Pet Memorials
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10/6/2003 - 2/18/2016It is with a sad and heavy heart that we write this memorial for our angel, Hershey, who got her wings on February 18, 2016. Hershey loved to take long walks and fetch her favorite red ball at the park. She always followed us around and made sure we were always together. But most of all she loved to swim, and boy, was she good at it! She even taught herself how to jump off the diving board! We know she's in heaven running around again with our Dalmation, Shyne, and swimming until her heart's content. It's also nice to know she finally got to meet our first dog, Precious.
Rest in peace, my angel, and we'll see you again some day.
P.s. Your sisters, Coco and Lili, miss you very much, too. Lili is so sad she has been sleeping on your big bed every night and meows every time she hears your name.
Fernando and Evelyn BarrosoBelle Isle, FloridaMarch 17, 2016
Risky Business
5/19/2003 - 3/14/2016Rest in peace my little boy. Mom loves you. You were my lover, my comforter, my little clown. You made me laugh, invented games to play, played chase with us around the house and faked us out with your quick turns, knew all your toys by name, loved to go for a ride, loved French fries, biscotti and everything else we ate, cuddled on our laps while we were on the computer, played with the grand babies, rode the laundry basket to the washing machine, loved to shop, watched me cook and sampled the food. I will never forget you. Risky Business May 20, 2002 - March 11, 2016Lisalita GBenicia, CaliforniaMarch 17, 2016
3/14/2016It is with a heavy heart I share with you the passing of the "best ol bob tail beast" ever, Glimmer. I will miss his "welcoming chirps" and his running up the stairs to give nose licks upon entering the house, leisurely naps on my keyboard or lying upside down watching me do household chores, and numerous requests to be brushed. It will be very strange not to wake in the night to the thunderous footfalls of an intruder only to realize it was just Glimmer going down the steps. He was a kind and gentle spirit, extremely laid back, and very affectionate. He was the only cat I have ever known that hated to play, even as a kitten. I think we was just an "old soul".

A friend once told me that cats choose their master and I am very lucky to have been chosen by him. He was the very best pet anyone could ever ask for, never a bother, and he exuded happiness and unconditional love. Glimmer, dutiful and loyal companion, will be missed and remembered each and every day.
Jeff PorterMartinsville, VirginiaMarch 16, 2016
Into our lives this lovely light shone,
A rescued angel in search of a home.

He stole our hearts, he blossomed and grew,
Into a loving companion, faithful and true.

Now his steps have faltered and his coat turned to grey,
And The Lord has whistled our angel home to stay.

Words don’t exist to express our love,
And our loss will be felt for years to come.

In Loving Memory of Logan 2005-2016
Reston, VirginiaMarch 15, 2016
4/1/2000 - 3/13/2016Everyday with you, Maxi was a treasure and an honor. Thank you for being my best friend for nearly 16 years. No one could have asked for a better pet than you were. You greeted me at the door, followed me around the house, and sat wherever I sat. I hope I was half of the human as you were a pet to me. I never wanted you to suffer as you took a lot of suffering away from me over the years. I believe your passing over was a peaceful one and I was honored to hold you the whole time. Go be with Grandpa now. He will take good care of you and you will surely take good care of him, as you did for me.

Until we meet again. My love to you forever. Love, your very lucky human Lynnea.
Lynnea ValpaticStuart, FloridaMarch 14, 2016
8/9/1999 - 3/10/2016All - I apologize for the length of the below, but truthfully it did me good to write it. Thanks to all for your compassion and expressions of support. Both Steve and I greatly appreciate it. -Annette

It is with great sadness that I share the news with all of you of the passing of our dog, Cali, this past Thursday, after 16 and a half years with us. All dogs are special, but after so many years, Cali managed to touch many lives, and so I think of her as extra special, and of course she would agree. Early in her life, Cali earned the nickname “Princess Cali” because quite frankly she expected to be treated like royalty. In exchange, we got her love. I have a picture in my mind of a friend shaking her head and saying “Cali, Cali, Cali…” – with a smile and acknowledgement that despite her demands, you couldn’t help but fall in love with that adorable little face.

From the beginning it was clear that Cali was a presence to be reckoned with. The night I brought her and her sister Paipa home at 8 weeks of age, I sat cross-legged on the floor with one on each leg feeding them chew stick treats. Cali wanted none of the one that I was feeding her – only the one her sister already had. And her sister only cared that she had “something” in her mouth, so she gladly exchanged. Thus started the canine sibling rivalry that continued until Paipa became ill with liver disease at the age of 14. These two pups spent not only every day of 14 years in each other’s company, but also developed in the same womb. A closer bond could not have existed – they were like twins with completely different personalities.

In that respect, Paipa was a sweet people-pleaser, eager to play with a ball and always ready for something – anything – to eat. People fell in love with Paipa because she was so sweet, so loyal, so playful. Cali, on the other hand, was more complex. Cali was probably the runt of the litter – born with a crook in her tail - it looked like she had been shoved into the corner during development. She was born ready to demand some attention, and had the looks to pull it off. With just the right combination of floppy ears, soulful eyes and slightly short snout, she looked like a puppy until the day she passed away. It amazed me that people often asked me how old my puppy was – and I would answer “14”, “15”, “16” – she was simply too cute. She knew how to work it, too – adopting a ladylike sitting posture that contributed to her nickname – she looked like a princess sitting to the side, posing daintily for a photo. And she had a personality to boot.

