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6/20/2001 - 4/29/2015Everyone should have a pet like our Baby kitty. I am sure some do. He was part of our family for at least 14 years and time went by so fast. Not having children he became even more special and we loved him so much. He was part of our kitty threesome and was some kind of kitty. You take every day you have for granted as you do your daily routine and tasks at hand never dreaming that the day would come that some kind of horrible thing like a tumor would invade such a beautiful sweet kitty. You don't want to believe it at first but as the time passes by you realize after you have done everything you could think of that you were going to lose him. Then you think why didn't I take more time with him but you know that there was love every day because he was family. Baby I love you - always will and look forward to the day I will once again get to see you. I know now that you are not in any pain and you are once again skipping and playing as you once did.Ann IsbellOrange Park, FloridaJune 2, 2015
6/5/1996 - 6/21/2015Our beloved dog "Peedie" went to heaven on 6/1/2015 at 5:21PM. She was almost 19 years old and just ran out of steam. She was truly what I would consider the perfect pup and very much adored by our family. I would like to thank my Mom "Ricki" for taking such good care of her. Peedie loved to go walking, swimming, fetching the ball and she loved to ride in the truck. I would consider "Peedie" the most intelligent dog we have ever had. She required no leash - ever. She would always stay right by your side; and she did till the very last day of her life. RIP Peedie Perdue (We love you).Chris PerdueAugusta, GeorgiaJune 2, 2015
Rio (wildrose river dance
4/5/2001 - 5/26/2015Rio and I developed a once in a lifetime bond. He was my best friend and we were inseparable, on the weekends especially. Although he was 14, he was so so healthy and I thought we would have him for a while longer. His suffering was short at the end. He taught me so much, and as Laura, his Lap of Love vet at the end said, "Rio wouldn't want me to be sad or feel regret. He would say thank you, see you again one day, and don't forget to embrace each day with joy and abandon, just like I taught you." He was such a handsome buddy, and I used to joke about how he makes the place look better. I am going to miss him so much! Just ironic that Diamond RIO released this song the same year RIO was born, but in honor and memory of the terrorist attack on the WTC:
Lyrics by Diamond ❤️RIO❤️:

Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me,
It could be for anything
I didn't ask for money
Or a mansion in malibu
I simply wished, for one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

First thing I'd do, is pray for time to crawl
Then I'd unplug the telephone
And keep the tv off
I'd hold you every second
Say a million I love you's
That's what I'd do. With one more day with you
Bob CrawleyKnoxville, TennesseeJune 2, 2015
5/24/2015When it came time to let my best friend and 14 year companion go, I just could not bring myself to make that decision because she hated the car and wasn't fond of the vets office either. I just could no let her last moments be so stressful for her and for me, too. I did not know
about Lap of Life, or that I could get someone to come to my home.
My vet gave me their number and I called Dr. Katie. Thank God for Dr. Katie. She came right away and you could tell right away that she really cares. She was so gentle and kind with Maggie and so compassionate to me.

Maggie had a long life of 19 years and Dr. Katie gave us the gift of a gentle passing with her in my arms and me singing to her all the way.
Jeanie TomczakJacksonville, FloridaJune 1, 2015
10/30/1999 - 5/31/2015Augie came my friend in 2001
Augie came my dog, the best one.
Words to truly describe her I cannot think of,
Except for one, Love.
A love that describes into all other words,
Love that reaches out, forever after.
The young dog that came to me, long ago
Was always by my side, I loved her so.
Her devotion that only comes from a dog’s spirit,
Her faithfulness, that knew no limit.
The loss of her is great with pain,
But I know I will see her again.
Augie came my friend in 2001,
In 2015 Augie’s forever journey had begun.
Janet MorjosephLas Vegas, NevadaJune 1, 2015
12/13/1998 - 5/27/2015My precious baby girl... you will always be in my heart. Your "work" and your presence will always be with those who love you. Run, play... run faster... you are whole again! Together, someday, we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together....Joan GoodmanLakewood, WashingtonJune 1, 2015
2/21/2006 - 5/30/2015"So much joy"
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We are so grateful for the three years of joy we shared with Zoe, our rescue dog, prior to her diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor.
A friendly Australian shepard mix, her tailwagging buck-toothed smile charmed other dogs and people on our walks in the neighborhood. Her black and tan markings were distinctive, framing her face in way that she looked like either Zorro, the Phantom of the Opera, a badger or raccoon! With eyebrows expressive enough it looked like makeup, a short tail constantly in motion, and black diamond markings on the side of her face, she needed no introduction, she owned the place.
She was known to belt out a good burp now and then, which sounded like a guy on a Superbowl beer commercial!
That said, she enjoyed sweet potato snacks and scarfed down raw carrots to keep her figure trim.
Zoe loved RV travel, and became fluent in french (can you say biscuit?) as an international traveler when we ventured into Quebec, Canada. Her favorite spot to visit was Maine, where upon arriving at the campground, she would throw herself down on the ground for a good back rub and shake, living life large in the cool breeze and soft, green grass. Early in the evenings when we were watching tv, she'd jump off the couch around 8 pm and trot right into her kennel for a good night's rest. I think she thought it would spare her wrinkles in old age!
Alas, old age was not her fortune, and as she declined we made the call to Lap of Love. Zoe was comfortable on her favorite couch when she passed onto the rainbow bridge, to join our family and other dogs in heaven. I picture her now having a grand time and rolling in the grass somewhere up there, getting hugs and kisses, playfully running across the clouds and sky.
Thank you Zoe for all you gave us.
Help us light up the internet with candles for Zoe girl....
Paula and ChuckGainesville, FloridaMay 31, 2015
10/20/2002 - 5/26/2015God bless my little Nellie.Robert J ClarkRushland, PennsylvaniaMay 31, 2015
i love you buddy and may you live on in my hart forever i will never stop thinking of you and i will still be there for you if you need me RIP BUDDYkatia pleaustin, TexasMay 31, 2015
5/4/1998 - 5/26/2015The Eyes Have It

