Pet Memorials
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3/1/1998 - 5/9/2016Peanut was a loving, cuddly, social, sweet, and loving cat. I feel so blessed to have had her in my life for the last 18 years. She slept with me at night, was my alarm clock in the morning and was always in my lap. She always knew when I was down and needed some extra love. She was by my side for the passing of my Grandmother, my eldest brother, my Dad and my Mom and always gave her love unconditionally (but a treat never hurt!). I miss her greeting me in the morning, when I come home from work and cuddling on the couch in the evening for a book, a hockey game or our favorite sitcom. I miss her joy of playing and how she LOVED her brush, but insisted you hold the brush still and she would do the work. She was truly loved and made my life better for the third of my life we shared.Jay SmithRoyal Oak, MichiganMay 10, 2016
8/27/2003 - 4/19/2016In Loving Memory of April Testimonial to Dr. Brad Bates, DVM
8/27/03 – 4/19/16

April, although your golden heart has stopped beating, we will always remember your loving and playful spirit, boundless energy, gentle disposition and wonderfully inquisitive mind. Even as you grew weaker you were still excited to go on long walks at your favorite park, and during your favorite seasons (spring and winter) you so loved to smell the flowers in bloom and to romp through the snow.

On the day that your golden heart stopped beating, God wrapped his arms around you and took you to a place where you will suffer no more pain and where you can run, jump and play and enjoy long walks to your heart’s desire! You were a part of our family for 12 happy years, and we all loved you very much.

The Ribner Family
Philadelphia, PA
May 9, 2016
philadelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 9, 2016
12/3/2004 - 4/3/2016In Loving Memory of Spirit
When my husband, Bill, took me to choose my Christmas puppy from a litter of three, they were two weeks old, eyes barely open and rooting around on floor. I attempted to hold and examine all three pups but one pup would not allow that. She managed to find her way back to me each time I picked up another pup. It was apparent that we chose each other. I named her Spirit.
Spirit was easily trained but like most pups she had a mischievous streak. She liked to run through the house, grab a leaf of a large Peace Lily plant (plant didn't make it). She thought she was a Matador, she would grab the dish towel and swing it in her mouth like she was after a bull, she also liked to grab a fresh roll of toilet paper from toilet paper holder and would then toilet tissue the house. She stayed busy!
Spirit was highly intelligent, after a few days of training, new commands, games and words were instilled in her mind and yes, she knew what 3 of anything was so need to try to stop at 2, it didn't happen
She grew into a beautiful girl, walked with her head high as she knew she was royalty. She loved to walk, play hide and seek and rides in "her" van. She also thought she was a dolphin, I would throw a volleyball in the air, she would jump and hit the ball with her nose to make it fall and chase it around the yard, come back to me and do it again and again. She was very protective and a great judge of character.
She rode on a Christmas float with ladies of The Ms. Senior GA-Carolina Pageant and participated in The Light The Night Walk for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She was a hit with everyone!
When I began to have back problems and couldn't play as much with her we got her a little boxer sister (Cherokee) as her playmate. They bonded quickly and Spirit began to teach Cherokee everything she knew. Cherokee idolized Spirit and followed Spirit's lead on everything.
When Spirit began having seizures and it was evident that she had a brain tumor, Cherokee didn't leave her side. As Spirit began to deteriorate she would follow Cherokee's lead. Borrowing the title from the song, "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", became Cherokee's motto
When the time came to set Spirit free, Lap of Love's Dr. Sunday Cozzi was phenomenal. From the moment she entered our home her presence calmed us. Spirit had a good morning and began giving Dr. Sunday kisses as if she knew that she would soon be set free.
Spirit was the best friend I will ever have, we loved each other unconditionally. She is horribly missed by her family, a void that cannot be filled. I will see her again as she romps and plays and waits for me on Rainbow Bridge
pat schlippgrovetown, GeorgiaMay 9, 2016
8/18/2002 - 5/4/2016Annabelle was not a pet, she was a family member. She was my little girl and just had a special spirit to her. She was a human in the form of the most beautiful blonde little Pomeranian. She was a princess and knew what she wanted, spoke her mind, and always stole the show as well as everyone's heart. Words cannot describe just how amazing she was, and just how much we loved her and how much she loved us back.Cheryl Dwyer BeroTampa, FloridaMay 8, 2016
5/1/2016 - 5/6/2016Big old Pepper went everywhere with my wife Bonnie for the first 8 years of his life. He was a constant companion and protector for her while they lived up in Washington. Then we Bonnie & I reconnected and she moved back to California with Pepper, he became my best pal too. He always had a sense of right and wrong and would try to make sure Bonnie & I were happy. For those last 5 years, he begin sleeping on our big King bed with us and then when he could not jump on the bed, he slept right next to it, sometimes by Bonnie & sometimes by me.

