Pet Memorials
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8/11/2001 - 7/23/2016In Loving Memory of Chewie. Even though Chewie was more of a petite cat, she had a huge personality. I am grateful for the gift of having her as my best friend for the last 15 years. She had a strong sense of intelligence, loyalty, pride, and respect. I remember adopting Chewie when she was 7 weeks old and picking her out from her littermates that were just rescued from a feral cat area. On the way to her new home, I held her on my right shoulder which became her safe place even for all the years after. We had many fun adventures, road trips and even an airplane trip. She enjoyed playing with empty sacks, boxes, laundry time, and Christmas time, and had a special bond with her Meemaw. She will be missed by all of her family and friends. "Chewie, I love you, you will be forever in my heart and our souls intertwined." <3Kimberly WestCharlotte, North CarolinaJuly 24, 2016
8/1/2001 - 7/18/2016My Mr. Casey,
You were such a good boy and a handsome guy too.
Saying good-bye to you was tough to do, but was the right thing.
I'll always Love you sweety pup. see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Steve and Lisa JuddMorongo Valley, CaliforniaJuly 24, 2016
7/16/2016To our loving daughter and big sister,
Thank you for sharing your life with us. You graced us with your beauty, companionship, loyalty, unconditional love and playful spirit. We are forever grateful to have had you in our lives. You were always loved and adored by your brother and sisters as well as by your bipedal parents. Thank you again for allowing us to love and be loved by you. You will be in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Journey well, sweet angel.

Love Always from your family,
Brak, Jasmine, Savannah
Darren & Kim
Darren KWestchester, New YorkJuly 24, 2016
7/4/2001 - 7/15/2016Chester provided us with almost 15 years of unconditional love. He was a total love bug. We found out that Chester had cancer- a large splenic tumor and he was anemic. His red blood cell count kept dropping and it was depleting his oxygen, which was making it harder for him to breathe. I didn't want him to suffer in anymore pain, so I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life and that was to let him go. I am relieved that he went in peace. I miss him everyday. The house feels empty without him. The joy to each of my days was getting home from work, knowing he'd be waiting for me, and feeling his love & happiness. Rest in peace my sweet boy, I will always love you.Kathy BlessoAlexandria, VirginiaJuly 24, 2016
12/31/1999 - 7/22/2016To my precious baby, my companion for 16.5 years of unwavering love, I wish you peace. I hope you felt my love for you until your last breath and that you can feel my heart wherever you are in the universe, which is broken over loosing you. You were my friend, my treasure always there to comfort me and bring me joy, you were there for me showing me love even when your eyesight failed you and hearing left your ears. I will never, ever forget you. Thank you for all you gave me. I wish I could have saved you.Rebecca EdwardsCary, North CarolinaJuly 24, 2016
8/1/2002 - 7/10/2016Dear Dandy "McCandy" Our hearts are broken beyond repair,we miss you so much. Your gentle and loving spirit. Ten and a half years was not enough. The joy and love you brought us is beyond measure. Our house is less of a home without you. No more excited greetings upon our return. No more chasing squirrels and rabbits in the yard no long walks.Your heart is that of a lions you fought through bladder surgery for cancer and chemo.But even as your body betrayed you, your spirit was never diminished.We will love you and miss you forever
Rest in Peace my friend and Buddy Boy
Robert SalmonOld Bridge, New JerseyJuly 23, 2016
Molly Mcdade
2/24/2007 - 7/14/2016Molly was a loving yellow lab. We bought her at 8 weeks old and had her until her last breath at 9 1/2 years. She gave us lots of great memories and unconditional love. I am so thankful for all the memories and pictures I have of our time together.Vicki McDadeHumble, TexasJuly 23, 2016
6/19/2000 - 7/16/2016In memory of Cash. You are missed so much daily. You warmed our hears everyday. We were so lucky and blessed to have you for so long. Cash had such a gentle soul. Your loyality and love to everyone was so delightful. You had several surgies and survived all of them. You were endlessly loyal to your owner. We love you and miss you dearlyWilliamsville, New YorkJuly 22, 2016
2/10/2006 - 7/19/2016You left us so quickly that I'm still walking around the house looking for you and waiting for you to greet me at the door. It's so weird to wake up and not hear you begging for food. 3:30 pm (your dinner time) passes and I don't know it anymore. Your brother and sister relied on your internal clock for their meals. They may starve to death now without you and your
I will miss how you groomed my legs daily, talked to me, and took long cars rides to visit my family in KY. I have lost my best travel companion. You and I were so in touch with each other that I feel I have lost a bit of myself. I miss you so much and want you to know you brought a lot of laughter and happiness to me. The song "Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone" keeps playing in my head. You're the best dog I've ever had. Love you Cookie!!!!
Your Human Mom
Meredith snyderMidlothian, VirginiaJuly 21, 2016
5/10/2005 - 6/18/2016Miko was unique from day one. He was the only multi-colored Malti-poo in his litter that was full of white pups. I instantly fell in love with him. He was 2 months when I brought him home. He was potty trained and mellow for a puppy. We were never apart. He was very loyal and very spoiled. He got away with everything. He was very handsome and charming. Anyone that came into contact with him would fall in love. Even dogs loved Miko. He loved treats; especially his pumpkin or banana flavored ones. He had this dance where he would stand on his two hind legs and wave his front ones to get what he wanted. He was very affectionate and intelligent. It was hard not to smother him. His eyes were so distinctive. They were amazing how they captured you. I loved coming home and having him run up to me to lick me and dance. I hated leaving him too.

