Pet Memorials
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9/5/2019 - 7/26/2019My Dear Yoda was a gentle, sweet and loving kitty soul from the first day I brought him home as a 3 month old kitten. He was a loyal family member,friend and companion. He always greeted me at the door with excitement and love. Even the last few days of his life when he was week, he still met me at the door. He knew when my car would be coming down the block and when I would pull up in front the the house , there he was with his soft beautiful face in the window. He graciously and openly welcomed two other kitty siblings into his home. But there was no doubt about , he was the King. We miss him dearly and he will be in our hearts forever.Jodi Peppel peppelpittsburgh/aspinawall, PennsylvaniaAugust 4, 2019
7/15/2005 - 8/2/2019Dear Cinnamon
It was so difficult to part with you, we love you so much! We could not see you suffer anymore and there was no hope to get you better again.
You are in our hearts forever and no words can express how much we love and miss you! I imagine you have crossed the rainbow bridge by now and are reunited with your doggie family and friends! I asked the Angel's to guide and watch over you and pray for your happiness and wellbeing!
Dagmar HeskerVallejo, CaliforniaAugust 4, 2019
2/1/2009 - 8/2/2019Thank you Charlie boy for being the best companion we could ask for. For giving us all of the love that you had to give. You taught us lessons in patience, empathy, happiness, and love. We love you and you will always be our best boy.Milo and Rachel HarrisonFort Worth, TexasAugust 4, 2019
3/14/2004 - 7/30/2019For the past 15 1/2 years, our dog Sam was part of our family. He was the center of our home, the one who you started your day with, the one who cheered you up, and the one who would sit by your bed side waiting for the next day to start so he could simply love you again.He took great care watching and protecting us and he made us feel safe. He loved to go for walks and could run like the wind. I miss you so much. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts for the rest of our lives. I pray that you are running in heaven, eating all the cookies you want, and feel our love for eternity. We love you Sam and will miss you everyday and know that we will see you again someday.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Christine SalernoWesley Chapel, FloridaAugust 3, 2019
Poopiekin Buns
1/1/2002 - 8/2/2019Yesterday i had to say goodbye to my baby and best friend Poopiekin Buns 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I first saw him at central hospital in a cage in the lobby with his siblings 16 years ago. They were put in a box and left at the front door of the hospital the night before. Out of all his siblings, i chose him and filled out a form to adopt him from a wonderful program they still have there today called the purr project. They put us in a conference room to meet and he was very skittish. I sat on the floor and waited for him to come to me. He slowly did and then gave me a quick head boop and ran away. It was then i fell in love and took him home to mya. Through all the years ive had him, he was always a skittish kitty but the very sweetest. He would never bite me, not even to play. I didn’t know what to name him. It was snoopy at first but then he kept stinking up the place so it morphed into poopie. He would hardly meow. He would respond to me by bumping his butt into furniture and therefore becoming poopiekin buns. He later developed eye cancer and it took all the color out of one eye but it never progressed further. Last year he developed asthma which I always made sure to come home in time to give him his inhaler twice a day. Then in April, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and ive made sure to give him his inhaler and heart meds twice a day. Hes been slowly declining since and now his quality of life is no more. I found out the news on Wednesday and stayed home from work Thursday to spend one last day with him. I watched just how much his health has declined all day and my heart and soul is just broken. For those of u that follow me, you know how much of an animal lover i am and how distraught i feel. I found a place where they will come to my home to help him cross over the rainbow 🌈 bridge. Please say a prayer for him, for mya, and for me and my family as this was the hardest thing i have gone through. Poopie, i miss you so much! I do not know what to do with myself and i cry all the time. I cannot believe you are gone 😭
Michelle GaudreaultHamden, ConnecticutAugust 3, 2019
10/24/2002 - 7/17/2019Bentley was a very lucky dog who got to live a long, good life (16 and a half years!) and we were even luckier for all the years we got to spend with him.

We will always miss you, Bentley.
South Huntington, New YorkAugust 3, 2019
3/3/1999 - 8/1/2019We are glad to have been a part of Sassy's golden years. She was the sweetest, most gentle soul, and bunny-soft on top of that. She passed away peaceful at 11:45 am surrounded by her loved ones, under the supervision of Dr. Braun from Lap of Love. We will miss you, little one.Phillip HodgesSalem, OregonAugust 3, 2019
Ana Ng
11/23/1999 - 7/29/2019Ana Ng,
You were my angel for 19 and a half years. Thank you for our nightly cuddles, thank you for being a true trooper through the hurricanes, and thank you for being my "shadow" and constant companion.
I was so fortunate to be able to talk to you and hold you before you passed. There was one thing that I forgot to tell you. One of my favorite memories of you is when we were camping in the RV and the sun glistened off of your silky coat as you spread out and slept peacefully. You looked so happy and I knew you were really enjoying yourself.
I miss you more than words can say! I hope that you are napping and being served your favorite wet food. I can't wait to be with you again.
I love you princess,
Katie UngerJacksonville, FloridaAugust 3, 2019
Cooper Steel
2/10/2008 - 7/30/2019Pets leave paw prints on our hearts.
Cooper was the best and most intelligent pet. His understanding and compassion was visible in his eyes. He spoke with his eyes and inquisitive ears. Cooper came into our lives at the perfect time. He was always there for everyone including his furry friends in the neighborhood. He traveled and moved with us across the country and never complained. He will be missed tremendously. We love you Cooper! Thank you for all the wonderful memories!
Domenique FrazierBedminster, New JerseyAugust 3, 2019
Dottie And Daisy
12/24/2003 - 7/31/2019Dottie and Daisy came into my life almost 16 years ago. After the tragic loss of my previous dog, Marshmello, I was left feeling so sad and depressed. These two amazing little angels rescued me and made me whole again! Two sisters born on Christmas Eve. I brought them home on Valentine’s Day. This was one of the happiest days of my life. Oh my children were so happy too. We became a complete family once again. The joy we all felt and the beautiful life we shared with them for 16 years are priceless. Dottie and Daisy did everything together. They were never without each other. They really and truly needed each other! During our lives together, when they were 5, we got another puppy, Molly! She is Dottie and Daisy’s sister Cupcakes baby. We were a strong pack! Sadly, they just got so old and their lives were now of very poor quality. I could never let them suffer. So I found this beautiful place called Lap of Love. Dr Karen came to my house and gave them an incredibly beautiful passing. Peaceful, painless, and just couldn’t expect to be anything more perfect than it was! Dr Karen is an angel! My babies loved each other so much. They even passed on to a better place together! My heart is shattered! The loss I feel is just unbearable. I will never forget my little angels! I loved them so! Thank you God, for blessing me with Molly, their little neice! She is helping me as I am her through this very difficult time. She is my little angel who will always remind me of them! I just want my Daisy and Dottie to know just how very much I will always love them and thank them for the love and happiness they brought me and my family! One last tribute to them....From the movie Dumbo, “ Rest you’re head close to my heart, never to part Babies of Mine! I love you my babies and I miss you and someday, we will be together once again.Lori BarberOak Lawn, IllinoisAugust 3, 2019