Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/24/2005 - 4/10/2016Hopi, you were the sweetest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever been privileged to call my companion and comforter.
You brought joy to so many people in the neighborhood with your sweet kisses and tail wags. Strangers would stop their cars
to admire and ask about you. You were especially gentle with the elderly and the very young. You loved to run; and I know your
pure energy is now filling the universe with joy. We hold you in our hearts forever.
Rebecca BaileyChapel Hill, North CarolinaApril 18, 2016
10/25/2003 - 4/13/2016Brandy, you are missed so much by mommy, grammy and sisters Jasonia and Blue. There is a spot in our hearts that is empty since you have left us, but you are now pain free from cancer. We think of you everyday with tears welling up in ours eyes and talk about the many memories and funny moments you had while you were with us. Miss you dearly!!Karen BettleyonReading, PennsylvaniaApril 18, 2016
Daphne Specialgirl Romo
4/14/2004 - 4/16/2016To my little sweetheart, Daphne: You were and always will be such a special blessing in my life. A beautiful, precious Soul - you were such a gentle, friendly and good little girl. I Love You and Miss You SO MUCH; you were a beautiful blessing in my life!!!rhybeckah romoLos Angeles, CaliforniaApril 17, 2016
6/12/2000 - 4/15/2016I'm going to miss my big man more than I thought possible. I will miss him sleeping on my feet when I was sick and I will miss him trying to trip me every morning on my way to fill the good bowl.Allyson CapeceaOrlando, FloridaApril 17, 2016
5/2/2002 - 4/16/2016We had to say goodbye to our sweet fur baby Dexter on 4/16/16, one of the toughest things we've ever had to do. That tiny dog with such a huge personality will always hold a piece of our hearts. You amazed us Dexter with the fight you had in you over the last year of your life and we know you had to leave us now but we miss so very much and no words can say how much our hearts are hurting! Your sister has big shoes to fill but we know you've left us in good paws. We will love you forever! Mommy, Daddy & FaithyStacy FPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaApril 17, 2016
8/1/2001 - 3/18/2016Our yellow lab, Buddy, was a much loved member of our family since he was 8 weeks old -- 14 years. He gave us unconditional love, was always happy to see us, and in return he just wanted to be with us. It has been almost one month since our boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge and earned his angel wings. The house seems empty. We still expect to see our sweet furry boy coming into the Family Room to lay on his special soft green pillow to be where we are. Our hearts are breaking. We miss you so, Buddy! We love you forever. We are happy to know you are free from pain now, and are able to run and play. We will be so happy to see you again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together one day. Rest in peace until then.Linda Le RoiSanta Rosa, CaliforniaApril 17, 2016
Taco Bill
3/13/2004 - 3/29/2016Bill was saved by OAR from a shelter in northern Ohio where they were going to put him down due to his FIV. The first day I took Bill in as a foster, he ate 1 pound of baked goods off of my counter…through the plastic. Bill had a passion for food and the intelligence to work through any human created barricades. His absolute favorite was bacon; he even once ate an entire glass container of bacon grease. Bill’s presence was remarkable, as was the companionship that he offered. Bill taught me many important lessons about unconditional love and the power of forming bond that will unknowingly change your life. We only had 4 years together, but he graciously gave me 3 additional months with him and let me hold him as his soul slipped into heaven. Bill will be missed by all and I am assured that he rests peaceful now in eternal sunlight with infinite nourishment. A very special thank you to everyone who helped take care of Bill throughout the years, especially in his failing health.Lauren BuchakjianCincinnati, OhioApril 17, 2016
3/20/2001 - 4/15/2016How does one describe the most precious of gifts? Maybe it starts with describing the quality of life experienced.....Cali lived an incredible life filled with adventure, energy, love and devotion. She came from a long line of bird hunting and instinctually started pointing birds at a young age. She would go on to hunt with her grandpa until she was 13. In the words of my dad, she was one of the best he ever hunted over and truely a pleasure in the field. Although retired from hunting at 13, Cali would go on to run in fields until her last days. Running, sniffing, exploring was a life Cali could never get enough of. The other side of Cali was that of an attentive, loving, snuggling 35# lap dog. As much as Cali could "turn on the huntress", Cali could equally turn up the "cuddler". She was highly intelligent and very insightful especially with those she loved. Cali knew our moods sometimes before we did and would tend to us appropriately. In the house, Cali was very clear about what she wanted, when she wanted it and always grateful to get her way (which, was often).
Cali lived a full, complete and happy life....and in living, she enriched our days, expanded our love beyond anything we ever imagined, and helped us become better humans. We will forever keep her close, knowing that she was a special gift and a part of us that will never be forgotten.
On angels wings my girl....until we meet again.
With love, gratitude and so much love.....your mamas
Sandy and Leigh RobertsChicago, IllinoisApril 16, 2016
Claymore (clay)
3/14/2002 - 4/14/2016Claymore, We missed you the moment you left us. We are so thankful for the time we had with you and will cherish those times forever. We know you are running and swimming again which makes our hearts happy. One day we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!Lexington, South CarolinaApril 16, 2016
9/26/2003 - 4/8/2016Today is the one week anniversary of your passing on to that "Rainbow Bridge" and I miss you every single day. I miss you at the side of the bed when I wake up in the morning. I miss you following me out to the driveway to pick up the morning paper (I have to pick it up, you never did fetch the paper). I miss having you with us on our morning walks. I miss you lying on the floor next to me at breakfast, waiting patiently for your breakfast. I miss you following me around the house, everywhere I went, I turn around and, you aren't there any more.
I know 'mommy' misses you as well, and so does your buddy Andrew (that noisy Aussie). We will never forget you, our sweet angel. R.I.P.
James D. FrazierRedlands, CaliforniaApril 15, 2016