Pet Memorials
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5/5/2002 - 11/13/2016I said a very tearful goodbye to my best friend my baby boy Scooter. I am very grateful for the blessing of having had such a loyal best friend and family member for so many years. He has been with me since he was 8 months old (May 2003). He was such a BIG part of my life. He followed me around everywhere All the time!! He gave me so much. He was amazing beyond amazing! Always right by my side. We've had so many adventures together. He's moved with me Seven times. (We moved from PA to CA together 11 years ago). Scooter is and will always be my #1 best friend. He went with the dignity and grace he deserved surrounded by his Mama's arms and family members. A Huge part of my heart ❤️ was taken too! Thank you for 14 years of love, joy, comfort, companionship and happiness. I love my baby boy more than words can say. It won't be the same without him. My only comfort is that he will be together again with his sister Sandy. My strong strong boy! You will be missed so much! #RIP #mamasboy #familymember #Love unconditionally.#neverjudging #fur-ever friend.

I cannot express in words how much I appreciated Dr. Mary Gardner's patience, understanding and kindness to comfort and guide us.
She showed true compassion for me and my family and to my best friend beloved boy Scooter which made Scooter's crossing the rainbow bridge so much easier comfortable and peaceful for him at home on his blankie.He went with the dignity and grace he deserved. Thank you Dr. Mary.
Lori FuscardoMission Viejo, CaliforniaNovember 17, 2016
8/18/1999 - 11/16/2016In Loving Memorial of Sandy

Sandy was a true best friend for seventeen years: beautiful, asking for nothing, never complaining, loving everyone and always giving her love. Losing her leaves a tremendous hole in our lives which overflows with beautiful memories! We were blessed to have her in our lives and will remember and miss her forever!
Dayne Brown, Stephanie Swisher, Maggie Moo, and Millie
Raleigh, North Carolina
November 16, 2016
Dayne BrownRaleigh, North CarolinaNovember 17, 2016
4/23/2006 - 11/15/2016Kelsey, my sweet Princess Kelsey Grace, "little one" you were the most impressive hunter - lightning fast & didn't miss a beat - so smart and loving - a "loud talker" not to be ignored - a force to be reckoned with. I know that you are happy and free now running in the expansive fields doing what brings you the most joy. You will be dearly missed. Until we meet again, my sweet Princess. xoxoxoKimberly BobbHarleysville, PennsylvaniaNovember 16, 2016
Barney And Anastasia
11/14/2016In loving memory of Barney and Anastasiamichael soliwodaEdison, New JerseyNovember 16, 2016
7/8/2001 - 11/12/2016My sweetest little boy . . . my forever soul mate. You came to us in the summer as a bundle of joy and left with the angels in the autumn of your years. As a wee kitten, Chick heard your tiny "squeak" for help behind the barn wall and rescued you! Left without a mother and fed from a bottle . . . Jean's tender loving care sustained you . . . . then you captured Becky's, Doug's, Chip's, and my heart and thereafter became a loving friend to every adult, child, and fellow furry cat or dog you met. At your home, you made a personal connection with each of us and shaped us into a family . . . . you were someone we could always count on to greet us at the door and be so happy to see us! You loved to be petted and were ever-so-fond of the outdoors, lying in the sun, and often observing the world through your special window, always surrounded by your toys.
Squeaky, you have taught and continue to teach me so many lessons--to be content and happy with the simple pleasures of life, love of family, love of nature, love of pausing to rest, to take a nap, and to step back from and to enjoy the beauty of the world and the good we can do for one another on Earth each and every day; to cherish the sounds of silence and the power of touch; to know the pain of too much tenderness; to be courageous in the face of grave illness; and to know that though in our physical life we must part, we will always be together as One spiritually.
The world has lit its brightest candle for this gentle spirit, this loving heart . . . my Squeaky.
Patricia KellyRiverside, New JerseyNovember 16, 2016
Max Mcdade
2/23/2007 - 10/16/2016Max was a great laid back dog that was great with my kids. Love you forever Max!Vicki McDadeHumble, TexasNovember 16, 2016
Rip baby bear. We miss you already.Melissa VacchianoGlenolden, PennsylvaniaNovember 14, 2016
4/11/2006 - 11/8/2016Our sweet girl Bella would always start her day in a downward dog pose! Of course she showed off her amazing flexibility as she stretched herself into a brand new day of exploring! Chasing lizards and sunbathing poolside were by far her favorite pastimes! Bella enjoyed anything that moved allowing the wind to blow in her face, from the countless boat rides her tucked securely in her safety vest to our neighborhood golf cart rides, also weekend outings with the top down in our bright yellow Bronco was a happy sight for passerby's as she was perfectly posed in the passenger seat; loving every minute! Being raised in a home of athletes Bella trained with them as she outran all of us at the parks, either when chasing soccer balls or being at our croquet games she would not let anything hold her back from ceasing the moment and running like the wind, she was enjoying the great outdoors!
Our family can agree her best weekend ever was a road trip to a cabin earlier this year where "our emotional support" girl was so happy to come along for our benefit; upon returning back to our cabin she was waiting on the bed looking out the window to greet us! She loved the sofa or any bed for that matter, we knew where she had been as pillows could be found on the floor from her fluffing her spot while we were became a daily topic in the house to share where Bella was spotted and we snapped photos for proof of all her silly antics!
Debbie DiMauroDelray Beach, FloridaNovember 14, 2016
4/17/2004 - 11/1/2016Full of endless energy, you filled our house with your zest for life. Our "imperfect", perfect companion...a man's, a woman's and a feline's best friend, yes, you were. Timing is everything, they say, and "they" were came into our lives at just the right time. Headstrong and self-assured, your breed's traits to a tee...always on guard for the next adventure, you played hard and you slept hard....there was no in between.

A fighter to the end, nothing ever brought you down, and there were several "plights" that tried always got up off the mat, and lived and loved even more. Running on the beach, or the fields, or up and down the hallway chasing your ball, you were a dog who smiled when you played....and in the heat of the summer, after long walks through the predictable, you would head over to your favorite cooling spot in the kitchen and lay across the floor vent, covering it up, while the cool air from the a/c cooled your torso, until fresh ice water was prepared for you of course...and at the end of a long day, we always knew when your day was done...either on our lap or a nice comfy spot, and we'd hear your infamous "sigh"!

We miss your kisses, your "reading our mind" eyes looking at us, your bark at the doorbell or the UPS truck, even your grunting at us to wake up if you felt we had enough sleep for one night, you bossing the cat around and your excitement over knowing a longer walk was in store with both of us on Sunday morning...but we know it was time for you to rest. And we know you haven't really left....
Jeff & Gina WirthMedford, New JerseyNovember 13, 2016
6/16/2006 - 11/7/2016Oh Lily, Silly Lily, Wiggle Butt, Stinky Puppy Dog; you wiggled your way into my heart with your flirty boxer antics. You made me laugh so many times. You brought so much joy to me, our family and friends. You won everyone over with your sweet face and disposition. As a rescue, I was uncertain of how you were treated before. So, I decided to love you and spoil you as much as possible. I was so proud of you! Such a beautiful and sweet girl. I am really going to miss my road trip companion who wanted nothing more than to be with me. I am really going to miss your joyous wiggling when I would come home or when you would wake up from sleeping and see me. I am really going to miss our cuddle time on the couch and in bed. Rest in peace my sweet puppy dog.
Lily, I will love you forever.
Chuck PerryAtlanta, GeorgiaNovember 12, 2016