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6/30/2001 - 5/30/2016Things I know about Ralfie...

Ralphie doesn't like you to close the door when you go to the bathroom because that makes it difficult for him to jump in your lap

Ralphie loves boxes

In the mornings Ralphie likes to sit on the front steps in the sunshine

Ralphie likes to stay on your shoulders

On winter nights Ralphie likes to sit in front of the fire

When Ralphie was little he likes to get in a box and fly all over the house

Ralfie doesn't like me to play the piano, but he does like to lie on the keys

Ralfie knows how to concentrate all of his weight into one point and apply it to your solar plexus of throat just as you fall asleep

Ralfie likes to sleep under the covers in the winter

Ralfie likes to sit on the couch and watch tv with us at night

Ralfie will meow in front of a closed closet or bedroom door so he can spend time in each on a regular basis

Some people have said Ralfie is clumsy

When we lived in Coats when you took a shower Ralfie liked to get between the curtain and the liner

Until Leslie got him a fountain Ralfie liked to drink from the tap in the sink or the tub or from a glass on the vanity

He is orange

He is the coolest cat
Gordon & Leslie FloodRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 30, 2016
3/31/1997 - 4/23/2016It was with deep sorrow that we said goodbye to our beloved "Sam" on April 23, 2016. He had been a member of our family for 19 too-short years. He came into our lives when he was only 3 months old. As a kitten, he was adorable, playful, affectionate and very vocal. He stole our hearts and secured his place in our household immediately. Despite the fact that he was younger than the other two cats we had at the time, Sam was naturally dominant -- smart and strong-willed but never mean or aggressive -- he was the "Ruler of the Roost" and the undisputed "King of the Castle."

Sam grew into a remarkably beautiful boy. A striking tri-colored Maine Coon mix, he had the striped markings of a chipmunk down his spine, fur as soft as silk, and an expressive, sweet face that would brighten your day in an instant. He was larger than average in size -- nearly 15 muscled pounds in his prime -- but a gentle mini-giant he was, always graceful and lithe. He was very fastidious in his grooming habits, not allowing anyone unfamiliar to pet his sleek coat without first smelling them and "pre-approving" their touch.

He continued to be as vocal as he had been as a kitten; it was his way of communicating with his people. Although his 'meow' was a couple octaves higher than what one would normally expect from a large-ish, dominant, male cat, we never mentioned it within his hearing. ;)

Sam was what could generally be described as "low-maintenance" for most of his life. His needs were simple. Full food and water bowls were always tacitly appreciated because he was a grazer (as opposed to gobbler), periodically munching and lapping throughout the day/night. A clean litter box was also highly valued, given that he was so persnickety about his person. Indeed, during his entire 19 year lifetime with us, he never failed to use his box -- NEVER, not once. His only vice was a fetish for clean laundry -- if there was basket or drawer of clean laundry to be found, he found it and climbed in -- but we never minded.

Like most cats, Sam was a creature of habit, greeting us at the door after work or whenever we returned home from an outing. His social skills were very well developed too: regularly jumping into laps for hugs and adoration, and joining the family wherever we gathered in the house. He especially enjoyed keeping company in the kitchen whenever food was being prepared. Naturally, he expected his tribute from the family "kill" but he was well-mannered about it -- dignified, you could say. Sharing was simply the way of the "pride," and we obliged him always, whether or not he decided to partake, but freshly cooked chicken breast, was never refused.

When not interacting with us directly, Sam had his regular routines and places to perch throughout the house. In the mornings, he often hung out in one of the bathrooms wherever his people were and wherever water was running. He was mesmerized by water, even trying (and sometimes succeeding) to get in an occupied shower. Throughout the day he sought comfort in various locations throughout the house -- relaxing on the cushions on the back of the couch in front of the window that enabled him to bird and squirrel watch, stretching out on the warm patches of sunshine on the floor made by the skylights (as the sun moved, he moved with it), curling up in the recliner in the den with the heated blanket to keep him warm in the colder months, or sitting on the top step of the open staircase that allowed him the best vantage point from which to keep an eye on household activities. At night, though, he could always be found leaning on a pillow in bed (eerily humanlike), or curled nose-to-tail, warm and safe under the arm of one of his people.

No matter where he was, Sam always seemed to know instinctively when he was needed. His job, as we think he understood it, was to provide comfort, love and affection to his people during difficult times. And he performed that "job" admirably -- doing something funny or unusual to give a needed chuckle, laying in the lap of someone ill to calm them and make them feel loved, 'head-butting' someone lost in one of life's many trials and tribulations as if to bring them back to the present, lending his soft fur to absorb the tears that are occasionally and inevitably a part of life, or just being there, usually purring loudly, to remind us that we weren't alone.

