Pet Memorials
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7/5/2016Heidi, we love you forever and will never forget you. "I have loved you with an everlasting love" ~ Jeremiah 31:3Anneliese GiovinazziGarden Grove, CaliforniaJuly 13, 2016
5/4/2001 - 6/17/2016We loved our dear Chico. He was a sweet spunky little chihuahua. He will always be a highlight of my life. He was there for my first home, car and teaching job after college. He's been with me through it all. I'm so grateful for having experienced his love all these years.Carla GuerraHollywood, FloridaJuly 13, 2016
9/11/2002 - 5/27/2016To my first child,
Thank you! Thank you for 13.5 years of unconditional love and joy. You were the perfect dog. We were both unsure of each other during the first month but after the "getting to know you phase", I never looked back and never pictured my life without you. I loved everything about you, even your initial shyness. Thank you for your human soul and sweet gentle eyes. I love how you would smile with your whole face, and your laugh was a fast paced pant. Your tail was a big fluffy indicator of your mood (from very playful, to cuddly, to protective). You loved everyone and brought such excitement and joy to all, especially the Hospice patients we visited as Vitas Paw Pal volunteers. ❤️ My favorite feature of yours were your ears!! They would pop up whenever you heard my voice, and they bounced when you trotted along on dog walks. I joked and called you "bat dog" when you would stick them straight out to the sides. 😍 The underside of your ear folds felt like a fleece blanket!! I am so grateful I had the honor of watching your jet black hair slowly turn white; around your muzzle, then your paws, slowly throughout your limbs, spine and lastly gray hair in your eyebrows.

During our time together, you saw me through many difficult times. Serious relationships ended tragically, we moved houses, changed jobs, my father passed away, I met and married an amazing man, and I gave birth to an incredible little girl. Thank you for always being there during the good and tough times. When I had no one else you were always there; smiling, wanting to play and providing me with unconditional love. You were my best friend, travel buddy and snuggle partner... I know you were a little jealous and sad when Baby Hannah was born because you were no longer my spoiled, only child. You allowed Baby Hannah to pull your tail, ears, ride your back, sleep on your side and were always extremely patient and gentle to her. Every morning she looked forward to giving you vitamins and treats. She loved our lazy mornings where we would snooze and snuggle you!! Thank you for bonding with and loving my baby girl. I know you didn't want to share me but you did so very well. Hannah loves and misses you too. We explain to her as best we can but she still calls "Sable!" looking for you. She tells me "Sable's a good girl. I want to pet her. I miss her. Mama sad." She is obsessed with fleece blankets and I believe it’s because of your velvet ears! Our whole household is mourning you and you are dearly missed by everyone. Nana, Jessica, Keri... many of our close friends have cried with me and we all wish we had more unlimited healthy years with you!

You were more than a pet. You were my first child. You understood all of my emotions and always aimed to please me with silly playtime or cuddling quiet time. You protected our house by patrolling the yard perimeter every time you went outside and barked like a vicious killer whenever a strange human or dog was near our front lawn. You loved to watch out the front windows to ensure no one surprised us. Even though your bark sounded extremely scary, once I allowed someone in the house, you would joyfully wag your tail, smile with your eyes, and then show them where we kept the treats and toys. I am blessed with memories of you at the dog park, beaches, TN mountain trails and waterfalls, many south FL trips, chasing squirrels and bunnies, etc. It makes me smile how you loved the water but would never go deeper than your chest. Whenever we would walk after the rain or during a light rain, you insisted on tip toeing through and tasting the puddles. You would steal socks and carry them around like a baby puppy or some kind of prize! You sweet, silly dog 😘 I love how you would take a big deep sigh after I did. I adored the super soft fuzzy fur under your ears and the thick fur at the nape of your neck. You loved having your chest rubbed and snuggling. I nicknamed you "Noodle" and I would sing "are you going to be my dog?!" by Jet. Kristie & Sable were like PB & J from 24 to 37 years old! Almost 14 years and all of my adult life!

I am so sorry you got sick. I wished I could have changed the diagnosis, heal you, and keep you happy and healthy forever. I am sorry you were in pain. Please know I did my best to keep you comfortable, give you all your favorite indulgent foods and treats, and take you for as many beach trips and dog walks as possible in your last month. As always you did me the favor. Thank you for giving me warning that you were sick and your time was limited. Thank you for giving me the extra month to mentally and emotionally prepare to say goodbye. Thank you for allowing me time to make arrangements for you. You gave ME the gift of a peaceful, beautiful passing... Outside, in the sunshine, breeze, by the waters edge, and on the anniversary of the day my father passed. I imagine you and Dad are together now.

No one will ever fill the place you have in my heart. You were part of my identity! I treasure hearing our song on the radio, and finding your fur everywhere! Thank you for visiting me through the dolphin that splashed our boat. Please "visit" and give me signs as often as possible. Thank you for almost 14 years of unconditional love and joy. You were the perfect dog. Our family misses you so much!

