Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/17/2002 - 10/13/2015Thank you for giving us so much joy over the years. You will never be forgotten and I know now that you finally caught that elusive squirrel. With much love.Brad YazellFort Lauderdale, FloridaOctober 20, 2015
Maggie May
3/19/2005 - 10/19/2015Maggie was my faithful and constant companion for nearly 11 years. I brought her home from the Weimaraner breeder when she was 6 weeks old. She was an adorable puppy, her fur felt like velvet. I spoiled her too much! Every one said I was Maggie's pet. But that was ok with me. Maggie always followed me around, She loved to ride in the car and go for walks. She was a smart dog who was easily trained. Maggie loved stuffed animals, and carried them with her most of the day. She usually took her favorite animal to bed with her. Maggie's passing has left a big hole in my heart. I will miss her terribly, as will as the rest of our family.Carolyn RamseyMarietta, GeorgiaOctober 20, 2015
2/10/2002 - 10/16/2015Brian was our sweet, playful, beautiful boy. He joined our family in the summer of 2004. Brian made fast friends with other dogs and loved meeting new humans, he would often vocalize his social wishes on walks (as if to say "Guys...can I meet that dog/human over there pleeeeeease?"). Brian could be a goofy playmate and a silent companion. He absolutely loved going to the beach, jumping and running with pure joy, and just hanging out in our back yard, romping and sniffing the perimeter. When it became clear that his degenerative myelopathy was causing his quality of life to slip away, we were determined to not let him suffer. The pain of his loss has been felt by family, friends, and even former neighbors. We miss him terribly but are cherishing all of the memories and time spent with our sweet hound Brian.Patrick McGrawRenton, WashingtonOctober 19, 2015
12/1/1996 - 10/18/2015To my dear Charmin,

I am truly devastated by your loss. While you were so tiny, you were a tremendous presence and part of the family. My heart bleeds with your loss. The hardest moments that haunt me were watching you drift away and take your last breaths. I have solace in knowing you are still close as we have buried you in the yard so we can visit you every day. You will remain in our hearts forever and we hope you are now in heaven...happy, healthy, able to hear and comfortably walk, and looking down on your family with a smile. We love and miss you dearly.

Abrahem HelalWashington, District of ColumbiaOctober 19, 2015
9/6/1999 - 10/16/2015Dear Ashley ~ You were just a little tiny puppy when we met you and fell in love. Because of your soft, black fur the kids, then 4 and 6, decided you were like ashes which quickly transformed into Ashley. We soon realized your body size was no indication of the size of your sweet and adventurous heart and spirit. You wanted to be involved in everything we as a family were doing. You were a true family member for 16 years. You helped raise two kids; you lightened the mood in our home when it was sometimes too heavy; you made us smile and laugh with your antics such as balancing on your hind legs to get noticed when there was popcorn in the room; and you loved unconditionally each and every day, even when you didn't feel good yourself. You were the perfect pet for us. We are grateful you are now resting in peace and we will miss you so very much. Love, Hugs and Kisses, Your FamilyxxxxooooLori ConsolazioGainesville, FloridaOctober 19, 2015
4/24/2015 - 10/17/2015You came to us on a plane from Nebraska,
We flew you to your new home to stay,
A stranger said something I'll never forget.
“Great dogs, labs never have a bad day” !

He was right, you were the best pup in the world,
All fluffy, happy, playful and fun,
I finally got the lab I had dreamed of
And with you baby girl, I had won.

You stuck by me through thick and thin.
My shadow, never left my side,
When my heart was sick, I think you knew,
As your love for me you couldn't hide.

But, now you have grown weak and weary,
Your legs can no longer stand
I'm letting you go because I love you so much,
You went to sleep at home, paw in my hand.

You won't be greeting me as I walk through the door,
You won't be waking me to go out at night,
I’ll miss you lying beside me at work,
But still, you’ll never be out of my sight.

You loved the beach, the pool and your ball.
And you could jump so very high,
I'll remember all the times you made me laugh
And smile when I look up to the sky.
I won’t hear your collar as you approach a room,
Won’t hear your steps on the hardwood floor.
I won’t see you waiting in the window for me,
or hear you bark when someone’s at the door.

So be well, be free, run, frolic and play,
With the others that have gone there too.
And know how very blessed we were,
You’ll always have a piece of my heart with you.

