Pet Memorials
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10/15/2001 - 4/1/2016Simba brought smiles to everyone’s face, He was a big part of our daily life for 14 ½ years. He walked with one of us or both almost everyday. He was the Best companion with his unconditional love. He was so furry and loveable. We loved him to the moon and back. We miss you dearly.
Larry & Carolyn ColeHendersonville, TennesseeApril 25, 2016
6/1/2002 - 4/10/2016Domino, I hope you have found Rummy and gave his ears a good cleaning. I know he has bee waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. We await to be reunited with you.Becky BennettTampa, FloridaApril 24, 2016
6/1/2002 - 4/10/2016Domino, I hope you have found Rummy and gave his ears a good cleaning. I know he has bee waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. We await to be reunited with you.Becky BennettTampa, FloridaApril 24, 2016
10/28/2005 - 12/15/2015My Keerah was being given away by her owner. I always wanted a French Mastiff. I couldn't see paying thousands, I just happened to see the ad on Craigslist. No picture. 3 hour drive. I felt it in my soul that I needed to go get her, she wasn't fixed and I just knew someone would grab her and breed her to death. It was love at first sight. The lady said she was 2 years old. Once their vet faxed my vet her records, 3 days after bringing her home, I found out she was almost 5. I cried, knowing this breed has an average life span of 5-6 years. I loved her so much already and couldn't fathom losing her so soon! She loved everyone and everything. We fostered hundreds of animals, kittens, cats, dogs, puppies, baby ducks, you name it. She cared for them all and loved them. She never met a living soul she didn't love and everyone who met her fell in love with her as well. She was my best friend. We were lucky. She made it to her 10th birthday on 10/28/2015. We found out she had bone cancer on 12/2/2015. I was told she had 3 weeks max. We helped her cross the rainbow bridge on 12/15/2015. Her body was too weak, she was in pain, and I didn't want her to suffer. Dr Annie from Lap of Love came to our home and it was so peaceful and dignified. My heart aches every day. On that day, I ended her pain but mine had just begun...Liz WilsonApopka, FloridaApril 23, 2016
4/21/2016I was thrilled to be able to be the one to save you from the horrid existence that had been the first 4.5 years of your life. After 3.5 years in a shelter and 3 of them made bearable by the fact that you’d found your kitty soul mate, he was adopted and you were again left on your own. The shelter said you were depressed, and when I flew in to scoop you up, I was determined to spoil and pamper you so much that it would go far in making up for the torment and neglect that you had known. I was hopeful that you and Sergei would bond and it would be a house made in kitty heaven. When Sergei refused to accept you, I was distressed. What to do? But God saw that you deserved happiness and made sure I saw a Facebook post that indicated your kitty love had been returned to the shelter and was again available for adoption. Boris came in to our lives and everything improved for all involved. I have no idea why, but even Sergei calmed down and seemed far less agitated when I would spend time upstairs, the area that had become the Boris and Sasha zone. You came out of your shell. You had your joy, your purpose. And in time, you would both shed your fear and let me in to your little love fest. And what a glorious love fest it was (though it was always obvious that I was the third wheel). I felt like I had made headway on giving you the pampered life you deserved.

There are so many things I will remember you for. Your love of fresh running water…at intervals about 10 minutes apart. And that you’d stare at the running water for several minutes, as if assessing whether or not is was good enough to drink. You’d lap delicately for a minute, then you’d jump down off the vanity. Sometimes you’d go nibble at more food. Other times you’d go potty (it was as if the water went through you in seconds). Then you’d return and jump back up and let out your sweet but determined cry for more. I’d turn it on. You’d stare. Then drink. Then jump down. Then return in 10 minutes. And I accommodated every bit of it (though there were a few eye rolls in there). I never forgot that you deserved to be pampered.

I’ll remember your mad love for treats. Even when you were at your sickest and wouldn’t eat a thing, shaking and opening up the treat bag made your ears perk up and your beautiful eyes shine a little. You were my treat monger. And though you only liked crunchy treats and could be as finicky about the treats as you were with wet food, I bought massive varieties of both. That way, if you tired of a certain flavor after 5 days or 5 weeks, there were always options for you to select from. I never forgot that you deserved to be pampered.

I’ll remember how much you enjoyed the domed kitty scratcher. Though there were at least 6 others in the house, that was the one you always went to…several times a day. You’d jump on top, stretch out that beautiful, tiny body and go to town. I’ll look with love at the spot in the sisal that is heavily shredded because you always jumped on facing the same direction (you were a girl of routine). But I bought you additional scratching options, just in case. I never forgot that you deserved to be pampered.

I remember the first time you put your paw on my stomach as I laid on the bed reading. There was hesitancy. I could tell that this hadn’t been received well in your previous life. I, however, was thrilled. I put down my book and invited you up. It took several times of doing this before you finally felt confident enough to actually crawl on to my stomach. Within no time, it was a place you would lay to purr, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled, because I never forgot that you deserved to be pampered.

I’ll remember how many mats you had in that long, baby fine, gorgeous fur of yours when I first got you and how very, very long it was before we got them off of you. I never wanted to hurt you or stress you out, and even the little baby scissors instilled fear at first. Your neck and belly were the last areas of trust and it took soooooo long before I could get to them. But I was patient and took the time to let you get comfortable with what I was doing. Because I never forgot that you deserved to be pampered.

