Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Curley Rice-lapensee
3/21/2003 - 6/25/2016Curley
We were so lucky to have Curley come live with us when he was only 6 weeks old. He loved romping in the snow and chasing around the outside of the house and especially around the deck of the pool when our other dog Achilles would swim in the pool without him. Eventually he would go in and chase the tennis ball and bring it back to us. Whenever someone came to the door, he would grab a shoe or anything else convenient that he could fit in his mouth and walk around with it as if he were going to give it as a gift to the visitor, but in the end he would never relinquish it. It was just his way of saying welcome to our home.
He never objected to our bringing another dog into the family when he was about 2 years old or when others would come with their dogs to visit. He had just such a gentle and accepting personality.
His favorite spot was to curl up on the barrel chair while we sat nearby to watch TV at night. As he got older, he would lie at the foot of the stairs and watch out the front door to bark if anyone came near the house.
When he got diagnosed with osteosarcoma, we had to amputate his right front leg. He never complained and he kept moving around energetically as if he still had four legs. We were so sad when the cancer finally caught up with him in spite of the chemo treatments and he quickly became paralyzed from the back to the front. He was put to sleep in our arms in a painless and peaceful way.
He will always be a part of our family. We miss you so much Curley.
Marti RiceFairfax, VirginiaJune 29, 2016
11/2/2003 - 6/24/2016IT is very difficult for us at this time, we are missing our boy very much. We hope he is at peace and running through God's fields and jumping off his dock into his lakes.Joyce StoutenbergMaple Valley, WashingtonJune 29, 2016
1/1/2000 - 6/28/2016We had 16 happy years with Quixote. He was a rambunctious spit fire of a kitty. He almost never wanted anything to do with the other cats and he was mostly independent. At about 10 or 11 years old I noticed he became much more affectionate. If Jon and I were on the couch, he wanted to be in between us. He loved being brushed especially on the sides of this face. He was playful and loved food... a little too much. He was sweet, funny and a playful companion. He loved to lick a bit of butter off of the tile as a treat. He enjoyed the backyard. He loved napping in the bushes or laying near the pool. He was spunky up until a few weeks before he passed. I will remember him forever and keep his love in my heart until the end of time. There was only one Quixote and my life was better because of it. Thank you, sweet boy, for letting me be your human.Dar BellisSimi Valley, CaliforniaJune 29, 2016
10/1/2002 - 6/20/2016Our sweet baby Codi was a beautiful Siberian Husky of 14 years. She always kept the home full of fun and laughs. Every day when I returned home from teaching school, Codi knew what time to be at the door to greet me. I would grace her with an after school homemade dog cookie. Codi would sit in front of the oven waiting for the new batch to be done and ready to eat. She would enjoy other favorites like bananas, strawberries,watermelon and fresh raw string beans. Needless to say,she loved to eat her fruits and veggies. One time when she was about 2 years old, she stole a half of cantaloupe from the kitchen counter. We never got upset,we just laughed, "Oh, Codi!",we would say with a chuckle. During the holidays, as soon as the Christmas tree went up, Codi would lay under it waiting for Santa Claus. She was allowed a candy cane. She loved mint! Each night at 9 pm sharp, she and her mama, Cuda, would go into my bedroom to curl up in their beds. It was time for bed. Codi would never leave my side. She loved playing in mom's sock pile or in my laundry basket. Never a chew; just cuddling and acting silly with her rollie-pollie body. Her paws were as big as my hands. She knew how to use them when she wanted something. Codi was also an expert bug hunter. To this day I still don't understand how she found them, but she did. She would take care of business for us then sit back until we discarded the hunted. Never needed an alarm clock, 7 am like clockwork. Codi and her mama howled. When the house was awake, they went back to sleep.
Codi, we will miss you and as I've always whispered to you every night, "I'll love you forever." Wherever we go, you will always be with us. We will never leave you. You will always be our "sweet baby". I love you.
Dawn PantkeSorrento, FloridaJune 29, 2016
1/17/2000 - 6/29/2016Shelby, your gone but never forgotten, you've been my best pal since I was a little boy. You watched me grow from a child into a man and you were with me every step of the way. There's nothing in this world that could replace you. You had a beautiful soul and a wonderful smile. "Dogs may only be a small part of your life. But to them, you are their entire life."Jordan BlairForks, WashingtonJune 29, 2016
1/2/2003 - 6/26/2016Ziggy was our little terror in a good way. She was the runt of the first litter our first dog had. She grew to 12 pounds of neurotic tendencies. We loved every one of them. From her having to be the first dog to run outside or she'd flip out, the first to notify us if someone walked by the house, or to let the other dogs know they were having to much fun so we coined her the "fun police." I would text my husband during the day about her antics and my auto correct always changed her name to Soggy, it was cute it became her new nickname.Anlea KittingerClearwater, FloridaJune 28, 2016
11/1/2007 - 6/24/2016Lani truly was the heart of our home. She was only 8½ when she left us, so those of you who’ve had your dogs for 12 or more years, well, we are envious.

A true retriever, she would present us with a ball or a stuffed toy (one time it was a sock!) upon entering the house. When anyone else entered the house, she would bark a few times (tail wagging) and that was her “Hello”.