Then in the last 6 months he could not even climb stairs so stayed in our family room with access to the outdoor patio if we kept the door open. We spent many hours watching TV & on computers in the Family Room with our loving dog. But when he stopped eating and drinking last week, we had Dr. Amanda come to our home and put him to sleep in the most professional and caring manner possible. We miss good old Pepper so much and will never forget him. The Family room seems so empty now that he is gone!
Steve ShortOrange, CaliforniaMay 8, 2016
1/31/1993 - 4/28/2016It's been a week since Gus left us behind, and we miss our sweet old sir so much. We miss his loud, happy purr that he seemed to make with his whole body. We miss his funny rounded nose and his pretty blue eyes looking up whenever he saw us, and the way he came over to sit with us as soon as he saw one of us on the sofa. We miss his constant cuddles and how happy he always seemed to be around us. Even at the end, when he was in pain, he seemed to only want to be around us. We miss his long, loping legs and the little section of fur on his tail that always looked disheveled even though he groomed meticulously. We miss his funny creaky meow, and we even miss how he could make it sound so grating if he really wanted our attention. He was very good at telling us what he wanted, or taking us to it if we didn't understand what he was saying--especially when he wanted food. We miss how he would bump his head against ours and purr to show us he loved us. We miss his weight on the bed at night, right between us, and how he would still be there in the mornings, snuggled against one of us. Our home feels so much emptier without him here. Even though he was part of our lives for only five of his long years, we will always be his forever family. He will be in our hearts every day until we see him again.Kristin WallsDurham, North CarolinaMay 6, 2016
4/24/2002 - 4/18/2016It's been two weeks and three days since you left us and I still can't believe you're gone. I come home every day expecting to see your cute face in the window. I miss that so much. I miss your slobbery kisses, our daily walking dates and your goofy antics. I miss having my very own little shadow and sunbathing together in the backyard. I even miss things I never thought I would hogging the bed, your stinky breath and fur literally everywhere. I couldn't vacuum often enough! The house is so quiet and cold without you. We miss our best friend. We talk about you often and we will cherish our memories of you forever.Heather CarthyMission Viejo, CaliforniaMay 5, 2016
8/24/2001 - 5/4/2016Our beloved Gizzmo went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. We miss him terribly. He was such an important part of our family and will leave a hole in all of our hearts. He still had a puppy face even with the gray muzzle and the gray around his eyes. He still gave us kisses and hugs up until the moment he passed. We love you Gizzy, it's never going to be the same without you.Carol PrayLouisburg, North CarolinaMay 5, 2016
4/7/2016Dear Lacey, when we rescued you, those bladder stones were painful! I don't know your history of the previous years, but we gave you our best shot. We nursed you through the operation, and you went from scrawny 45lbs to 70! We had a whole regimen of daily pills and special diet. You were up and chasing squirrels and cats! You got to harmonize when a siren went by on the street. You guarded the house and wore a path to the gate. We had wonderful walks through the neighborhood, and occasional trips to the dog park. Sadly and much too quickly your health failed. Several vet opinions and the X-rays confirmed the sad news. We picked a nice shady spot out back and called Dr. Annie. For a couple days we cuddled and stopped all the medicine except pain killers, and had favorite treats. Dr. Annie came to the house and you amazed us when you jumped up and barked-always the Protector! But then you laid down beside me and we cuddled till you went to sleep. Just think, no more medicines, no baths, no teeth brushing, no nail filings. Just those favorite treats, lots of cats & squirrels to chase and we'll be along soon and meet you at The Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mom & DadJohn WeyrickOrlando, FloridaMay 5, 2016
11/15/2011 - 4/30/2016You where a special girl one of a kind. We spent many days doing the things we loved. We miss your unique way of letting us know you wanted loving. You watched over your family and pack just like a mom. You are missed and always will be. Rest in peace old girl.Jo Ann KemberlingWrightwood, CaliforniaMay 4, 2016