Pet Memorials
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11/17/2008 - 6/16/2016At 10 o'clock Thursday morning bub made his way across the rainbow bridge.. he went peacefully and in the arms of Joe and I at his favorite spot with sand in his toes and salt water all over his fur.. he felt no pain at all which made things so much easier.. Radio was diagnosed with cancer late 2015. At that moment we knew we had to do whatever it took to get him better. So we made our way 3 hours to Leesburg, VA to the oncology center to start Radios intense radiation. After each treatment they were getting more and more hopeful that we would have Radio for years to come. Radio received his last treatment in February and everything looked great. He was no longer self amputating himself, his muscle mass improved, he was eating and most importantly playing with his favorite tennis balls. Our world changed about 2 weeks ago when we started noticing he had this really bad cough and he was losing weight very quickly. We took him to the vet and they said it could be pneumonia .We started giving him antibiotics and I noticed that it wasn't helping. So my husband took Radio back to the vet to get a chest x-ray. That day our lives changed forever, the doctor confirmed what my gut had been telling me, that the cancer had made its way back and spread to his lungs.. Our poor fur child was covered in tumors. They suggested we could do radiation and chemo again but it wasn't fair to put him through all that again. So we had to make the most devastating decision of our life.. We gave radio the best last few days from ice cream, to unlimited car rides, days spent at the beach and eating whatever his little heart desires. From the morning we had to say see you later our hearts were completely shattered.. I know he is pain free and living the life all while still protecting his family.Jill and Joe BrotanHampton, VirginiaJune 19, 2016
5/23/2014 - 10/8/2015If you're looking for your next best friend, please (even though everyone says it) look in a shelter or rescue.Shawnee CornwellSummersville, West VirginiaJune 19, 2016
11/1/2002 - 5/31/2016Maggie. Maggie Mae, Magpie, Magster. She has a lot of nicknames. Maggie is an amazing spirit. When we were blessed enough to have her in our lives, she always had a smile on her face and every time we walked through the door, she had to go get a baby (a stuffed animal - of which, we had more than a few) to bring to us. Always. Every time. And not just us, but strangers too. She was very welcoming. Her smile was infectious, her love limitless, her dedication constant. In her younger years, she spent months in Alaska chasing bears, hiking trails, swimming in rivers, eating (well-cooked) salmon. In the lower 48, she loved car rides, swimming in the pool, fetching tennis balls, catching frisbees, terrorizing squirrels, stealing my son’s leftover breakfast and snoozing on the couch. Once, she “caught” a possum (it didn’t run from her) and she had no idea what to do and looked back at me like ‘what do I do now?'. Both she and the possum went their separate, unharmed, ways. That was her heart - she wouldn’t hurt anything. She was so very kind and gentle with our chihuahua and they bonded. She loved carrots and cucumbers and steak and … well, who doesn’t love steak? She was always underfoot because she always wanted to be where we were. Maggie always found a way to be in the direct path of wherever any one of us was heading. I believe she wanted to lead the way … lead her pack. She hated her front feet being touched, but she didn’t mind thunderstorms. Her kisses were the BEST! Full of love and affection. The vacuum left in our lives and in our pack upon her passing is enormous. Our house is very, very empty without her presence. But, I know she’s waiting and I know she’s happy, pain-free and smiling, with a baby at the ready … waiting for us to meet her at the rainbow bridge. And one day we will. Godspeed Maggie. Your amazing spirit will always inspire me.Kristie McCallieOldsmar, FloridaJune 18, 2016
(the Mighty) Quinn
6/23/2000 - 6/3/2016On the weekend of September 23, 2000, Jason and I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to camp at Havasu Falls. On our way out, after 8+ miles of hiking, a scrappy little feral puppy started following us, literally nipping at our heels. She followed us straight to our car, where she proceeded to steal a muffin wrapper – and our hearts. That is how the mighty Quinn came into our lives.