I’ll remember your head-butts of love. Thinking about them makes me smile, despite the pain I feel over your loss right now. Such an odd behavior from such a delicate little thing. And sometimes when you gave Boris the head-butt, he’d swat at you. But I just kissed your head and laughed, because I never forgot that you deserved to be pampered.

And now you’re gone. You were so young, and it came on and ran its course so fast. It was so unexpected. I tried my best throughout the whole process to do what was best for you. What would give you the most joy and the least amount of discomfort. I’m not sure if I made all the right decisions, but they were all made from a place of love. And all I can do now is try to come to terms with it all…and say prayers that inform those in heaven that you should be pampered…because you deserve it.
Tena HermanceRoyal Oak, MichiganApril 22, 2016
1/31/2003 - 4/17/2016Sugar came into our family in March 2003. Oscar and I had lost our Schurlocke & our hearts were broken. Our vet told about a litter of white Schnauzers that had recently been born and suggested we consider a pup to help us mend. We were at the breeder's home within 48 hours. We selected the precious male runt, Schurman, and visited every day until he was weaned. Meanwhile, his sweet little sister would pull on my shoe laces and catch my attention. She resembled Schurman, so I was constantly picking her up and cuddling her, thinking she was him. Often, Oscar would hold Schurman and I would hold Sugar. One evening, we were seated on the breeder's sofa, each with a puppy on our chests. I turned to Oscar and said, "Gary, just say the word. I can imagine us at home every night, each cradling one of these precious creatures." "Ok," Oscar responded, "I say the word. Let's do it!" The breeder was elated, Gary & Oscar were adopting two puppies. The hole in our hearts from losing Schurlocke was so big, two dogs would need to fill them. Oscar first saw and selected Schurman, but Sugar selected me. We brought them home on my birthday. Sugar was named after Marilyn Monroe's character, Sugar Kane, in Some Like It Hot, because my first choice, Shelaine, was too stalker-like since we had a dear friend with the same name. I could hold each puppy in my hands as I used my shoulder to open the pool screen door each time I took them out. We had a trip planned for New Mexico, and my Aunt Priscilla volunteered to babysit. When we left, their faces were flat, but they grew snouts by the time we returned home. We lost Schurman at seven to a congenital kidney disease, & we worried Sugar would be susceptible, but she survived nearly another lifetime. Soon we adopted Schroeder to keep her company. At first, she seemed annoyed by him, but tolerated a companion. Sugar mentored Schroeder into a good boy and groomed and licked him like an older sister. He played and wrestled with her, & kept her young. Sugar loved to stroll around the pool lanai and sleep next to me. She was a barker and needed a thunder shirt to venture out into the world. At home, she was sweet and gentle. When I wrote my book, Sugar often rested on my lap as I typed or at my feet in the office. We loved Sugar tremendously; she was our only girl. Like a little lady, she sat with her front paws crossed. When we were finally legally married in FL, our families gathered in our parlor for the ceremony. Sugar led Schroeder into the room and stood behind Oscar & me. They seemed to know the daddies were doing something special. It was heartbreaking when Sugar was diagnosed with stage four melanoma in the jaw shortly after a healthy senior check-up. It was sudden and aggressive. Sugar was our shining white light; Oscar and I loved her. Our friend Lee bonded with her when she visited, and our mothers, aunt, sisters all gravitated to her soft feminine energy. My dad used to come over and visit her when we were at work. Making this decision was painful, and so was the rapid decline. It was challenging to close her mouth & to chew. The tumor drained incessantly. I started shredding filet mignon and hand feeding her. Sugar slept in our bed every day of her life with exception of when we traveled (then she received VIP princess treatment at Animal Care Center). She remains forever in our hearts as our sweet little girl, sweet as sugar. Rest little momma.Gary & Oscar Vitacco-RoblesTrinity, FloridaApril 21, 2016
4/15/2016We are so grateful to have found you and spend the last 12 wonderful years with you. Your speed to chase a ball was amazing - and I will always remember our special times of playing with Froggie, running around after a bath, and car trips. You were such a gentle dog - full of loyalty and patience, always by my side. I miss you terribly, but I know you are free from pain and can run like the wind now. You will always be in my heart.Kristen BoyeCharlotte, North CarolinaApril 21, 2016
5/15/2002 - 4/19/2016Goodbye, Ryan. I loved you for 14 years, but today I had to let you go. I wish there was more I could have done for you. My heart hurts to think that you won’t be near me anymore – running to the door to greet me, wrapping yourself around my head during the night and purring so loudly that it was sometimes hard to sleep; putting your paw on my face. I’m so glad that I got to spend the last few days of your life with you, and that you got to sit next to the window in the sunshine, listening to the sound of birds chirping and feeling the spring breeze. Most of all, I'm grateful that you got to leave this world in the comfort of your own home- in my lap, one hand cradling you, the other stroking your cheek - without fear or pain. You will be missed by many. I know I'll never forget you. And even though I don’t know where you've gone, I know you aren't suffering anymore, and in my heart I know that it was your time to go.

I hope that maybe we meet again- someday, somehow. I love you so much.
Michele TuckerBuffalo, New YorkApril 20, 2016
8/20/2001 - 4/11/2016Reuben - you have our hearts. We will never be the same, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you my sweet boy. Run like the wind and chase every tennis ball you can find!
Mary MontgomeryMurfreesboro, TennesseeApril 19, 2016
6/12/2002 - 4/18/2016Greatest Dog Ever.Mary DuffyAnnandale VA, VirginiaApril 19, 2016