Things we will miss about our Lani Girl:
 her soft, white coat
 those silky, smooth ears
 her loving eyes and polite manner
 that overwhelming happiness you felt when she greeted you at the door
 the Mohawk on her back when she was protecting us
 her tilted head when asked, “Do you want . . . ?”
 the nudge of her nose to your elbow when you had a fork full of food
 her hot breath on your leg when she was under the dining room table
 her musical tail
 taking her to Grandma & Grandpa’s house
 going to the dog beach and Bass Lake
 bath time
 kissing her head 10 times
 scratching under her chin and watching her back leg pedal
 crazy dog running around the house
 watching her jump into the pool to retrieve her tennis ball (over and over and over . . .)
 car-car rides with the top down and her ears waiving in the wind
 cuddling with her in our bed
 listening to her drink her water
 listening to her eat kettle chips
 watching her dream
 those 4 am “Please feed me now” conversations
 Fritos-scented paws
 that crinkled nose when giving her bones
 Lani hair E V E R Y W H E R E !

Our home will never be the same without you, sweet Lani. We are sending you our love and happy memories of our time together.

Aloha, beautiful pup!
Patrick and Margie WalshAnaheim, CaliforniaJune 28, 2016
7/4/2007 - 6/26/2016Sam and his sister, Jenny, were inseparable as puppies. Jenny stuck by his side through his puppy heart surgery and they often slept next to each other, with Sam's paws on Jenny's neck, holding her in place. They explored the woods together and loved taking walks. Whenever someone petted Jenny, Sam would nudge them out of the way so he would get all the attention. My daughter, Megan, called Sam her dragon, and when she watched scary movies on TV, she would bring him into her room and onto her bed to cuddle. When I sprained my ankle at 4am last April, I was outside with Sam at the time. He let me lean on his neck as I hobbled back into the house. My son, Connor, also loved him, as did my husband, Walter. He was funny, naughty, sly, and sweet. His big topaz yellow eyes were always so warm and playful, and he loved getting away with his tricks. His downturn came suddenly and without warning. He went from running around the woods one week to suddenly hobbling around. We thought it was arthritis, but the new meds didn't make a difference. The days quickly passed with each one showing him getting worse. The last two days of his life, he was unable to stand, and if supported, would immediately collapse. He was unable to run around and play with his sister the way he used to, and that was the saddest part. We don't believe in allowing pets to linger in their suffering for our own human purposes of companionship and not wanting to let them go, so we called Lap of Love. Sam spent his last day eating cheese and being petted so much he was probably irritated by all the attention. His sister was close by, and he knew he was loved when he took his final breath and received his angel wings.Anna SmallHudson, FloridaJune 28, 2016
12/25/2004 - 6/25/2016Layla was born on Christmas Day in 2004 and we adopted her at about 9 months. We got almost 12 years of unconditional love and companionship from her.

Our Layla had a goofy smile and attitude, she loved her chest rubbed and would sit in front of you and lick your arm the whole time and you were not allowed to stop until she said so. Another treat was getting to lick out my cup after I finished my Starbucks mocha, she would sit there and stomp her feet until you gave her the cup. We had a running joke that she had bionic hearing and that she could hear a cricket fart three houses away.

Things went downhill very fast and when she was unable to walk, we knew it was time. I am so grateful for Dr. Dana and the compassion she showed Layla allowing her to pass peacefully in her own home in her room.

We will miss her terribly, as will her best doggy friend Jinx. Layla I hope doggy heaven is filled with huge water dishes, mocha cups, and lots of dog treats with peanut butter. We love you and miss you and you are forever in our hearts, until we will meet again.

Mom, Doug, and your furry buds Jinx, Gizmo, Fiona, and Sunny
Doug MorganClayton, North CarolinaJune 28, 2016
1/15/2000 - 6/20/2016On 6/20/16 my beloved Geronimo(nickname "love") left his broken down and non mobil body with the gentle help of Dr. Steven Schultz ..... to enter into a loving....peaceful.... joyful from all pain and suffering......

Geronimo now once again is able to feel the wind on his face.....and breath in the fresh air as he runs through grassy pastures and along dirt paths winding through treed/ wooded areas ....and through snow covered lands.....feeling the different surfaces on his paws. Running with great zest and pure happiness ....a spirit....loving this freedom!!!

He once again....runs with joyful excitment....down ravines.... into creek beds to drink and stand in fresh filled water streams....he looks up to watch the birds, a dragonfly or butterfly and listens to all the sounds of everything living.

He lovingly greets with great joy....all his people and furry friends he knew and loved in this life....that are now with him in this loving, peaceful, happy, and forever joyful realm. One day.... he knows....he will also greet me this beautiful next realm.....
until then....
Geronimo will be forever missed and always in my heart. I will cherish and never forget all our memories we made.

I thank the universe for the gift of allowing me to meet and love Geronimo, for the time we had together here.

I also thank the universe for leading me to Dr. Steven Schultz and allowing me with great love and intent, to let Geronimo go.....

Dr. Shultz you are blessed with the gift of compassion and may you always feel love in your heart.

Thankyou again Dr. Schultz for your patience, support, kindness, and loving are admirable and I truely respect you ....and all that you do.

Thank you again Dr. Schultz
Kelly Horton
Kelly HortonHamburg, New YorkJune 27, 2016