Over the past 16 years she was there with us through everything. She was my first baby girl and dependent, forcing me to take breaks during grad school. She traveled with J to the remediation sites he worked on in Holbrook and Winslow. She made the move to NC, was there when we got married and had the girls, saw the passing of Lucky and the addition of Gus... She was often a force of destruction (lost us many security deposits), but she was indestructible (copperhead bites hardly phased her). And in her younger days, that girl was an all-star ball chaser, amazingly fast and ridiculously persistent. She had been deaf for the last several years, but managed remarkably well otherwise. The past two months had seen her slowing down, and after a rough week, her body called it quits. But her spirit endures.

She was our HavaNavaHopi javelina fox coyote. Alpha girl from day one. And a damn good dog. We will miss you Quinny. Thank you for choosing us, and for sharing so many years. You have our hearts.
Emily NameyRaleigh, North CarolinaJune 18, 2016
11/30/2003 - 6/15/2016My Dearest Bones, thank you for over 11 years of unwavering companionship, devotion, protection, and love. You were dearly loved and are greatly missed. I thank God for the time we had you in our lives and treasure the memories we made.Lynn DiazFoothill Ranch, CaliforniaJune 18, 2016
6/3/2012 - 6/17/2016In loving memory of our spunky girl, Sierra. Sierra was a playful, happy, and loving pup. Her favorite activity was playing tug or fetch outside with her 2 and 4 legged family members. When looking for her toy she would frequently bound around the yard like a deer, only to jump high in the air and pounce on it once found. Sierra also loved balls, laying with toys in her mouth (sometimes upside down), basking in the sunshine, cuddles, and hiking. She was happiest outside or curled up in our lap. She also adored her doggie brother, Roscoe and was often found nuzzling him.

We got Sierra from a city shelter in Idaho and since then have moved to Minnesota and then Illinois and have traveled with her to Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Canada. She loved every new adventure while hiking, camping, canoeing, and exploring with us.

Our motto with Sierra was “I love licking” because the girl licked EVERY thing she smelled, it was pretty funny to watch her inspect something because we were always waiting for the inevitable lick! A curious girl by nature, she often treated us to a good head tilt when we would talk to her about what was coming up next.

We are thankful for the short time we had with her. She filled our hearts with lots of love, our faces with smiles and our laps with snuggles. We miss her kisses and goofy personality. Rest in peace our CiCi-Bop.
Brooke & Erik SMinneapolis, MinnesotaJune 18, 2016
Mr. g (greyson)
6/16/2016To our sweet, loving, and cuddly boy. Your wings were ready but our hearts were not. We miss you!Kaitlyn MahnekePort Saint Lucie, FloridaJune 18, 2016
10/16/2002 - 6/16/2016Today was her last day
For the peace that passeth all understanding I do pray
Hope I will see her again someday

Red went to sleep on her bed
Quiet and peaceful her eyes were shut
Her pain never to come again

Dr.Katie has helped me say goodbye
As two innocent spirits flew to the sky
I should not cry I am a lucky guy
ed azcuyJax, FloridaJune 17, 2016
12/10/2002 - 5/25/2016Bamboo, we were so blessed to have you for 13 years 5 months and 15 days. The house is so empty without you in it, and the walks to the lake will never be the same. Everyone who ever met you loved you & loved your sweet wrinkled face. I still walk in from work expecting you to come greet me with your barking & crying "Welcome Home." I know that you are healthy again, running, barking, wading in the lakes & getting lots of treats at the bridge. Until we meet again, just know that you are in our hearts forever and that Daddy, Brittany & I miss & love you very much.Debbie JenningsJacksonville, FloridaJune 16, 2016
5/20/2000 - 6/15/2016Lily, we miss you so much and want you to know that we all love you and know that you are in such a blissful place right now with your brother, Jewel. You were always the sweetest girl and loved everyone and everything unconditionally and everyone loved you in return. Your family loves you and we all miss you very much including your brother Lucky. He is very happy that he was also able to say goodbye to you and he knows that he will see you again at the beautiful rainbow bridge.Elizabeth FrongelloParkland, FloridaJune 16, 2016