Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
10/8/1997 - 10/9/2014Simon came to us as an abandoned puppy, left to roam and fend for his self on our neighborhood street. It was love at first sight. I nicked named him Boy and Love Dog, because he was so loving and gentle. He would have the habit of running up behind us and sticking his head between our legs and just stand there. Simon was a very good Boy. Goodbye our Love Dog.Guy BouckMontclair, CaliforniaNovember 6, 2014
Savannah Carrillo
4/19/2003 - 11/4/2014Savannah Carrillo, our sweet angel passed Tuesday, November 4th at 5:pm at 11 1/2 years old. She was a yellow lab with the most beautiful heart and deep loving eyes. We were together since she was 8 weeks old and from the moment she came into our lives we were forever changed. Savannah was my 30th birthday present from my parents shortly after suffering from the tragic loss of my brother Paul. I remember being so sad before she entered my world and she became my healer, my best friend, companion and reason for getting up every morning. She made me smile just thinking about her and always will. When Savannah was 3 I met my husband Anthony and he developed a love and bond with her that was so strong. He loved her as much as she loved him. Savannah you will always be remembered and we will forever be grateful for all the love and happiness you brought into our lives. Savannah leaves behind a 7 year old brother Bruno who misses her tremendously, her Mimi and Poppy who helped raise her and loved her like their own, uncle Rob & aunt Katie, uncle Gary, and Mom C who never got to meet her but loved hearing all the stories and looking at the pictures we brought her in her nursing home in Washington state each Christmas. Savannah you will forever live on in our hearts and we will one day be together again. Your uncle Paul will take good care of you until then and he will love and adore you! We love you my angel and thank you for making such a difference in our world. You saved me and I will be forever grateful for your unconditional love and loyalty. We had a good life together and will cherish all the memories forever. You will live on in our hearts forever.Becky & Anthony CarrilloRiverview, FloridaNovember 6, 2014
Hanna Phoebe
8/30/2002 - 10/15/2014Hanna Phoebe, a beautiful red sable Swedish Vallhund, literally "flew" into my life shortly before Thanksgiving, at around 10 weeks old. I picked her up at Reagan AP after her trip from Charlevoix. I knew when Thanksgiving arrived, she was the main reason for my joy and gratitude! That gratitude continued for 12 years, until Hanna's too-big heart became to much for her. Her passing on 15 October 2014 was peaceful, thanks to Lap of Love. Hanna heard my voice and felt my touch, and at last, breathed calmly after days of rapid, shallow breathing and coughing, and several sleepless nights, before she left this life. Hanna my life is emptier without you, but better for having you be such a big part of it. I miss you deeply.Kathleen JamesCenter Line, MichiganNovember 5, 2014
5/15/1994 - 11/3/2014I rescued her one day when I was following a truck and someone threw her out the window at a speed of 50 miles an hour. Shortly after, I saw what looked like tennis balls flying out the window. They were kittens. I'll never forget the terrified look in her eyes. The kittens grew strong and I found loving wonderful homes for them all. Cammie was part of our life for 20 years. She became my mom's cat, but mom died in 2008 and I could not part with Cammie. I loved her like the child I never had. She slept with me every night. I miss her so much already. RIP my Cammie and I know you are in the lap of my mom again.Suzanne DavisLand O' Lakes, FloridaNovember 4, 2014
7/4/2011 - 10/27/2014Sam, you have been gone a week now and I miss you so much. I miss you greeting me when I come home for from work. I still hear you during the night scratching on the wall and I hear you knocking on the door. You brought me so much joy over the years. I miss you begging for food and following by my side every move I make. You were my "Once in a lifetime" dog. You were such a beautiful, smart and sweet boy. I will never forget you and one day I will join you at the rainbow bridge in Heaven. Then we will never be separated again. Until then my sweet boy I will think of you every day.Vickie GregoryThomasville, North CarolinaNovember 4, 2014
7/2/1998 - 10/29/2014I will always remember you my little girlfriend! Teaser, you were such an amazing cat. You will always be on my heart. You were so special and our connection with each other was special too. As much as I love all my cats, you were unique and you meowed to the beat of your own drummer. You are missed very much! Both Linus and Belle ( believe it or not) are missing you too.
As difficult as it was to let you go, I know it was time for you to join your sister, "Puddin" at the Rainbow Bridge. She has been waiting a long time.I will think of you everyday, little girl.
Karen OlsonHerndon, VirginiaNovember 3, 2014
7/21/2004 - 10/29/2014"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us." Helen Keller
Otto was a part of our lives in the deepest and truest sense. He was not only a wonderful companion and calming presence in our home, but he was a member of our family. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, making me laugh, teaching me to love, and for being there for me during some very challenging times. You are in my heart always.
Chicago, IllinoisNovember 3, 2014
9/1/1998 - 11/1/2014Tabitha Mattingly, a soulful, talkative, polydactile, Calico cat born in 1998 died yesterday. She survived early separation from her birth-mother, before she was completely weened, two mostly-emotionally-detached adopted sister cats, and a severe attack of pancreatitis, from which she made a total comeback. She was, in every way, a fighter. She was also a lover; she made our house a happy, loving. serene, and vital place her entire life.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma 3 months ago, and she fought very hard to stay with her mommy and me, but unfortunately her will to stay alive couldn't beat the cancer that ultimately killed her.

My wife Laura (her mommy) and I (her daddy) are struggling with her disappearance from our lives. Everyday she was with us, from her early childhood, through her adolescence and adulthood, and even In the days leading up to her death, she was a living being with a tremendous soul and an important part of our lives. Then, she was just gone. I mean gone like how it's dark in a room after you switch off the light.
John MattinglyRaleigh, North CarolinaNovember 3, 2014
12/1/2010 - 11/1/2014We were very blessed to have our Lil'Dawg in our lives. Even though it was for such a short time, he gave us so much love and joy. We are so saddened that his life had to end so soon, but so relieved that he is at peace and not suffering. I love you my baby boy.
Forever in our Hearts,
'Kitty Kat' and 'Big Dawg'
Kathi KeetonAltamonte Springs, FloridaNovember 2, 2014
11/1/2014Sage was my companion for the last 16 years. He was the coolest cat I've known with so much personality. I will miss him dearly and will forever hold a special place for him in my heart. He touched my family so much with his loving and sweet personality. KjellgrenAtlanta, GeorgiaNovember 2, 2014