Kristie StacyJacksonville, FloridaJuly 13, 2016
5/16/2004 - 7/10/2016Our dear Princess came into our lives in May of 2004. We had lost another toy poodle (Prissy) the year before to cancer and we were not sure we were ready to commit to another pet, but that fear was put to rest the moment we met little Princess. We have no children so Princess (like Prissy) instantly became our little girl. My wife Mary went to the breeders home and picked her up while I was at work. When she got home with Princess in her pocket I knew this was a match made in heaven. Sadly, I lost Mary to cancer in January of this year, if it were not for my little Princess I don't know what I would have done. She pulled me thru the most difficult time of my life, she gave me a reason to get up each day, and the way she would just lay on my lap and paw at my hand to pet her was so comforting. I miss my girls so much, but knowing that she is now in heaven with my dear wife gives me a great deal of comfort.Mike ThomasDurham, North CarolinaJuly 12, 2016
11/10/2000 - 5/27/2016I’m pretty sure I picked up and hugged Redley almost every day his entire life, but I’m convinced it was him that carried me for almost 16 years of mine.

He was my best friend and my son and I will be forever grateful for having him in my life.
David MarksSafety Harbor, FloridaJuly 12, 2016
2/12/2002 - 7/10/2016Bailey - the best dog in the world. I had never had a dog in my adult life until she came along. She was always willing and able to go for car rides, to help my sons learn how to drive, to go to the store with me and just to be with me. After a while, she decided that she needed to be more with the boys. She was so protective of them that she would not let them leave without her. For example, they used to babysit some boys and would have to leave the house to go to the other house. They would have to trick Bailey with food or something so that they could get out the door. She loved all of us to the very day that she was so sick that she had to go to sleep and be without pain. You will always be in our hearts baby.Jo Ann HarrisSunrise, FloridaJuly 12, 2016
3/12/2003 - 7/10/2016In loving Memory of Alex, my buddy. Never will you be forgotten. Your paw print on my heart forever.Rosemarie FarellaTampa, FloridaJuly 12, 2016
4/11/1999 - 7/2/2015On the anniversary of Pandora's passing, I wanted to post a memorial in her honor. I still miss her every single day, and am eternally grateful for her long and mostly healthy life.

I remember...
Her deep, thoughtful eyes, which twinkled when she smiled.
The feel of her soft, wavy red fur, which was turning white.
Her tail that wagged like a soft breeze, or thumped like a wild drummer.
Her perfect black nose becoming pale and freckled.
The way she lapped water rhythmically in sets of three: lap, lap, lap, pause; lap, lap, lap, pause.
The way she gently rested her chin on the windowsill, surveying the world.
Seeing her watching for me at the front window when I came home.
Her standing in the yard when she was very old, barking at nothing in particular, her front feet hopping off the ground with each bark.
Her deep voice becoming hoarse with age.
Her trotting along beside me as a puppy, proudly displaying a huge, unwieldy branch she had picked up (which I still have in my trunk).
Dancing with her to folk music during A Prairie Home Companion.
The way she got along with the other dogs she met--all but one, who unceremoniously attempted to mount her. Him, she told off.
How she threw herself on her back, shamelessly displaying her belly for ten whole minutes trying to cajole a guest to give her a tummy rub.
Her eating with gusto every food, raw or cooked, that she was offered...except for kiwi.
Her nearly falling asleep when I clipped her nails.
Her grabbing my slippers, but not chewing them, and giving them up when asked.
Her grabbing a hunk of wood and running in a wide circle around me, playing keep away.
How she went along nicely to swimming, which kept her mobile in her last years, despite not loving it.
Her relentlessly trying to entice Buddy (the terrified foster dog) to play; she convinced him in just four days.
The way she automatically sat when she met toddlers on walks.
Her howling to the opening of Mahler's fifth symphony, while lying flat as a pancake on the floor.
Her graciousness even when she could no longer walk without help.
How much she had to teach me, and how patiently she did.
What a model citizen she was when I was too ill to make any demands.
Her just wanting to be near me.
Playing hide and seek with her.
The bittersweet feeling of celebrating her 16th birthday, knowing it would be her last.
How she let her younger "sister" Sara cuddle up with her as if she were a canine bean bag.
The soft sound she made when she wanted me to flip her over when she tired of lying on one side, after she could no longer do it herself.
Cradling her head in my lap, whispering in her ear, and looking into her beautiful eyes for the last time as she drifted gently and peacefully away.
Two butterflies flitting around Dr. Christie's car just before she took her away.
Mary Lynne DoleysSkokie, IllinoisJuly 12, 2016
6/15/1998 - 7/9/2016Sassy, the most loving, caring soul that has ever touched my life and she changed me forever. She showed me what love without words truly means. Her strength and love for me until her last day is something I will never forget. I love you Sassy today, tomorrow and forever.Luciana RigoKissimmee, FloridaJuly 12, 2016
7/10/2016Cuddles came to us through the caring arms of our son, alone, cold and mistreated, found on a construction site in winter, she was brought home to be loved and cared for. Admittedly, at that time another cat in the house was not the best idea to me having two already, but I was not going to ignore this pitiful looking tired sick kitty. She had a cold, needed to eat and be seen by a vet at the very least, "that was the plan" it did not take long for "the plan" to fail! She crawled on my chest the first night she was with me, put her little kitty arms around my neck and went to sleep, who on earth could say no to that. Cuddles, was affectionately named and became part of the family, she spent the rest of her life loving us with all her heart, every night she would come to bed and snuggle up to my neck and chest, nestled in and embraced with loving arms in return. I could not ask for a better friend and companion, the truly unconditional ;love she gave was a gift that will last our lifetime and carry on ever after. To go through this life and not know the love of a pet is the greatest loss I can imagine, as much as it hurts to say goodbye to my best friend, I would not trade it for anything else in this world! Thank you Dr Emily for the warmth and caring you give to all the animals and humans you touch.Ron PevelerBatavia, OhioJuly 11, 2016