Goodbye my Cheyenne, my sweet baby girl,
Thank you for being my companion, my friend
I'll think of you every day for the rest of my life,
Sleep well, my girl, Till we meet again.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me such love and joy. For so long it was just the two of us, and then we found a loving family, who loved us both. You were nothing short of a blessing my girl. I will miss you every second of everyday.
Cheyenne went to Rainbow Bridge in my arms on Oct 17, 2015 at home in the moonlit backyard she loved so much. S
She would have been 14 in April. ( Bare with me, this is my therapy ) J
Terri CookeWestminster, CaliforniaOctober 18, 2015
3/13/2012 - 8/20/2015in loving memory of my Sabastian, my dearest friend.. love you always..Dionnie Colonlutz, FloridaOctober 18, 2015
12/14/2001 - 7/30/2015My liefiekind mamma is baie lief v jou en mis jou elke dag.Jy is elke dag by my in my hart ek sal jou nooit vergeet nie.Kan nie wag v die dag wat mamma jou weer sien nie. Lief jou altyd my ninatjie❤❤❤Chantal RouxCape town, New MexicoOctober 18, 2015
9/11/2001 - 10/16/2015I remember wanting a pug my whole life... I was 19 and Jaeden was 2 months old when we became besties. I'm pretty sure it was after watching Milo and Otis and knowing pugs were part Chinese, like me, so we were the perfect pair..
Jaeden HELPED ME GROW UP. I remember potty training him taking a year and a half as I lived in a 3rd floor apartment ... And the many nights I could've stayed out way later than I should have .... He grounded me. He was the one source of unconditional love who depended on me to be a grown up and take care of HIM. I remember being in my darkest days.. Fighting depression... Dealing with financial troubles... And him sticking by me and being the driving force to help me not give up on him or us..
In 2008 I came home to him in such bad pain from his knee cap giving way... And he had knee surgery on the left one to help as best that I could. I remember pushing him around in a stroller and people asking me all about my baby until they noticed it was a furry pug inside..
Many friends and family have even grown close to him. Gary has been his Dad for 5 years and loved him more than anything. He's always been a part of my life. After 14 years at my office job, leaving him at home during the day and seeing him when I could - I was able to have the chance to work from home and spend all of this year having more quality time with him during my "work" hours... As he grew older I also did ‪#‎Jaedenslist‬ where friends and family helped me to brighten up his golden days with a fire truck ride... A pug play date or two... Time on the beach with the sunset... foodie dates...and Jaeden got to go on his longest roadtrip ever with us over our 3 day trek out west. He got to see mountains and beautiful scenery with us and lay with me for three days snuggling on our car ride of memories...
Right before the move Jeeden showed some signs having problems moving around and being in pain when he had to go outside or get up...With the help of some medication he made it through our trip and into the new house without any stress, but started to have some bad days again this week...
I've struggled with what to do for months. I've taken quizzes to determine how to treat older dogs... Researched medications to better his life... Have asked friend and family and God for guidance... Have tried to justify the bad versus good days he was having...Having him at such a young age I never knew there would come a day I would have to do the most selfless act ever and decide to let his pain stop... Let him pass on to the Rainbow Bridge to be with God waiting for me... So that he was running again... Moving around again... Living a better quality of life...I spent all day yesterday holding him and loving on him and sharing lunch with him...I kept apologizing to him for all of my shortcomings and asking him to tell me I was doing the right thing. His gentle eyes just looked up at me calm as ever as he normally freaked out when I cry... As if to tell me "it's okay mama..."
Lap of Love's vet Tobey was the angel we asked for. He came into our home and helped us say Goodbye to Jaeden on this physical earth and he passed away peacefully last night with me holding his paw the entire time and is at ease now without hurt or anxiety....
I know this is a process. The guilt.. The unstoppable crying...the pain... The missing him. When anyone tries to console me I always can respond "I know..." Because I know time heals all things... I just miss my baby so much... It's inexplainable the hole that's left without him here with us... I'll look to pour positivity into others and lean on my friends and family to go through this... I'm welcoming distraction but I'm also working to be sure I can share his legacy - he was one amazing pug who can never be replaced....
Katrina PilkingtonLas Vegas, NevadaOctober 17, 2015
10/10/2015Dear Shelby,you held a special place in our hearts but it was time to give you peaceBarbara ScibekRaleigh, North CarolinaOctober 17, 2015