Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/4/2000 - 10/31/2016We said goodbye to our dear boy Sam on October 31. He was the sweetest dog any family could ever hope for. He was a rescue from the North Side Animal Shelter in Pittsburgh and had a mending broken leg when adopted. He loved people, other dogs and our neighbor's two cats. Our home is very lonesome without him.Roberta BowdenMt Lebanon, PennsylvaniaNovember 11, 2016
11/19/2009 - 11/6/2016I Will never forget you linda, you were and forever Will be the light of my Life, I promisse you Will be the First one I Will reach when I leave this world, love beyound Life... Love you to infinity and beyound...Tatiana CostellaChapecó, AlaskaNovember 11, 2016
11/8/2016In memory of my Sweet Boy, Sammy. I have never owned an orange tabby before... when we went to Operation Kindness over 13 years ago.... in a room full of babies.... Sammy crawled up into my arms, just like a baby, and I held him, rubbed his little 3 month old tummy and knew I was not leaving there without him. He was the most LOVING little kitty I have ever had..... The ladies at Operation Kindness asked me if I had ever owned an orange tabby and I said no..... They told me I was going to LOVE him..... They were SO right....
Every day, when I would come home from work, I would see his sweet little face waiting at the door meowing for me to come in..... I MISS IT.... He was my best friend. My youngest lives with me, but he's 21 with a life and works most nights..... so, it was me and Sammy.... for almost a year now, I have rushed home every night to be with him, since we found out he was in renal failure. I chose to spend as much time with him as humanly possible. He followed me everywhere.... slept with me (on my chest) every night, until my son would get home... then he would go share some love with him, as well.
My heart has such a huge hole in it right now.... I know Sammy is at peace now.... and no more pain or needles or throwing up.... but, I still miss him so much..... he was truly my best little friend.... I wouldn't change a thing.... people didn't understand my never going out, or anywhere, for that matter.... but "I" knew that the HAPPY part of Sammy's life, was right here in my lap.... or my son's lap.... and he deserved to have his happiness... He chose me..... I am SO blessed to have had this BEAUTIFUL, SWEET BOY in my life.... if even for 13 short years. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU, SAMMY..... You will NEVER be forgotten..... Can't wait to see you again, my sweet Sammy.
Kim SandlingLancaster, TexasNovember 11, 2016
Duke randolph
10/9/2003 - 11/7/2016Our beautiful boy Duke passed away peacefully on his bed on Nov. 7, 2016 to be in Heaven. He fought bravely and with courage against his cancer until he could fight no more. We loved him with every fiber of our being and made sure that he had the best life. He loved his yard, playing with his toys, and most of all chasing birds. He loved having visitors and meeting new people. He gave us his unconditional love which made us better people and enriched our lives beyond belief. He lived a wonderful, beautiful life full of joy and happiness that knew no end. He will forever be in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives. Please know that if love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. Rest in peace sweet boy, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Momma and Daddy
Scott & Roberta SmithLas Vegas, NevadaNovember 10, 2016
11/3/2008 - 11/8/2016We had Peyton brighten our lives from the day before President Obama was elected to the day President-elect Trump was elected.

She lived for 8 years (turned 9 last week) and embodied exuberant hope every day. Her kidneys failed her but her spirit did not.

We love you and will miss you so much.
Bryan and Lori SirtoskyIndianapolis, IndianaNovember 9, 2016
8/27/1999 - 10/1/2016How do you write a memorial for your best friend, your baby, when you still can't believe they are gone. Especially when feelings are so conflicting. One part of me really does understand that Jewel is still here with me. I see her laying in her favorite spots. I feel her next to me. I can feel her little cheek on mine, and my fingers in her beautiful soft fur. I know she is here, I know she is going to be with me forever, just on a different level for now. I also know that she is healthy, happy, living well with her Grandma and Seamus and Tailor. They are waiting for me, for the time when I come out of the darkness and can join them all, forever.
The other part of me, that is the part that can't even describe the pain of missing my baby.
Teri EhrichWest Reading, PennsylvaniaNovember 9, 2016
7/1/2007 - 10/27/2016I loving memory of Zoey, our exuberant companion who was full of life and love. We miss her dearly.Bonni BairdChapel Hill, North CarolinaNovember 8, 2016
Kassie Butler
3/14/1997 - 10/29/2016Kassie was so beautiful, both in looks and spirit. She had a kind and gentle soul and gave us all unconditional love and comfort throughout her life. She was a true companion and friend who will be deeply missed. Kassie will live on in our hearts forever.Dorothy & Bob ButlerPlano, TexasNovember 8, 2016
4/26/2002 - 10/28/2016Sophie, our beautiful girl. We miss your sweet soul. Thank you for being such a loving companion for almost 15 years. We know you're running and playing in the Spirit and watching over us. XOXOXOXLeigh BoppLas Vegas, NevadaNovember 7, 2016
Annie And Buddie
My heart is broken in a million pieces after the sudden loss of my dear Buddie yesterday. This following the death of our other golden Annie in May. Our Annie was 13 and had been diagnosed with mast cell cancer for three years with a large tumor on her leg that could not be removed due to its location without amputation. We were told she may only have 6 months to a year with us so when the time came in May to say goodbye we were at peace with our decision and knew we gave her the best life possible for the last three years. Dr. Christine was wonderful and kind and helped us with the transition. Our Buddie was only 9, he also had a mast cell tumor diagnosis at the young age of three but the tumor was removed and we hoped for a long and happy life for him. On Friday night he went to sleep like usual and in the middle of the night made a very distressing yelp and was gone. Annie was the family dog who loved us all but Buddie was my shadow and was always by my side. I am sick with grief over his sudden loss and wonder if there was anything we should have noticed but Dr. Beth assured us of the suspected causes that put us at ease. I realize that losing a cherished pet is never easy but the grief I am feeling over the loss of both our beloved pets within 6 months is very difficult and even more unbearable to lose one suddenly. Thank you Lap of Love for being there during these difficult days.Lisa McAlduffFairfax, VirginiaNovember 6, 2016