Pet Memorials
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6/28/1999 - 5/31/2015Buddha was the guiding light in my life in every way. He came into my life 16 years ago and had taken care of me until last Sunday when his light was extinguished. He was really such a wonderful dog.. So well behaved and he was smart! One day we came home and he had separated the kibble into separate piles according to their shapes on the kitchen floor which was black and white tile.. he had each pile on different colored tiles! He promptly ate all the evidence.. He was just amazing and my life will be forever changed because I knew him. I love you Buddha!! Enjoy all your new adventures and I will always be thinking about you!!! We love you soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Buddha was survived by his best friends Billy Avarathar Hatfield and Roger Hatfield, and Me his daddy, Adrian Gallegos.. His multitude of friends include, Ali ( Maharajah Ali Abwabwa ) , Granny Pearl, Ama Piyo, Lady Pusslips, Lola, Lily, Orpheus, Pancho, Popeye, and Faye Hatfield. San Diego family includes Farah and Andy Rieckhoff, Raven Kneass and Ade Grant.
New Mexico family includes Esther and Arthur Gallegos, Jackie, Adam and Aaron Gallegos, Michael Gallegos, Jude and Wanda Gallegos, and assorted nieces and nephews.
Adrian GallegosWest Hollywood, CaliforniaJune 7, 2015
1/1/2004 - 6/5/2015To my big boy. Your heart was as big as your ears. Your presence is truly missed, but your spirit is all around. Thank you for giving us the best 9 years of our lives. You will always be my big boy xoxoTina ButlerCamarillo, CaliforniaJune 6, 2015
5/31/2015We love you sweet Madison. You were the world's best worst dog, and I feel so blessed to have had you loyally by my side for 13 years. You will always have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for all of the memories.Caroline LoomisANNANDALE, VirginiaJune 5, 2015
6/4/2015In treasured memory of Linus, a 12 year old rescue dog with the softest coat and a heart of gold. Linus's mom first saw him when he was up for adoption after being rescued from a hoarder's house. She almost didn't take him home, but luckily something in her told her to take a chance on him. It was truly the best decision of her life! It took a full month for little Linus to settle into his new home and trust his mom, but once he did, he never left her side! Linus's mom calls him her "dog soulmate" and they really were so similar, in some of the things that they had been through and their personalities too. It felt like it was meant to be that they had found each other! Linus was named for his curly coat, soft as a blanket like the one Linus from Peanuts loved to carry around with him. He was such a loving, empathetic dog. He always sensed whenever his mom was going through a tough time and would lick her face to try to make her feel better! Linus was just the most gentle boy, friendly with all he met, including his canine sister Lucy who recently joined the family. He was also blessed with a grandma who loved him dearly.

When Linus suddenly seemed weak and fell earlier in the spring, his doctor had devastating news: Linus likely had cancer that was affecting his body's ability to make red and white blood cells. Linus's mom knew that it wasn't his time quite yet, so set out to make every day as good as possible, so long as he was still enjoying himself. He did amazingly well for about a month but recently did take a turn for the worse. As absolutely devastating as it was to face losing her best friend and constant companion for the past six years, Linus's mom could not watch him suffer and made the brave decision to let him go. He was able to stretch out so comfortably on a cozy rug at home, and with his mom embracing him, gently pass away. Dear Linus, there are no good words to properly convey what you meant to your mom and how very much she loved you. You were one in a million and will never be forgotten. Rest now, sweet boy, until you meet your mom again.

~Dr. Christie
Ashley WasnickSchaumburg, IllinoisJune 5, 2015
Baby Girl
6/7/2015In memory of our sweet Baby Girl. You will forever be missed. Thank you for allowing us to love you. Our heart is full of great memories. We will never forget you.Chantelle BennettTacoma, WashingtonJune 4, 2015
1/29/2001 - 6/3/2015Bailey was the best friend anyone could ask for, she was such a loving, kind, smart and loyal dog. She loved being with her family and friends, she loved the mountains, the beach and any activity she could get. We were so blessed to have her in our lives for 14 1/2 years and we will miss her very much. Dr. Toby was beyond wonderful! His care, compassion and support from the first day we met him was exceptional. His clinical expertise, compassion for everyone involved and gentle nature makes him the absolute perfect vet. I can't thank him enough.Bailey TofteyHenderson, NevadaJune 4, 2015
5/10/2003 - 5/6/2015My beautiful baby Lou came into our lives when she was only 4 weeks old. She was the runt of the litter and the owners were ready to take her to the pound. It was love at first sight when i saw her. She became. my son Deans best friend. She was sweet and smart. She could climb ladders jump on trampolines and play volleyball with her nose. She made life fun. Then she suddenly developed two types of lymphoma. We tried chemo but f en cancer took her four months after diagnosis. We had a very uncaring vet and things may have turned out differently if there were more options in wyoming. My baby girl is now an angel running around free og pain in Heaven with her mommy Dawn.christine beckerwyoming, WyomingJune 3, 2015
Bailey Bear
9/28/2015 - 5/20/2015Bailey Bear Butler Bishop a/k/a the Precious Angel a/k/a Pillie. She left me two weeks ago. I can still barely talk about it. I miss her more than I would have dreamed. My heart, my home, my being is empty. She was not really a dog - she was my love. She gave me love like no other girl I've had. And all she wanted was my love in return. I will have her face and her soul in my heart forever.Linda Butler BishopLlittle Rock, ArkansasJune 3, 2015
1/14/2002 - 4/24/2015In memory of our special, sweet little puppa Roxy. You will be greatly missed, but forever in our hearts. We will see you soon on the rainbow bridge. We love you.Julie WalsenDowners Grove, IllinoisJune 2, 2015
6/20/2001 - 4/29/2015Everyone should have a pet like our Baby kitty. I am sure some do. He was part of our family for at least 14 years and time went by so fast. Not having children he became even more special and we loved him so much. He was part of our kitty threesome and was some kind of kitty. You take every day you have for granted as you do your daily routine and tasks at hand never dreaming that the day would come that some kind of horrible thing like a tumor would invade such a beautiful sweet kitty. You don't want to believe it at first but as the time passes by you realize after you have done everything you could think of that you were going to lose him. Then you think why didn't I take more time with him but you know that there was love every day because he was family. Baby I love you - always will and look forward to the day I will once again get to see you. I know now that you are not in any pain and you are once again skipping and playing as you once did.Ann IsbellOrange Park, FloridaJune 2, 2015