Sam was always there for us, so when he first became seriously ill in January 2015 (he was nearly 18 years old at the time) and we were told his liver was failing and that he likely only had days or weeks to live, we were there for him. He was not in acute pain, fortunately, so we were determined to do everything we could to make whatever time he had left as comfortable and happy as possible. Amazingly, Sam fooled us all by responding well to treatment. He regained strength and weight, and his condition improved markedly. Although we knew the treatment wasn't a cure, Sam was able to resume his normal, if a bit less active, routines for more than a year following that grim prognosis. We recognized the additional time as a precious gift and took that opportunity to enjoy and appreciate every moment with him. Sadly, at the beginning of April 2016, his condition began to deteriorate again and no manner of treatment helped this time. His veterinarian said the fact that Sam had beaten the odds for so long, defied all logic and was a testament to his strength of will and constitution.

Sam gave so much joy to us throughout his life. He was the epitome of the dignified cat, a gentleman through and through. He was our special little man and we loved him dearly. Words cannot express the depth of our heartbreak at Sam's loss. We will forever miss his strong personality and demeanor, his beautiful countenance, his sweet voice, his always-ready love and affection, and the pure pleasure of his presence in our everyday lives.
Spencer FamilyPotomac Falls, VirginiaApril 30, 2016
6/5/2000 - 4/17/2016COLUMBIA, S.C. – Surrounded by loving family members in his home in Columbia, S.C., Blitzen Waldhauser, 15, peacefully departed this earth for his Eternal Hunting Grounds at noon on Sunday, April 17, 2016.
Born on a farm in Clifton, Virginia on June 5, 2000, Blitzen was adopted into the Waldhauser family shortly thereafter. Blitzen, a feisty Jack Russell Terrier and part of a small litter of pups, was chosen by Mark Waldhauser because, as Mark recalls, ‘He was the biggest hell-raiser in the bunch.’
Blitzen spent his early years with Mark and family in Stafford, Va., then moved to Camp Pendleton, Cal., in 2001, where he battled coyotes while stomping through the nearby canyons. Blitzen briefly joined Mark for college in Richmond, Va. before moving in with sister Amy in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. in 2005. During his years in Wrightsville Beach, Blitzen became a regular of the 3-mile Loop and enjoyed spending time on the sand. He made many dear lifelong friends there, including Lois and Bernie Prusinowski, with whom Blitzen spent many sleepovers.
As Amy’s career began to involve extensive travel, Blitzen moved in with sister Kate and husband Jim in Columbia, S.C. in 2011. In Columbia, Blitzen gradually settled into his autumn years, but remained active on long walks through the Shandon neighborhood and camping trips to Hunting Island, S.C.
In addition to Mark, Amy, Kate and Jim, Blitzen also leaves behind his loving grandparents, Gail and Thomas Waldhauser of Washington, D.C. Blitzen is also survived by dear friends Bailey Wright of Charleston, S.C., and Baxter and Bacon Gregory of Nashville, Tenn.
Kate and Jim would like to thank Dr. Katie and Lap of Love animal hospice for their kind, compassionate care in administering Blitzen’s final moments.
Jim & Kate DentonColumbia, South CarolinaApril 30, 2016
6/9/2002 - 4/24/2016Our dear Rudy was a huge part of our life. But our house is now so very empty since we had to say goodbye on Sunday. We miss coming home and finding him in his bed waiting for our hello or having him greet us with a bark as soon as the garage door would be heard by him. The sound of his paws on the floor through out the house is silenced. He would always wait by the front door, if it was open at 3:30 PM, waiting for our son to come home from school. He did this on his own even up until a month ago or so. He was the sweetest boy and now that door is empty. We miss having him by our side. A week before his health declined, I took him for his walk because the sun was shining and the temperatures were right. He always loved his walks, but I knew in my heart it was probably one of our last ones together. And it was. There will be so many things that will feel empty in our lives without him. He had the best life with us in so many ways and for that we are truly blessed. Our hearts break with the loss of our sweet Rudy. He touched so many people in so many ways. Everyone he crossed paths with loved him. Rudy, you will always be in our hearts even though you are gone. You were our best friend, our family, our companion and will always remain our "Boo." When you left us you took a piece of us with you. We will cherish our memories together for a lifetime and that will always make us smile. Until we meet again sweet Rudy. We miss you so much.Jennifer SommerRound Lake, IllinoisApril 29, 2016
11/1/2015 - 2/21/2016It been a few months since Gypsy passed but I still miss her. Did not know how quiet it is in the house without her here to stir things up. I miss the days she was active and always tried to get out of the house and explore the neighborhood. I miss her taking me for walks and to the park and when we would go to the shopping center to get the daily newspaper. It is just not the same now.
Putting her to sleep was one of the hardest decisions we ever made but it was the right decision. She was very proud and independent and would not want anyone to see her as she was in her last days. I am still sad but am happy for all the joy and great memories we made together. I'm looking forward to being together with her again when the time comes.
Peter TietzMission Viejo, CaliforniaApril 27, 2016
2/11/2004 - 4/24/2016Cecil "Cee" was some character and well known Everywhere he went. He didn't know that he was a 34 pound terrier he thought he was a Pit Bull I called him My Joe Pesci. His attitude, smarts, tenacity, and heart made him one heck of a sidekick. My Baby was in great pain towards the end and I had to say goodbye so he could have relief and not suffer. Everyday without him is a struggle but, knowing he is out of such pain gets me through. I love you Cecil B. Stubbs , I Miss you , and I shall Never forget you. You are with Me Still and Always.

