Pet Memorials
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4/17/2012 - 6/29/2020Eowyn Kitty, we share the same soul, and I know you're now my guardian angel.
Two years with you is too short of a time, but they were two of the happiest years of my life. You picked me first, after being in the SPCA in San Francisco for over a month, you came out of your hiding place, and bunted me, before quickly going back. You were always so shy, and I know it must have not been easy to get out of your way to come out and greet us. But that moment, I knew I had to bring you home. You learned to conquer your fears, and in that time, so did I. We were bound by something greater that I will never be able to explain.
Thank you for bringing joy and so much love to our family. We know that you loved us, you showed it to us in your own unique ways, and I hope you lived the last two years of your life in peace, joy, and surrounded by love.
I will miss you waking us up in the morning, and will never forget the sound of your meowing.
I love you and miss you, gatita de mi corazón.
Andrea PellDurham, North CarolinaJune 30, 2020
9/6/2005 - 6/26/2020

After a short illness, we said goodbye to our dear Boss.
Dr Lori, from Lap of Love came to our home. Boss passed peacefully, in our arms. His sidekick, Pris, as always right by his side.
For those that did not know him.
Boss refused to submit to any commands.
He possessed integrity, and the ability to go his own way, as he (mostly) did the right thing.
Boss was loyal to his pack. He did not enter lightly into brawls, but bravely stood down dogs much larger than he, if they threatened his crew.
Boss did not tolerate poor dog manners. Most of his dog friends, with the exception of Pris, have a scar on their head to prove that they attended his etiquette class.
Boss loved his people from nearby, occasionally allowing himself to snuggle up in a lap, where he accepted hugs, kisses, and a good ear massage. Sometimes giving a very delicate lick to my chin, if I was feeling small.
I say that Boss was the best, most loving, smartest, bravest, cutest.......
Others think that he was just a “well managed asshole”.
My heart, that overflowed with love for him, overflows with
an aching grief. I look forward to the day when I can say his name with a smile, instead of a tear.
Charlotte HazelSalem, Or, OregonJune 30, 2020
2/20/2009 - 6/26/2020Sammy was the most special boy. Everyone who met Sammy loved him and he loved them.Beth BristolWoodinville, WashingtonJune 30, 2020
4/17/2000 - 6/21/2020My heart is broken. I love you Coco. Thank you for a wonderful 20 years! I tried my best for you.Jean RicciutiQuincy, MassachusettsJune 29, 2020
5/1/2010 - 6/20/2020Final Farewell to Zeke:

Zeke, a.k.a. Zeke-a-saur, Sneaky Zeke, Sneakers, Zekers , Baby Monkey, Baby Boy,
When we first got you, I had no idea the impact you would have on our lives and the paw prints you would leave on our hearts.
You have been the best kitty a crazy cat lady, or anyone, could ask for. So sensitive and loving, you followed me around like a dog, meowed your head off when I left just to go for a run, and showed me loving with face rubs, but almost always ONLY on the bed. You were very particular about where you got your lovin!

I’m going to miss our near-daily conversations that often went something like this:
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh really?”
“Uh-huh, I know”
“Yep, you’re right!”

And you were so smart! You could open doors to let yourself in or out of a room, you Sneaky Zeke! And you also knew how to dispense food from the feeder before it was time to go off. Apparently you learned that from your sister, who figured it out first, but still....

Like your mama, you were a foodie! You begged for tuna or salmon or chicken until we caved in, and we could not even open a can of beans without you going crazy! I loved the way you stood up on your two hind legs for treats. And sometimes grew impatient, swiping at our hands to give you more treats!

You loved the outdoors, and to show us what a brave hunter you were, you caught several lizards whom we had to rescue from your mouth (though I’m quite sure we weren’t able to rescue them all), as well as salamanders, at least one of which you brought into the house for us! And I remember that time you caught a dove on the back patio. Now that’s a feat of speed, agility, and stealth! Again, I came to the rescue of that little creature. But I can’t blame you for trying! You were a cat after all!

You loved to play...with string, the “red fly”, feather toys, robe ties, furry mice, and most recently, that damn catnip carrot! Oh, and of course with daddy’s hand! That was probably your favorite toy!

Do we need to mention how handsome a boy you were ? Seriously, you had a very majestic face, the longest kitty whiskers, adorable little tufts of fur on the bottom of each paw. Not to mention your gorgeous white markings—little socks on your front paws and boots on your hind legs, your white chest, mouth and nose. And OMG—your belly! I love that you loved your belly rubbed!

I still expect to see you waiting on my bathroom counter by the sink to drink running water from my faucet. Or at the door to greet us when we come home. But your floofy body isn’t there. I’d like to believe that your sweet loving spirit is! You will always be with us in our hearts, you silly boy!

