Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/23/1998 - 6/12/2014Phoebe taught me more than I taught her – most importantly how to love unconditionally. We loved her deeply and she will be missed but always in our hearts.Kevin HughesFt. Lauderdale, FloridaJune 15, 2014
3/15/1998 - 6/13/2014A wonderful pet and also a true friend for sixteen years.... we'll miss you much, CamperMichael SulickWake Forest, North CarolinaJune 14, 2014
6/15/1997 - 5/5/2010I have no idea how or why you died. I woke up one morning to find you lying lifeless in the middle of the garden, next to a broken plant pot. There was no blood and no wounds. Mum wouldn't let me hold you properly because she said we couldn't be sure what had killed her. We took you out to the country and buried you in grandma's big, over-grown garden, next to Tiggy and Albert mouse, and the other pets that dad grew up with. I thought you'd be happy there as your ghost could adventure in endless nature and countryside, and grandma who likes to do her gardening would look after the tree that grows by you all. You grew up with me and I never got to say goodbye, or even hold you after your death. I can remember waking early in the morning when I was small, picking up you and your brother under each arm and taking you downstairs to play. We were both so tiny at the time you seemed like fully-grown cats to me. I can remember being about 4 or 5, eating breakfast at the table, feeling my toes being tickled and looking down to find you two nibbling at them playfully. You were always there for me when I was upset, and you were always so happy to see me. I had a bond with you like you were my little sister. It still tears me up inside picturing you laying alone in the cold and dark as you slipped away. I don't know if you were in pain or if you even knew what was happening. I wish to god I could have been there with you, and I hope in your last moments you knew just how much i loved you, and how much I will always love you, and I hope it was comforting to you. I'm sorry for any mistakes I made in looking after you, I don't know if your death was down to something I did wrong. I keep having dreams where you come back to me and I feel so much relief and joy, until I wake up. I miss you so much and I don't think I realized just how stressful life was until you died, because you were such a source of comfort and joy when I had you nudging me and playing all kitty-ish with my hair at the end of each day. I will never, ever forget you for as long as I live. You will always hold such a special place in my heart, my pea-pod will always have an empty space that will forever have your name. Goodbye my little scatter-brained fuzzball, sleep tight.Boston, MassachusettsJune 11, 2014
Magic Clyde
10/31/2002 - 6/7/2014Written by Cynda Clyde, Magic's bestest friend:
Magic is Love-
A willing and cheerful companion for all and always. Judgement free and delightful of heart.
A sweetness at his core no human could match giving hope that goodness exists and persists.
Expressing itself most fully, in kisses to hand, face, neck by a long pink tongue of affection unleashed.
He sleeps, he begs, with eyes so rich, so bright, a "Real Boy" to his pack members.
Paws splayed, chin on floor, you know you shouldn't, but you give him one biscuit more.
The Biblical truth lives in our Magic- Love is patient, Love is kind, loyal, and ever hopeful. And most importantly, Love never dies.
A joyous walk, an exuberant greeting for strangers and friends, he meets life with life.
And, as we love,we do the same.
Sally and Bill ClydeMedia, PennsylvaniaJune 11, 2014
5/13/1998 - 6/8/2014Beautiful Kisses you are missed beyond words. You were a fighter right to the end. Our hearts ache for just one more kiss and hug. You really were a very special doggie, loved by everyone who knew you. We will cherish the beautiful memories of you and hope that one day we will all be together again. Sleep well baby girl, our hearts are broken xxxxxMichelle & Beth MagidDelray Beach, FloridaJune 10, 2014
Seiko "The Watch Dog"
12/25/2014 - 6/1/2014Seiko, I was lucky enough to be your "surrogate" when mama went to work, and I cuddled you and loved you like my own. I'm also the only person you never bit (thank you)! The house is so quiet without your chappy little bark, your grumpy growl, or the curl of the lip when I gave you the finger. I miss pointing at you and pissing you off. I no longer have to guard ankles as you come sliding across the floor hoping to get one little nip. As much as you were such a little jerk, I miss that the most. You gave your mama 11 of the happiest years and she is missing you so much. Madison Ave. is feeling very lonely not having you here to try for a little nookie every day. You were truly one of the most beautiful mean dogs ever! I hope I did right by you keeping you comfortable and whispering words of love until your mama got home. I know you waited for her, and that was the best gift she could have ever gotten. I love and miss you Mr. Man. Enjoy your rest.Jennifer WheatonConcord, CaliforniaJune 10, 2014
Lucky Pechan
1/4/2003 - 6/4/2014Lucky, our Love Child, God sent you to us. We loved you from the moment we laid eyes on you. We were so proud when you began to walk on 3 legs after your accident. We miss your howling to tell us that the phone rang, your clearly saying 'Good Morning' to wake us , your talking Dad out of some ice cream or bread, your many hikes with us either in or out of your stroller, your quietly giving advice when it is needed, your 'Welcome Home' greeting, your friendship with April when she suffered from cancer and the constant love, compassion and companionship you gave us over the 10 wonderful years we had with you. Rest in Peace Luckins! We look forward to your visits. We will see you soon.Susan/Willy PechanRiverside, CaliforniaJune 8, 2014
Henry Royale
4/1/1998 - 6/6/2014There has never been nor will there ever be another cat like you. We were honored and privileged to share our lives and love with you for one day shy of 16 years. We will love you forever.Audrey KimballYucca Valley, CaliforniaJune 8, 2014
6/3/2006 - 6/6/2014Rhett, You will live in my heart forever.Claire RobinsonGulport, FloridaJune 7, 2014
11/28/2000 - 6/3/2014I miss you so bad,I still shed tears for you,I know your in a good place now free of pain,I will see you again I love more than you ever knewDonald CondoUpper Darby, PennsylvaniaJune 7, 2014