Pet Memorials
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7/1/2001 - 7/9/2016Lizzy, how we miss you! I miss your sweet face in the morning curled up next to me in bed. I miss your gentle brushes up against my legs and your every day need to nuzzle up on my shoulder and pull my hair through your teeth! Never understood why you did this, but was always grateful for our snuggle time. I'll miss your sweet way you would stand on your back legs and lean up against my legs to pick you up. you're now no longer in pain and I'm so grateful for Dr. Nil who was able to help set you free and become a little Angel! Love you Kittypuss, you're forever in our hearts!Teresa FossDover, FloridaJuly 11, 2016
Luna & Riley
7/7/2016Our fur babies Luna & Riley crossed over the Rainbow Bridge together on Friday July 8, 2016. In the comfort of our livingroom surrounded by the people who loved them most we bid our goodbyes until we meet again. Luna brought 13 years of love and joy and adventure while Riley added to our mix for the last 10 years. Our lives are much better having had the opportunity to have them in our lives. Not a day will go by where I will not pause and think about you two now running and playing free from sickness and old age.Julie & Dave LancasterWestbury, New YorkJuly 11, 2016
3/1/2004 - 7/7/2016Foster was truly devote to his family. My hisband John leaves at 5:30 AM every morning. Foster would go downstairs to see John off in the morning then come upstairs back to bed. This one particular morning Foster would not lay down and kept trying to wake me up. So I get out of bed I and go downstairs and the gas on the stove was on filling the house with gas. I turned it off, opened the windows and made my dogs go outside while the house clears out. He saved my life and the other dgs life.Elizabeth JacksonMurrieta, CaliforniaJuly 11, 2016
5/1/2004 - 6/26/2016Noodle changed my life when I adopted her and became the catalyst for many positive changes in my life. I rescued her, but she truly rescued me as well. She was my best friend. She was my loyal guardian. Noodle was taken from us way too soon due to a brain tumor that progressed very quickly. Noodle, you are so loved and so missed. Not a day has gone by that I don't think of you. There is a hole in my heart shaped like my beautiful poodle. Mommy, Daddy, and your poodle brother Otto miss you and love you always.Lauren PhenixLas Vegas, NevadaJuly 10, 2016
9/1/2005 - 7/7/2016Our dear Bubba - your were the best boy ever. Everybody loved you, you sweet sweet boy. Mommy and Daddy are going to miss you. We already miss you soooooo much that is hurts our hearts.Have fun in heaven with Michael . You can chase squirrels, and bark at the birds again.Be a good boy till we see you again. love mommy and daddyConnie LamastroEast Rockaway, New YorkJuly 10, 2016
3/17/1998 - 3/10/2016Cutter'll always be my precious boy. We love you and miss you everyday.Allison BronsonManheim, PennsylvaniaJuly 10, 2016
Harlie Peacock
10/16/2003 - 7/7/2016You will be missed forever! We loved you so much! She brought so much joy to our home and it will never be the same again.Theresa PeacockRowlett Texas, TexasJuly 10, 2016
2/20/2002 - 7/8/2016We love and miss you momma dog...for 14 years you took care of this family and helped raise 4 children and one grandson. We will be forever grateful.joel Follermagnolia, TexasJuly 9, 2016
12/26/2002 - 6/24/2016Ive felt a hole inside me since my baby left us, you will always be in my heart never forgotten

RIP Sierra we miss you so much
Rich GoldbergConcord, CaliforniaJuly 9, 2016
10/1/2004 - 7/8/2016Her name was Lizzie, but as pet owners often do, I had many different names I'd call her out of affection. At least two dozen over the course of her life, which spanned close to 12 years and six different addresses until she succumbed to cancer.

Some of her favorite things were eating, playing with her (adopted) younger brother Lloyd, curling up on my chest, eating some more, and finding sun spots to bask in. Along with her daddy and brother, Lizzie leaves behind her mommy Katie, grandparents, Uncle Brian, three cousin cats (Kohl, Victoria and Chucky) and now reunites with our family golden retriever Timber, who had just passed about six weeks prior.

Lizzie - the bond we shared was unlike anything I'd ever imagined possible between a man and a cat, it was so much more than that and it's a bond that will carry on forever. Our hearts and souls are connected for eternity and I know you are in Heaven, looking down on us as an Angel until one day our spirits reconnect in God's Kingdom. Until then, we will cherish the countless memories we've shared and will keep you in our hearts, honoring what you've shown our family about unconditional love.

As difficult as it was to let you go, I knew the time was right to end your pain and suffering as you had given all you had to give after fighting so courageously in the face of your disease. I also know that you are in a better place now and that your spirit is restored to its full strength, free of any aches and pains and limitations. I prayed to God and to St. Rita and to St. Francis for a peaceful passage into Heaven, and my prayers were answered the next morning when I woke up grief-stricken to you no longer being with us. Upon returning to bed, your mommy spotted a ladybug crawling on my pillow and placed it on my hand. It flew off and landed back on me, then flew off again.

I know this was a sign of rebirth from you at just the right moment. You are in Heaven letting us know to be joyful, to let go and let God. So that's what I will try to do. Leave it to a cat to restore a man's Faith.

You will forever be my baby, daddy's first little girl, and nothing can change that. The memories we've shared and the life we experienced is so rich with love that I couldn't imagine where I'd be had God never put you into my life. I'll cherish everything about you, and I'm glad you are now free in a better place as our Angel above.

Love always, YOUR family, The Castigliones
Michael CastiglionePhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJuly 9, 2016