Early on, Cali fell in love with the television, apparently a safe place to chase other animals. I always found it funny that on outings to a farm she would quietly pass the cows or horse stables (she even gave wide berth to a cow-hide purse I bought in Bogota that apparently smelled too much like the real thing!) but from the comfort of her couch she freely attacked her prey with a loud bark and leaps toward the television. She especially got excited about dogs on TV. Just pay attention sometime to how often dogs appear on TV and you’ll get an idea of the situation – she saw every one of them.

Cali never hesitated to let you know what she wanted - A bark to make room on the couch for her, to fluff her pillow, to let her out, or to give her a taste of what you were eating. She competed with her sister for “lead position” on hikes through the woods, but was fiercely loyal and protective of her as well. She liked to be the center of attention, but remarkably took a back seat without complaint during her sister’s illness and eventual passing. Her reward was two more years as the recipient of all the love we could pour on her. She had a sense of how to interact with people – she loved kids and knew instinctively how to approach them gently and patiently take their pushes, pulls, and aggressive “pats”. And despite her aggressive insistence on attention, she could also curl up in a ball, snuggle up to your body, and be the sweetest, most loving little dog you could ask for.

I could sum up her life like this – Cali was born in Colombia, (legally) immigrated to the US, lived in Greece for a few years before settling in Virginia, vacationed in Florida and the Outer Banks, and acquired a second home and took up boating late in life. Her favorite pastimes were watching TV, and hiking. She was a bit cosmopolitan, as excited to be on the busy streets of New York City as relaxing at her country home on the Northern Neck of Virginia.

In her last years, her health started to fail, and she lost most of her hair. My sister told me that she was like a velveteen rabbit – loved so much for so long that bare spots were worn into her fur. I think that is an appropriate image.

The illness that took her progressed very fast in her last couple days of life, and we are thankful that she didn’t suffer a lengthy decline. We are so happy to think of Cali and Paipa reunited in the afterlife – together again stirring up mischief, exploring new hiking paths, playing together, and chasing animals. For me, Cali’s passing represents the end of an era, one I will look back on with many joyful memories. While we are sad and will miss her daily, we are grateful and blessed to have had them both for so long. We hope all of you will remember them fondly and with smiles as well.
Annette GreberArlington, VirginiaMarch 14, 2016
7/20/2002 - 2/24/2016Dear Fez, you are gone, but you are still here. I hear your soft meows in the night when I can't sleep and I imagine your fury body at the foot of the bed. You were the best cat that ever walked the Earth and though you truly only liked myself and Tyler, no one could hold a candle to you. God broke the mold when he made you, you crazy cat, and I am a better person to have known you. We think of you daily and will tell our child all about you. I wish that you never had to get sick and suffer, but you were such a strong kitty and majestic beast until the very end. We miss your soft fur, the way you would nip when it was time to stop petting you, and the fact that you always knew when it was 6am and saved me from being late to work many times.

Old friend, we will meet again someday.
Mary Ellen EngmanSeattle, WashingtonMarch 14, 2016
Raymond Burr Entzeroth
5/6/2004 - 2/12/2016Raymond Burr, we miss you every single day. You brought us so much joy and laughter. Thank you for being the world's greatest dog. We will never forget you.Sarah EntzerothSt. Louis, MissouriMarch 14, 2016
4/1/2004 - 3/12/2016Flap was a kind, loving, old soul. He was our Jack Russell whom we adopted from a dog pound in Cleveland. He was one year old when he came to us. Immediately he showed his interest in learning commands and understanding how to communicate with me. I spent all of his life in communication with him and once he passed I went to the door, opened it and told him to go play. This was our phrase to say when it was okay to go out and make a little trouble with the lizards. I knew once he left he sprung up and looked back around then hearing that old familiar phrase, he took off like lightning.Chris CopeLake Worth, FloridaMarch 13, 2016
Oliver "Ollie Baby"
3/7/2016My dear sweet boy peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge in the comfort of his home on Tuesday March 8th. I miss him greatly, especially the special rituals we shared like "pillow share" and "sink drink." Ollie was a mama's boy and rarely left my side. In fact, if he were still here, I'm sure he'd be fighting for a spot in my lap, attempting to thwart my efforts to type on my laptop. I am grateful for the time we shared and the comfort and joy he gave me for the almost nine years we were together. I was not Ollie's first owner, but I think we both found our feline and human soulmate, respectively, in each other. Ollie moved all over the city of Philadelphia with me as I apartment hopped and he begrudgingly accepted and even came to love (or at least tolerate!) his crazy feline brother Mongo, who also misses him very much. My gray baby with the kinky tail and green eyes full of love, I miss you so much. You will always live in my heart.Rachel HaimovichPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 12, 2016