As my puppy (dog) declined, I was waiting for the day when her eyes would be glazed over, and she would be unaware of me. Then the decision would be easy. But that never happened. She had gotten to the point where she couldn’t stand or eat. She could only rest, and her breathing was somewhat labored. But every time I started to leave the room, she’d raise her little head and look at me with those big brown eyes as if to say “Mommy, where are you going? Stay right here, next to me.” And I did, for the most part.

Aby, my silky terrier of almost 17 years, was known as the Wonder Dog at the Vet’s office because she had been on dialysis for almost four years and had lived an extended and quality life because of it. But four years is a long time, and every now and then, she seemed to decline, and each time I thought “this is it, get ready.” And then the little stinker rallied and returned to a fairly good level of health. She wasn’t ready to leave me, and she knew I wasn’t ready to say good-bye. Dogs know this kind of thing.

She was never a great eater, but with dialysis she needed to maintain enough fatty tissue for the needle to be put under her skin to deliver fluids. I was getting desperate, trying all sorts of creative combinations of her regular diet to entice her to eat. The problem was that she had another non-life threatening condition that limited the choices of what she could eat. And being a food connoisseur rather than a chowhound, she became bored after a week or two of eating one of my creative entrees. So I would rub my two brain cells together and come up with a new concoction of the same foods, but with a new twist.

The last one was a hit. She adored it and ate it for dinner for two months straight, even wanting her special treats in the morning as well. She would dive her little head into the bowl and emerge a few minutes later with a mustache of yams on her chin, anxious and ready for her prostora (we called it her biscuit). She just loved her biscuit! I could tell she had gained a pound or two. It made me very happy, but I was waiting for the axe to fall — to fall on my heart and break it.

And so the day came when she just turned away from her food and never returned. That was the beginning of the end. She got weaker and weaker, her legs collapsing under her more frequently, and having accidents in the house, but still trying to let me know, when she could, that she needed to go outside. She was determined to follow Mommy’s rules whenever she could. And when she couldn’t, I just cleaned up, and then scooped her up into my arms and showered her with kisses and hugs. And she kissed me and just rested in my arms, too tired to wiggle out of them, even if she wanted to. My brother said she wasn’t giving up because she was living for my love. And my sister said she had been told that dogs hang in there as long as they can, for their owners. I think both were true.

And so I struggled with the two alternatives…let her pass naturally at home or bring her to the Vet to be euthanized. But there were those big brown eyes looking at me, recognizing me, wanting me to cuddle up next to her. The thought of seeing fear in her eyes in her last moments at my Vet’s office was not an option. But the possibility that she might experience pain in her final moments was also not an acceptable option. What to do? I needed help…and then I found Lap of Love on the internet, and my third and acceptable option emerged…get a consultation, let someone help me know what to do, know if it was time.

And so I called Lap of Love, and Dr. Sandra stopped by that evening. I can only describe her as an angel of mercy. She came into the bedroom where I was holding Aby, who was all wrapped up, nice and warm in my soft robe, lying on my chest and looking into my eyes. As soon as Dr. Sandra walked into the room, I started to cry but got my act together and talked to her about Aby, about my fears, about my quandary as to whether it was time to say goodbye or not. Dr. Sandra quietly listened to everything I needed to say. She gently gave her input but without telling me what I should do, leaving that decision up to me. Her compassion and gentle spirit gave me the support I so desperately needed to make the right decision for Aby. I knew it was time to let her go.

I will never forget how caring Dr. Sandra was, how my friend Marc, who administered dialysis to Aby every day, arrived just in time for that moment, how my Mom, who loved Aby very much, was by our bedside, and most of all, how Aby’s big brown eyes looked into mine with such love, and trust and knowing…that Mommy was making the best decision for her, her last act of love, so that her little body and soul could finally rest in peace. It was one of the saddest, yet most beautiful moments of my life.

Thank you, Dr. Sandra, for the angelic mission you perform, for removing the fear we so dread our beloved pets will experience in their last moments with us and, instead, replace the dread with an experience of great love and calm and eternal peace. I will be forever grateful to you for that.
Jan WansSpringfield, New JerseyMay 28, 2015