Geo my fiancé came into our lives 6 years ago. He took Miko in as his son. It was a beautiful relationship from the start. Miko loved him like no other. Miko was my comfort and strength when Geo was away for months on work. We got him a companion named Sadie 3 years ago and he raised her as if he was her father. The beginning of the year Miko started coughing so we took him in and they told us it was bronchitis but then he had bloody stools. The first vet gave me meds but Miko was not getting better. He then started to accumulate fluid. I got a second opinion. They thought he had pulmonary effusion. They did heart scans and ruled it out when the fluid started to accumulate below the chest. We then had a biopsy performed. That is when our lives changed. Miko was diagnosed with cancer. It was in his lympnodes. I cried the whole night knowing my baby would be leaving my world. We chose to give him the best quality of life we could before the disease took him. He did well for 3 months but then got sick from his throat and stopped eating. I took him into the vet and that is when they told me the cancer had spread. Miko did not eat for 2-3 days. He was vomiting and only drinking water. I could tell in his eyes he was tired and ready to go. I took him to the vet to get IV fluids to make him feel a little better. Then had Geo call Lap of Love. I couldn’t make the call. It was hard for me to even make the decision to euthanize Miko. Especially because it was the day before Fathers day. It was honestly the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. I knew I did not want to see him suffer because he did not deserve that. While he still could walk and had mental function we made the decision and booked an appointment the next day. I chose to be strong his last couple of days and enjoyed my last moments with Miko to the fullest. He was very loved by many. He will never be forgotten. Dr. Roth made him very comfortable and he went in peace and that made me feel like I did the right thing for him. Even though my heart was torn to see him go. It would have been selfish to let him go on and suffer.

We miss him so much. We miss his licks, his personality, and his little dance. I will treasure every moment with him and thank god everyday he brought him into my life. He was more than just a dog. He was our son. He was 11 years old when he passed and went to Rainbow Bridge. I wish I would have had more time. This pain we feel is so unbearable but I know with time we will heal. He will never be forgotten. We contemplate and wonder if we did all we could for him. We know we did. He was a huge impact in our lives. He was so amazing. I miss sleeping with him. He was always by my side when I would wake up. He gave so much to us. Even to the end we feel that he left us with a gift, we find out that I am pregnant and we are expecting.
Crystal & Geo MiroDowney, CaliforniaJuly 21, 2016