Pet Memorials
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Joy Weis
5/11/2003 - 5/2/2016Joy, aka Stinkerbell, was my constant companion for 10 years. She was my little shadow. She would greet me at the door every time I came home. Even though we lived in an apartment she would follow me around making sure she knew where I was at all times. She was a faithful companion and a great friend. 6 years ago the 2 of us got on a plane together and moved to California. 5 years later we got back on that plane and came home. She made me laugh. She will be greatly missed.Kathleen WeisWashington, District of ColumbiaMay 4, 2016
Casey Mccoy
12/22/2002 - 5/3/2016We cannot be more grateful to Dr. Courtney Graham for giving Casey the gift of release. We couldn't ask for a more peaceful passing for Casey. She died peacefully in her own bed without fear or anxiety. We should all be so fortunate. Rest in peace Case. You will be dearly missed.Ken McCoyClinton Township, MichiganMay 4, 2016
11/2/2000 - 4/21/2016He was my angel way before he earned his wings today. He was the most laid back & loving fur baby I have ever met. He never met a stranger, was very social, never shyed away from a crowd and was very protective of his family. Love you Mo-Mo and thank you for choosing us! My heart hurts without you. RIP sonTricia DarbyJACKSONVILLE, FloridaMay 3, 2016
10/31/2001 - 3/25/2016It's been a little over a month that we said our last goodbye to Bosco. My heart still sinks a bit when I enter or leave my empty home expecting to hear his collar jingling and see his anticipatory ears perked for his hello head rub or invite for a car ride. Bosco became a member of our family when he was four months old already trained and house broken. He pranced on a leash, walking between my two young sons, ears and tail up with active eyes and mouth open in a smile. His only fault if I can call it that was his love run and play chase whenever the front door opened. He thought it was great fun. I did not share his joy at the time but as he aged I grew to treasure his ability to chase squirrels and rabbits. He loved car rides as evidenced by the dog slobber that became a hallmark on the passenger side of my car. There was such life and love in his spirit. He was the ultimate loyal protector and friend . I miss you so much dear Bosco!!! Rest in peace.

A close friend wrote this about Bosco shortly before he died
"My bestest and most favorite four legged friend, the most ruggedly handsome and wet snouted, brown-eyes-full-of-wonder canine is soon to depart this earthly plane. Rest soon dear Bosco. May you find yourself in a land where the grass stretches on forever, the smells innumerable, and the squirrels are unusually fat and slow"
I couldn't say it any better than that!
Maryanne BarberDes Peres, MissouriMay 3, 2016
4/6/2001 - 4/30/2016you were my buddy, my best friend, through thick and thin. I will miss and treasure you forever.Kathy CalhounRiviera Beach, FloridaMay 3, 2016
2/23/2003 - 5/1/2016Our sweet Harlie, always protecting me,till the are missed.Tamara PalmerLoxahatchee, FloridaMay 3, 2016
12/6/1998 - 5/1/2016My sweet boy Alby got got his wings in his loving home surrounded by nothing but love. Free to run again, see again, hear again with his other winged friends. 17years of bringing us unconditional love and happiness. We can't imagine our lives without him. He was our life.
Bye bye my little precious baby, we will all be together again someday.
Debbie JohnsonIrvine, CaliforniaMay 3, 2016
11/25/2002 - 4/29/2016Vivica was a beautiful, fun-loving dog. She was energetic and loved to chase the wind in our yard. Eating treats and being with her family were her favorite things to do! She was part of the family, sitting on the couch, walking through the neighborhood and welcoming any guest into our house. She will be missed each and everyday, especially during meals when she would sit in the kitchen and wait for a tasty treat.Theresa DonmoyerHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaMay 2, 2016
4/23/2016My companion of 13 years, Laci, was guided across the bridge and pronounced at peace at 11.56AM. The crossing took place at her home in the country where she loved to chase squirrels and just run. She had 14 super years with lots of adventures and travel.

Unfortunately, she had multiple health conditions in her last few months. She was a fighter to the end, but I could not see her die a lingering death due to her will to live. I did everything humanly possible to help her, but Lap of Love was there to help me assess the alternatives in the end.

She underwent an experimental surgery, embolisation, to try an cure her unsectable liver tumour in 2014. She was one of two case studies used by the doctor who performed the procedure in a paper on the subject. She also took part in a clinical trial of a drug called beraprost. Her body has been donated to Penn's Veterinary School for autopsy. I hope her passing will provide useful information to help other dogs live longer.
Michael BannermanPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 2, 2016
8/5/2008 - 4/28/2016Betty was a gentle giant. At 115 lbs, she intimidated a lot of people. But when you entered our home you quickly found out that Betty just loved being loved. If you were sitting, Betty was there, available to be pet. Which we did! How could you resist? Betty came to us when she was 2. Living most her life in a kennel and then thankfully with a friend, Betty never got the attention that a puppy should get. She wasn't played with, adored or even had experience with other dogs. When a friend rescued her, he started giving her the life she deserved, but circumstances led Betty to yet another home and I thank Don for that. When I first brought Betty to the dog park, she didn't know how to play with other dogs. All she wanted in life was to be loved. During our 6 years together, I have watched Betty learn to play with other dogs, big and small, and become the confident girl she was meant to be. She had 2 pack mates that she loved and they loved her in return. I watched her grow and learn new things and not be afraid of the world. Betty, I never knew I would love you so much. My heart is torn to shreds without you and I don't know how Amos will be without you. I will never forget my sweet gentle giant.Laurie FoxFort lauderdale, FloridaMay 1, 2016