Pet Memorials
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12/5/2016I am so heartbroken without you my darling Shaddie. Thankyou for always sharing "your" hotdog with me at the horse shows you accompanied me too. I will never stop loving you and pray I will see you again. My life is so sad without you here. You were the best dog and friend anyone could ever hope to have. When we adopted you, it was us that you rescued.Lynn BatesSpeedway, IndianaDecember 7, 2016
12/5/2016Just wanted to acknowledge the service Lap of Love and Dr Lauren in ATL did for us. We got a fatal diagnosis from SweetPea's Vet so I changed Doctors to Lap of Love. After an in-home evaluation we decided hospice was best and the cat lived another 1.5 years on renal food. No invasive anything. Dr Lauren emailed and phoned to check in and we had one other house visit. We were waiting for the cat to give us a sign and she did. Dr Lauren was out in 2 hours and did everything we had already been prepared for through her counsel. She died with us at home in the place she chose. It's never easy as everyone on this site knows but we are so grateful to have the in home care we needed.Bill GilmoreAtlanta, GeorgiaDecember 6, 2016
12/5/2001 - 11/27/2016RUDI was our baby, stinker butt and best friend for almost 15 years!! We had many affectionate names for him and have many wonderful memories......he was "King Rudi" and he always made us smile....we still love him and will always miss him! Thank you Rudi for bringing us joy and making us laugh...... you were my little baby boy, Rudi patootie, fuzzy butt, poo poo face, but most of all my little buddy!! We were blessed to have you and Sonny! Rest peacefully! Love and miss you!Barbara KraftWashington, MichiganDecember 6, 2016
1/1/2004 - 8/12/2016"Ask the animals and they will teach His hand is the soul of every living thing" Job Ch12 ver 7,10Tom RandallLakeland, FloridaDecember 6, 2016
12/3/2016I just want to say what a meaningful gathering we had at our home, and how thankful I am to Lap of Love and Dr. Laura. Our Elliot was made comfortable, and we had plenty time to share memories, laugh & cry. I will miss my Elliot, but memories of him will always be in my heart.Cheryl WalkerLivonia, MichiganDecember 5, 2016
8/10/2006 - 12/3/2016We fell in love with Mia the moment we laid eyes on her. She was being fostered by family members who also owned a vizsla, and they knew she would be the perfect pet for us. She joined our family just before she turned 2, and lived 8 wonderful, love-filled years with us.

Whether she was chasing squirrels or sneaking scraps of food in the kitchen, she was always nearby, "velcroed" to us. Mia loved visiting family, especially at Rocky Creek Ranch in Statesville, NC, where she shared many fun hours of exploration with her "cousin" dogs, Diego and Aida.

Our hearts break now as we try to adjust to life without her sweet face and happy paws tapping across our wood floors. Our house is very quiet without her here. It will take a long time to adjust to not seeing or hearing her every day. Mia will live eternally in our hearts, memories and dreams each night as we lay down to sleep.
Beth ShuggApex, North CarolinaDecember 5, 2016
1/2/2000 - 10/17/2016In loving memory of my sweet Elsie, the heart of my life. Joyful, loving, and fiercely loyal, my snuggle buddy. I miss you so.Deborah ShieldsOrlando, FloridaDecember 4, 2016
12/2/2016We will miss you forever
Lynch passed away at home after being 15 yrs with us
It was our last pet, before we had kids
Friendly and faithful cat during her full life
Javier FuxmanPembroke Pines, FloridaDecember 4, 2016
Jack Altfeld
12/1/2016My sweet Jacky Boy, Jack in the Box, Baby Love, Jackson Pollack- Jack. He was my protector, my best friend, my everything you could ask for in a kitty. He was 14 years old and 2 weeks into a cancer diagnosis. I opted for palliative care for him and did my best to keep him happy and comfortable. He was made a special outdoor deck so he could enjoy real sunshine and air for the first time as an indoor kitty. If he had a personals ad it would read:
Likes: String cheese, chewing electrical cords, boxes, Petromalt and Mom's singing.
Dislikes: Loud noises, being kept from eating paper scraps on the floor, car rides and vet visits.

Jack would faithfully greet me at the door every time I came home. I could put a box on the floor in any room and keep him contained. He hated to be away from me, meowing as a Siamese does, to get my attention. He was the sweetest most gentle cat. I miss him immensely.

I am so very grateful to Jack for bringing Dr. Jessica Spitzer into my life; She is an amazing human being and so incredibly thoughtful and caring.

I had an incredible last hour with Jack before his vet arrived, we got to have cuddles and he enjoyed licking his favorite lavender lotion off of my hands. Jack left me as he lay in my lap, snoring from the first shot and being so incredibly relaxed. My heart felt lighter to see him finally at peace and relaxed snoring in my arms.
Mika AltfeldVentura, CaliforniaDecember 4, 2016
12/15/2001 - 12/2/2016Yesterday (December 2nd), as she basked in the sun for her last time, we said goodbye to our little girl, Shadow. December 15th, she would have been 15 years. Shadow lived a long life and gave more joy to our life than she will ever know. We love you Shadow and will miss you terribly.Jennifer & Christopher LotakisWeddington, North CarolinaDecember 3, 2016