

We love you and will miss you, sweet pup.

Mommy, Daddy, Aaron, Sophie, and Jonah
Jonah RoseBoca Raton, FloridaApril 4, 2017
Paris Violet Jones
10/22/2004 - 3/30/2017Paris Violet Jones
There is truly something missing in our home. We truly feel it and I know it will take time before things feel right. Our hearts are heavy which will take time to mend. Some say it's just "a pet", but we know you were so much more. You brought laughter to our home and richness in our lives. You'll live for always in our hearts my sweet girl, Paris. Now rest and will see you in our dreams. Thank you for loving us. If LOVE alone could have kept you here, you would had lived FOREVER. #Parishasherwings #lapoflove
Keli JonesAtlanta, GeorgiaApril 3, 2017
6/15/2004 - 3/11/2017Ivy was my friend's new puppy when I met her. Four years later, Ivy was Joining my family. All of our pets choose their favorite human, and Ivy chose my husband like all of our of pets. It has been three weeks since she has been gone, and he still can't speak about her without sobbing. We had amazing connections with her because German Shepherds are brilliant . Our Doxies are smart, but Ivy was a brainiac.

Ivy thought we were the slow learners. It took her two years to teach me to turn off the heater thermostat when she slept with us inside the house. She often would give up and ask to be let outside, until one day the lightbulb went on and I felt like a fool for not getting the message sooner. We bought long underwear for the winter and heavier blankets so she could sleep inside with us. She knew I got it, and that was amazing to have her ask to have the thermostat turned down so she could stay inside with us.

Ivy had lots of brilliant moves like that. We loved trying to decipher her messages. She had amazing eye sight, hearing, sensitivity, and mental awareness until her final exhale. I want to be grateful that only her body failed her in the end, but it made it very hard, even that last day when she was too weak to raise herself up onto her elbows to eat. She was still mentally alert, asked for ice cream and to be taken on a potty break (for which we carried her onto the grass and held her in the squat position that last day).

Ivy had the German Shepherd regal quality in her whole being. She let the doxies rule the roost, but she let me know that it was still her preference to be the alpha, so she teased them by blocking their path every now and again. Her bark was like music, melodic. Her communication was prolific. I miss the sounds of her trying to tell me the doxies went out, or that snacks or dinner were due.

Ivy played lots of variations of ball games with her red Kong ball. She took that ball from one of the doxies and kept it as her own.

There is so much more to tell, but Ivy was our love, and she left us with many fond memories we hope bring us smiles when we think of her.
Angie WrightFountain Valley, CaliforniaApril 3, 2017
1/22/2013 - 3/31/2017My little buddy Oscar you had to be taken way to soon. I had no idea how much it would hurt to lose you. You were an important part of my pack. You can never be replaced. Your sister Olive misses you real bad but don't worry I'll take good care of her the way you always did. I love you lil Bubba and I miss you. Till we meet again. YOUR dad.Mickey SwaffordSmyrna, TennesseeApril 2, 2017
4/4/2004 - 3/30/2017Beans, it was your time and it was so hard to let you go. But I will remember you as my bright red boy who loved to run and jump and tried ever so hard, until those last days, to catch a squirrel and not as you were these last few days.

I will miss trying to get the sap out of your fur. I will always remember you spitting treats back out at me when I tried to train you to sit and lay down. You did it because I asked, but you weren't happy about it. You were stubborn. You were me. You opened the cupboards jumped and grabbed an unopened bag of wasabi peas. What dog eats a whole bag of wasabi peas? You hated rain and refused to get your paws wet, but loved snow. You pretended you needed to go outside just so you could lounge in the sun. I could not have loved you more.

Now you are free to once again be a part of nature. May some part of you catch the wind and fly with the birds you chased off our lawn. Let some of you run with the river water you tried to rescue us from. Become part of the soil that the mushrooms you occasionally ate (much to our chagrin) grow from and feed other animals and forms of life. Nestle yourself among the leaves of the trees the squirrels climb and get the best of them.

Be a part of all things. Be all around. The only place you are confined to is our hearts and memories.
Sabrina GundersonBellevue, WashingtonMarch 31, 2017
5/8/2006Rocky, we miss you so much. You were a special gift from God to our family. I am so sorry you got so sick. But now you are a precious angel . Mommy loves her baby boy. I hope you are smiling, rolling in wonderful scents, and running and having fun until we see you again. You will be the regal one waiting for us, then running to us!!! Xoxoxo mommyHeidi JorgensonMount Prospect, IllinoisMarch 31, 2017
7/3/2003 - 3/29/2017My dearest Copper I can't believe you are not here with us anymore. I cried myself to sleep last night when I didn't feel you at my feet as I have done so for the past eight and half years. The house was too quiet today when I got up. I stood in the kitchen and cried so hard knowing that I wasn't going to be feeding you your breakfast along with your fur brothers. I stared at your bowl with such sadness and pain. I broke down. My heart is so heavy, I never thought I would lose you so quickly after your cancer diagnosis. We fought the horrible disease for eight weeks but we lost every battle until you couldn't fight anyone. The pain in my heart and in my whole body is immeasurable dear boy. Im aching to have you back. The house is too quiet without you and I can feel the quiet through my whole body. You brought such happiness and comfort to my life and our home. You my dear Copper, made me whole. Thank you for your unconditional love that you gave me for our time too short time together. I will always love you.Lisa SavinoRonkonkoma, New YorkMarch 31, 2017
3/20/2017Our buddy Cabo was with us for 16 plus years, he was family and we only could ask for the best for him in all situations. He was getting very weak and couldn't keep his balance anymore. We syringe water and hand fed him for three months. When it came to letting him go to his next adventure i couldn't have done it without Dr. Anne, she was compassionate and kind and very patient with us . It was a beautiful day, out under our tree. Cabo spent time there with us, then walked right up to Dr. Anne and spent a few moments greeting her then came back to me with approval i guess. He passed quietly and peacefully in his own yard. I would have paid triple the cost for this opportunity to have him rest in peace in his home. My heart hurts for those little feet to track across our house, but i have no regrets. Thank you for making that day bearable . I will always be grateful .Joyce WolanOrlando, FloridaMarch 30, 2017