Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
5/20/2000 - 6/15/2016Lily, we miss you so much and want you to know that we all love you and know that you are in such a blissful place right now with your brother, Jewel. You were always the sweetest girl and loved everyone and everything unconditionally and everyone loved you in return. Your family loves you and we all miss you very much including your brother Lucky. He is very happy that he was also able to say goodbye to you and he knows that he will see you again at the beautiful rainbow bridge.Elizabeth FrongelloParkland, FloridaJune 16, 2016
6/15/2016Lady died on June 15, 2016 of acute kidney failure. She died at home on her favorite spot on the couch with the help of a Lap of Love veterinarian.

Lady joined our family on the 4th of July in 2009. She enjoyed sticking her head out the window on car rides, running around on golf courses after they closed, barking at the doorbell, and smelling things while hiking at the park. Near the end of her life, she liked to ride in the basket of our baby stroller.

Lady had impressive collection of Halloween costumes and never missed a church trunk or treat in her entire life. Lady was also a junior social worker and frequently accompanied her mom to work at a local homeless center as well as a crisis hotline.

Lady, girl, we are so glad you were ours.
Sarah RabideauMorrisville, North CarolinaJune 16, 2016
8/13/2010 - 12/14/2015Dear Elvis, I never imagined how abruptly life can change by having you taken away from us so soon by ugly osteosarcoma cancer only at 5 years old. I wish we could prepare, I wish we found out sooner, but since you always loved to make me and your Uncle Walt so happy, you kept it inside of that rib cage until you could no longer hide it. It is truly a blessing that all went down so fast, so you did not have to suffer. It was killing me to see you not being your happy energetic self. If I could have, I would rather die and let you live, that is how much you meant to me my Baby Boy, but life does not offer us that option. I will never forget 15Dec 2015 when you took your last breath here on Earth, in my lap at home. There will never be another one like you and please know, that everyone remembers you as the biggest ears, kind, happy, best Frisbee catcher, loving pup as you always have been. We miss you everyday and I know we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge when it's time. They say "the journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog". It was even sweater and more special with you Elvis, even for such a short time, as you gave us so much love and brought so much happiness and I always thought we will live like this forever. Have fun up there until we meet again.

Love Mommy and Uncle Walt
Gabriela SklarovaLaguna NIguel, CaliforniaJune 16, 2016
10/31/2001 - 6/14/2016We had Hallie about 15 years and she's was just a part of our family.
She was our beloved pet & we will miss her.
R. S. CoppinLlano, TexasJune 15, 2016
7/28/2006 - 6/13/2016To our special big girl, you were such a special part of our family. We will always be so grateful for every day we had with you. You brought so much joy to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you. Simba, you will always hold a special place in our hearts and we look forward to being with you again someday at the rainbow bridge. We love you!Tina & Steve HeimMullica Hill, New JerseyJune 15, 2016
10/5/2005 - 6/13/2016Bandit was a big presence in our house. His sister Baby misses her buddy and do does the family. You earned your wings sweet boy. Love you forever and always.Laurie ohlingerWomelsdorf, PennsylvaniaJune 15, 2016
7/4/2000 - 6/13/2016Merlin was the sweetest, most affectionate and loving kitty cat. She was my best friend for sixteen years. I will never forget adopting a little tiny baby kitten from the animal shelter. We have been through so much together. Seeing her age has broken my heart. I am so lucky to have been your companion. Goodbye Merlin, I will miss you and love you forever.Dallas, TexasJune 15, 2016
8/13/2015 - 6/8/2016You were taken much to soon
That was not our plan
but the Heavenly Father had a different plan
To show us how to love
We thank you for showing us how.

Sometimes love means to let go
for the other to have peace
Elaine McStravickTorrance, CaliforniaJune 15, 2016
10/6/2005 - 6/14/2016Even though you aren't here on the this earth I know you are no longer in pain. You earned your wings sweet boy. Mommy and Daddy and the rest of the family will miss you ! Love you so much!Laurie OhlingerWomelsdorf, PennsylvaniaJune 15, 2016
8/28/2007 - 6/13/2016Dear Big Sis Maddie,

Thinking of you today. We woke up this morning and for the first time in our lives, you weren't with us in mommy and daddy's bed. Everybody seems so sad but I hear them talk about how you are now in heaven with God, Nana, both Papa's and all of our sisters and brothers. You are such an inspiration how you gracefully embraced your gallbladder removal and bladder cancer. You never acted like it slowed you down, but we know it had to affect you profoundly. Even though we knew it would happen, we prayed this day would not come. We will do our best to carry on in your memory and bring joy and happiness to Mom and Dad like you always did. They are grieving, but Annie and I will remind them to take us for walks and fun adventures. I miss sitting beside you and giving you love and kisses and Annie misses her important job of waking up mom and dad when you needed something in the middle of the night.

We have always looked up to you as the leader of our pack and we will always treasure our time together and look forward to seeing you someday in heaven. Please give a kiss to Abbey, Jake, Cody and Grace for us and let them know we all look forward to being together again some day.

Love you Always,
Anaheim, CaliforniaJune 14, 2016