Pet Memorials
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7/27/2003 - 7/27/2016Dear Chai.
You are missed beyond words.
You were our first dog, and so loved. You lived 13 years. I know the last few years were hard. You always trooped on, even climbing painful stairs to sit with your mommy and sister. We love and miss you so much. We decided you would feel better in heaven, and chose your birthday to be the day you met Jesus. You enjoyed your final day, eating chili dogs, hamburgers, fries, pasta, cookies, and a BIG chocolate cupcake. What a send off! You passed so peacefully, and we know you are waiting for us at the gates. Say hi to Guinness for us!
Loving you forever,
Your forever family...
Kris BrownEastvale, CaliforniaJuly 30, 2016
7/27/2003 - 7/27/2016It was with a very heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Pax. His name in Latin means "peace" and he truly lived his life that way. He was the bus stop ambassador, walking friend, hiking buddy, travel companion and overall a perfect example of man's best friend. There were not many soccer or baseball games that he missed and he was always ready to jump in our Suburban and head off on an adventure - whether is was the lakes of Maine or beaches of North Carolina. He gave unconditional love to us all and he will be forever in our hearts.Andrea RobersonFalls Church, VirginiaJuly 29, 2016
Maverick was Born September 10th 2001 Passed July 15th 2016
I still find it hard to walk around and not see you . As hard as it was for you to get around you would still follow me to what ever room I was in just to be around someone not just me everyone in our family misses you deeply. You were a one and only and no other dog can replace you. You gave us the best years of your life and we enjoyed them so much . You helped raise our children and watched over our grandchildren. Miss you so much.
Gail JohnsonTampa, FloridaJuly 28, 2016
1/3/2002 - 7/13/2016To our sweet little girl. The best shopping buddy anyone could ask for. Although we miss you every day, we know you're in a better place free of pain, running and playing like you used to. We will never forget all the joy we shared through the years. Until we meet again.Chris & Cheryl HendrickWake Forest, North CarolinaJuly 27, 2016
7/19/2016Dexter, you were a perfect surprise! You were Love in a fur suit! You strode into our lives with your smooth equine gait. The girls, Sasha Bella and Giagee, and I had kept a pleasant routine of walks and meals and play. We never suspected things could be better. Then you came along. You brought a different energy, a new perspective. I saw your reaction to the richness of our lives that I took for granted. I watched you flip toys in the air with a puppy-like Joy. Explore our home and property with rapt curiosity. Greet the neighbors as old friends. I watched you crush on Sasha Bella and win her over with your persistent play. You picked a spot on the couch and let Giagee know she needed to move. I loved how you stayed right beside me when we walked the yard. My hand was easily able to pet your head and scratch behind your wonderful floppy ears.
I miss your "old man" bark, your legs akimbo splayed out across the ottoman and your conscientious cleanliness. Our lives are forever changed for the better because we got to be with you!
Cindy Loc HornungIndianapolis, IndianaJuly 27, 2016
You were my best friend and I will always be thankful I had you in my life for 15 1/2 years. I know the last few months were hard for you but I find peace knowing you crossed the rainbow bridge and you are no longer in pain. Now you can run and play like you used to.
I will always miss you and love you. RIP my friend.
Run like someone left the gate open.
Holly WalkerNew Port Richey, FloridaJuly 27, 2016
4/15/2004 - 6/29/2016My family would like to wish all who have lost a loved pet as we have our deepest sympathy. Our family and friends will miss this guy he was always loving,caring and faithfull to all. He was always with us even on a short trip to the store. He helped welcome three new crandchildren into our household and allway's welcombed them when they came to visit, Life without Buddie these last 30 day's has been very difficult,we miss him very much.But knowing he is no longer in any pain make's it a little easer to bare.If there is a doggie heaven he has already made new friend's and playing with some who have gone there befor him. He can never be replaced in our hearts.Rick HatcherWarren, MichiganJuly 27, 2016
Precious Daughter
7/12/2016My Precious Daughter, I miss you so much. Time is not making it easier. You are and will be forever so special. I remember seeing you in the pet store, the cutest, tiniest chihuahua in a pen of other puppies. You were so small , You were supposed to be a teacup. I paid for a teacup. But, you kept growing and it did not matter.. I could not find a crate small enough, so I trained you in a little bird cage <3 I remember leaving a vet office and in walked a lady. She said "she is so precious!" and I replied yes, that is her name. Your gentle personality, quiet. I miss you licking kisses on my leg. I remember you barking , defending my bench at the dog park...your illness came on too fast. Your passing was too fast. you were gone before I knew it, I did not feel your spirit leave. you were just gone, a limp body. i too quickly wrapped the blanket around you and put you in the ground. i wanted to unbury you that night just to hold you longer. but, was encouraged not to. Your sister Heidi misses you. Long days alone, while I work , so I adopted another. But, it is you I want. My sweet little gentle girl. I will speak with you soon in a medium reading. And I will be with you won't be at a rainbow bridge, you will be on the other plane, just a few feet away. in fact, you are probably right here as i type. I love you, my special girl. thank you for accepting my quiet nature...i did not always have to be chatting for you to know how much I loved you. Forever my Precious Daughter.Jill MatthisMargate, FloridaJuly 27, 2016
Rio Bear
12/22/2001 - 7/9/2016July 9th at 2:37 my babygirl became an angel. Met by her sister Roxy in heaven I knew she would be ok. She gave us 14 years of unconditional love, protection and I lost count of the many kisses. Even towards the end she fought as hard as she could for me not for herself. The hardest decision I could have made but I know she was in pain and I knew when she kissed me after the first shot was given that she was telling me it was ok. Being able to have it done at home was such a blessing. I don't think I could have had it done any other way. It's still hard because the world and the people in it expect you just to move on and not realize when you take the peanut butter out of the cabinet you're expecting a wagging tail to come around the corner and when that doesn't happen it's like your heart crushes all over again. Rio Bear holds a huge part of my part forever. I can't possibly express what a blessing she is to me and my family and how I will never ever forget every bark and tail wag and kisses and loves. She was simply amazing in every way possible and I miss her beyond everything.Fayetteville, North CarolinaJuly 27, 2016
4/20/2004 - 7/17/2016Clyde was a great dog. From the moment we got him he was one of the family. Wherever we went he loved to be in the middle. He was smart, obedient, protective and loyal. I still think he understood every word I said. He was a great friend to us as well as all our other pets. His passing has really left a space in our lives. We will miss him forever.Tom BDelco, PennsylvaniaJuly 26, 2016