Thank you LapofLove and Dr. Brad Thank You.
Wendy WilkinsonGlenside, PennsylvaniaApril 27, 2016
11/9/2003 - 4/23/2016Amos was the definition of "man's best friend". He was my best friend and number 1 sidekick. He enjoyed taking walks and rides in the car. He loved playing with his toys and taking naps in his beds. He was loved by many people and will be missed dearly. He went peacefully in our home and he gave me lots of big kisses before his passing letting me know it was OK to leave. I know it was the right time and he did not have to suffer through the pain that would take over his body if we waited much longer. He will hold a very special place in our heart forever and always. We hope he is enjoying playing with friends and chasing squirrels in heaven. We love you Amos and we miss you every day. Love, Mommy and DaddySuzie IckesCoatesville, PennsylvaniaApril 26, 2016
3/23/2009 - 4/21/2016Mi amor chiquito Daddy
Daddy came into my life when he was only 8 weeks old, beautiful sweet puppy, big head and blue eyes He was always clumsy and goofy, but so loving and beautiful. All the people that had a chance to meet you loved you and always pointed out how handsome, sweet and clumsy you were and they were right. One look could make me forget anything, you were my companion in everything, my sidekick and partner in crime, long study nights, chick flicks, Dateline marathon, and of course my sweet dance partner. I am truly going to miss picking you up and dancing to country music with you. Thank you for taking my crazy affection and my obsession with taking care of you, I hope you understand that you and Zoey are my life, and I only wanted the best for both of you. The last few years were tough, knowing that there was a medical reason for your clumsiness made you even more special, in my eyes you were still perfect. Your condition gave me a new purpose in life, I didn’t mind carrying you, cleaning your little paws when you stepped on poop, wiping your butt, and doing anything I could to make you feel comfortable, I was your mom and you were my son, no matter how crazy it sounds that’s how I felt about you, you were a part of me. I cannot tell you with words how much I love you, you changed me forever, and taught me that simple things in life are what matter the most. Losing you was the hardest thing I have ever been through, I cherish every day of the 7 years I spent with you and your sister, nobody has ever touched my heart the way you did, and I am forever thankful for all the valuable lessons I learned from you. I miss you every day, I will always think of you, your sweet face and your goofy smile, I love you with all my heart, mi amor chiquito, my little boy.
Marcia Falensunrise, FloridaApril 26, 2016
3/1/2002 - 4/25/2016Leo was a magnificent cat. Not only was he impressive in size and appearance, often referred to by family and friends as a mini-panther, he was an extraordinary soul. He was the dignified king of the house, a vigilant protector, an affectionate companion, a kind older brother to the other cats who made their way to our house, and a patient teacher for me. He is sorely missed and cannot be replaced.Kelly BolzRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 25, 2016
4/1/1999 - 4/20/2016Kelly was one of the sweetest dogs. I got her when she was only 6 weeks old. She was the runt of the litter and looked totally different than all the other puppies. We fell in love with her the minute we saw her. She was quite an escape artist in her earlier days and loved to run as fast as she could. As a very picky eater, her favorite foods were hot dogs and lunch meat. She was so high-spirited and loved to have people pet her and make a fuss over her. She traveled with me wherever I went and her most current trip was to Gatlinburg, one of our favorite places. The days have been so empty without her but I know that she is resting peacefully. I am so grateful that she was a huge part of my life for 17 years. So many fond memories. I love you, Kelly!!!Marie ScarboroSpring Hill, TennesseeApril 25, 2016