Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/14/2010 - 9/23/2019Brutus has been the best friend I could have ever asked for. My heart is so broken - I miss him every day. He's my world...always has been. I knew with all the love I had for him and him for me, as much as I cried, I knew emailing Lap of Love was the right decision. Everyone from Mary who responded to my email with her compassionate way of speaking to me to Dr. Jessica who was an absolute God send for me and my fur baby. From the moment she arrived her focus was on Brutus, making sure he was comfortable...he gave her so many was like he knew she was there to help him. She explained everything she did and was going to do and she helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge and get his angel wings with incredible loving care. It was the most precious moment for me to be holding him and singing to him as he took his last breath. I love you will be forever in my heart and soul. 🌈🐕❤Lisa CrotsleyJacksonville, FloridaOctober 1, 2019
Bucky Joe
11/27/2007 - 9/29/2019Bucky, I was not ready to let you go but we both knew it was time to say our goodbyes. You were my best friend, my constant companion, the best big fur brother and the biggest goofball with the most loving heart. The house is so big without you here and everywhere I look theres a sweet memory of you. Thank you so much for the greatest 11 years. I miss you so so much, Bucky Joe especially hugging your big neck a million times a day, until we meet again my bestest good friend.Christy WilderKnoxville, TennesseeOctober 1, 2019
7/22/20073 months today I lost my best friend. Scrappy was 13 and was suffering with severe kidney problems with the hardest decision I had to make was to stop his suffering but I'm very very happy that he's in a better place and not suffer but very sad that he's not with me , not a moment goes by that I don't think about you we love and miss you and I hope that you're playing with all your friends and no pain
love Mom
Karen FinkenGrovetown, GeorgiaOctober 1, 2019
3/19/2007 - 9/26/2019Bella was a beautiful, smart, proper southern lady who took a piece of all our hearts when she left us. She was an amazing dog and will certainly be missed!Angela LovinSt Augustine, FloridaOctober 1, 2019
3/24/2005 - 9/29/2019Zoey was the most caring dog, friend, and companion. She was so loving I will miss her dearly.Frank AlfanoRochester, New YorkSeptember 30, 2019
7/20/2019 - 9/29/2019We miss you so much Maddie. You were the most gentle and sweet dog. You never met a child you didn’t like. We know you are over the rainbow bridge playing ball to your hearts desire. Our home feels empty without you. We cherish our memories we had with you and the unconditional love you showed all of us..
We can’t thank Dr Rachel and Lap of Love enough for coming to our home within hours of our call. We knew Maddie’s time would come but did not expect how sudden it would be. It was a very peaceful process and that gave us great comfort in her final minutes.
Jeannie MorrellBristol, ConnecticutSeptember 30, 2019
1/1/2001 - 9/29/2019Anyone who knew Rufus when he was younger knew that he had SO much spirit and energy that the lack of hearing never held him back. He had the dexterity to jump and simultaneously catch in his mouth and two front paws the string that turned my living room light on and off (!), he could open doors with his paws, and he’d literally jump about 8 feet straight off the ground and pull himself up so he could hang out on the tops of doors, and on top of the shower each morning to keep me company (occasionally sticking his head forward to get sprayed by the mist). I quickly saw that my little man could EAT – such an insatiable appetite for anything that I was having (he was the rudest mofo around when it came to food, swatting meat out of my hand!). He also could get into more trouble than any other critter—he once knocked off the door to a heating vent in between my bedroom and living room and climbed inside—and then when the heat came on, got caught inside my wall (!) and I had to smash the wall wide open with a sledgehammer to set him free.

But, there was truly no greater love around. I could always hold him upside down or in almost any position for as long as I wanted and all I’d get was deep-throated purrs and kisses. He was just happy to be loved and cuddled by me. Over the course of the nearly 19 years I have been with him, Rufus only became more soulful, more loving, and honestly the creature I have felt the closest, most spiritual bond with on this planet.

Saying goodbye yesterday was incredibly hard, but I am grateful for how peaceful it was doing it at home, and to have been gifted with having such an incredible companion for such a big part of my life.
Jennifer HymanWASHINGTON, District of ColumbiaSeptember 30, 2019
4/13/2008 - 9/24/2019We miss you so much, Nimbus. You were such a sweet kitty with the softest fur. Even though you lost your place as the "baby" of the family when your two human baby sisters came along, you were always so patient with them and waited your turn for cuddles and attention from Mom. I still expect you to jump up on the couch with me every night, and it breaks my heart all over again when I remember you're gone now. We didn't get enough time with you, but I'm glad to know you're not in pain anymore. We'll see you again someday.Sarah AllwardtHolly Springs, North CarolinaSeptember 30, 2019
12/24/2006 - 9/22/2019King was the most compassionate American Bulldog I've ever had the honor of calling family. He trained the 2 pit bull puppies we adopted & showed them how to "dog". We are all grieving his passing, but he was surrounded by ALL of the family, humans & dogs. I know he felt the love from the moment he walked into our lives until the moment he passed. He was my guardian, my best friend, & my miracle. I miss him dearly & has changed my life forever, no matter where he may be.Marie NebolskyRiverview, FloridaSeptember 30, 2019
6/15/2019 - 3/11/2019Angelica was so special to me and to many. She truly knew the words companionship, caring soul and true love. She always knew when I was stressed, sad, lonely, or even sick as she always came to make me feel better. She was my baby girl. Always so attached to me and me to her. She came to my life only when she was 8 weeks old. She made everyone feel so loved and special. She loved everyone and always worried about everyone being safe, as she will always watch that we all were near her. She gave us so much more than anyone could imagine. She was fun, happy and energetic, even when she was getting sick, she always tried to play with everyone and be a very happy girl. She was so so strong... She fought so hard to stay alive every day as she got sicker. She knew I wasn't ready to loss her...
We miss her so much and I miss not waking up next to her.. I wake up every day and think of her, miss not seeing her, not being able to get her kisses as soon as I will see her in the mornings, or when I got home. The house is so quiet without her. Nothing is the same since she left us. I keep thinking Angelica, my Angel is now in heaven, running and very healthy again, playing again with so many and having fun. I have to find ways to see her enjoying herself again, so I don't get so sad for not being able to hug and kiss her again. Angelica, I love you so much for all you gave me. Thank you for making my life so complete for having you in it. Can't wait to see you again when it is my turn to cross that rainbow bridge. Love you so much!
Narbeli GalindoKansas City, MissouriSeptember 30, 2019