We Both loved and already miss you so much, but I hope and pray that we will see you again. In the meantime, I hope you are playing with all the other kitties at the Rainbow Bridge. You show em how it’s done!
Pam and Steve WarrenMcKinney, TexasJune 29, 2020
Miss Daisy
11/4/2003 - 6/26/2020My sweet, stubborn, smart, tough, beautiful, sassy little girl, Miss Daisy, crossed the rainbow bridge. She can see again, hear again and is forever running free on the endless beaches of heaven. She ruled our world with kindness and love. She loved her tribe, even loving my grandchildren and generously sharing me with them. She loved the beach, the sea breeze blowing in her face. She traveled the world with me. My home is empty, the pillow next to mine on the bed is cold. My heart is broken. RIP my little love; my best girl❤️Jessie O’NeillDelray Beach, FloridaJune 29, 2020
2/2/2011 - 6/20/2020I remember the day you chose me to be your mom eight and a half years ago (thank you for choosing me 🧡). You were crawling in fleas not being properly cared for, and you jumped up on my lap and laid your paws on my chest. You were mine from that moment on, my little catdog. You loved to go to the parks on your leash, climb your trees and chase sticks. Everywhere we went people adored you. Everyone who met you loved you, you were the sweetest boy. I joined the Army after college and after your initial HCM diagnosis. The recruiters laughed when I said I wanted to join but didn’t want to deploy because I didn’t want to leave my sick cat. 😹 But luck was on our side and I never had to. I thought I was going to lose you in March 2016 after your heart failure diagnosis. They said you had a few weeks to maybe a few months tops, but you sure proved them wrong. You made it four years and three months more, which is very, very rare. But you are very rare, such a special boy. I always said I would never let you suffer. Sure medicine three times a day was sometimes rough, but you forgave me right after with head bonks and leg rubs and everything was okay. A couple bumps in the road was worth the quality of life you had, no one could ever tell you were sick. We slowly but surely reached the end of the road with all of the medication adjustments and they were no longer helping you. After an emergency procedure to remove fluid around your heart, I promised you I would not continue to put you through that as I could tell you were tired of the doctor visits and being poked and prodded. That would take away from your quality of life that you so deserve. I decided to make the decision out of love to not allow you to be in any discomfort any longer; the hardest decision of my life. I would rather have my heart broken 100 times over by another stupid boy than to have it broken in this way by losing you, my very best friend. You’ve been there for me through many heartaches, many moves, and so many good times as well. Saying that I will miss you is an extreme understatement, I’m really not sure how I will ever be OK—but I can say that I did my absolute best to give you the life you deserved and I know that you know that. I love you forever, my little Bubbybear. 🧡Sierra PetroVirginia Beach, VirginiaJune 29, 2020
6/12/2012 - 6/26/2020Trigger Dehn you were the light of my life. You were my best friend and the most loyal kitty. You were by my side for some of the worst times in my life but also some of the best. You were truly something special and you’ll forever be in my heart. 8 years with you just wasn’t enough, we had so much more life to share together. I love you with all my heart!Kelsee DehnNashville, TennesseeJune 29, 2020
Gable (rn: Gable Blue Cash)
1/20/2008 - 6/19/2020In Memoriam

Gable "Huu-Uc-Ang-Phi" Hien. My first dog, my first greyhound. My heart hound. My beautiful boy. There is only one way to describe Gable: A Good Boy. He was obedient, goofy, courteous, friendly, and polite. The vets told me over his 8 years with me how friendly he was when compared to other greyhound patients. Even the Wheeling Downs racetrack folks sent me a note about how much they loved him. Despite turning heads, stopping cars, and dropping jaws no matter where we went, he would always be my dog and mine alone. I could never leave him with another caretaker overnight because the 2-3 times I did, he would cry all night, refuse food and then pretend I didn't exist when I finally did come to pick him up. I always said that if I tried to leave him for a week, he'd probably die of a broken heart. Similarly, I always knew that even if he became exhausted on a hike, he would die before he stopped walking by my side. I miss you a lot, pal. I hope you and Liana are running happy and free together. Until we meet again.

Requiescat in Pace.
Courtney DoCentreville, VirginiaJune 29, 2020
5/4/2004 - 6/21/2019My darling Clementine, my best pal, passed away one year ago, at the age of 15. Clem was the sweetest dog, loved by all who were fortunate enough to experience the grace of her presence. She was the epitome of unconditional love; a nurturer and a protector, she was fiercely loyal, sensitive, and always forgiving. She was an athlete who ran endlessly, swam year-round, and hiked many mountain trails. To know Clem was to love Clem.

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.” - Dean Koontz
Pat PataneNorthport, New YorkJune 29, 2020