Pet Memorials
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Tiger (affectionally Called “bubby”)
8/15/2003 - 11/24/2019My precious, beautiful Bubby love, you will always be my first little baby boy love. Thank you for finding me that cold evening in late November, 16 years ago. I am endlessly thankful for YOU!! You have brought endless love, devotion, cuddles, laughs, fun, and joy to my life. It will never, ever be forgotten. It is stored up in my heart and mind forever. It will be endlessly celebrated. I will always remember our first Christmas when you jumped to the top of the Christmas tree to be the little angel that you are! You have been a constant friend, helped me study for school, get ready for work, pack suitcases for vacations, cheered me up, comforted me with your incredible purrs and snuggles like a teddy bear! (I remember SO many nights shared with you that way!) You even helped me with Physical Therapy exercises one time. :)

I am SO happy the Lord gave me an extra 6 years with you after cancer the first time, my darling. You have always been a fighter, a Tiger. 🦁 Our little Tiger King!

You were there when I met your Daddy, when I prepared for our wedding, and you joined me in moving to the condo with Daddy. You helped us move to this house, too. I am SO happy you have loved and enjoyed this house and our family of four. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

You have loved your Daddy more than anything. Thank you for giving your Daddy a best buddy friend of all time for the past 3 1/2 years and for forever. You have been his constant friend, helped cheer him up, comforted him when he was sick earlier this year, and have helped him with endless hours of work from home. You have always been close by... sitting in his office chair, under the desk, next to his computer charger, or in the sun from the window. You two have enjoyed lots of football from your favorite spot on the couch, too!

You have filled the hearts of SO many... me, Daddy, Rachel, Nana, Pa, Grand-dad, Mom-Mom, Miss Kitty, and your sister Daisy! She loves you forever, too. You have always defended her! :)

We are so sorry that cancer has hurt your little body again. We want so badly to take it from you. This earth is a cursed one, so we cannot live here forever. Our hearts ache to let you go, but this is our way of giving a final gift to you. This gift allows no more suffering, pain, trouble breathing, or difficulty walking. You will be whole again, in the incredibly loving, Almighty arms of our Creator and Heavenly Father. It will be the most incredible place you can imagine!! God created you as the most handsome, sweet, fun, smart, angel baby of all time. Every moment with you has been perfect. We love your kisses, purrs, and sweet Tiger toes!

Mommy and Daddy love you SOOOO much more than you can EVER, EVER imagine. We will miss you SO MUCH every day, but the love you have put in our hearts will help heal us. We will be okay, and you will be completely healed!! We have SO many memories filled with eternal, unconditional love!! You reflect the perfect love of our Lord and Creator. And He will bring us all back together again one day. We look forward to that day, our darling angel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Laura StilesGallatin, TennesseeNovember 28, 2019
7/11/2002 - 11/26/2019We met Wiley as a kitten 17 years ago. At that time he wasn't our kitten; he was just a cute little black ball of fluff that belonged to someone else. We played with him for a little, went home, and that was that.

Or so we thought. Twelve years later Wiley was in need of a new home, and suddenly we found ourselves with a new family member. The cute little ball of fluff had grown into a handsome and huge black cat. He wasn’t fat, he was just big. He was so big that one of his veterinarians asked us if he had eaten another cat. Another called him a meatball (and thus his Instagram name Wiley the Meatball was born).

He was also quite attractive. Once, after being boarded, we were given a photo that one of the vet techs had taken of him. Another time we were waiting in the exam room when one of the techs walked by and noticed him through the window. We heard a shout of “Oh my God look at this cat!” and suddenly the room was filled with women fawning over him. Everyone loved Wiley.

Wiley was a big, cuddly teddy bear who weighed 20 pounds, but he thought he only weighed five. He didn’t want to lay with you, he wanted to lay on you. On your head, to be exact, and more than once he had to be removed because he was making it hard to breathe. He also liked to press his paws into your throat, which didn’t help with the breathing issue. While his front paws would be pressed into your throat, his back legs would be hanging spread eagle over your stomach. Once you got him to stop with the front paws, it was a strangely comfortable position for everyone involved.

He came to us with a crooked snaggletooth and an unfortunate habit of drooling. The snaggle had to be removed, and we hoped the removal of the diseased tooth would help with the drooling. Somehow, it became worse. “EW! Where is Wiley’s drool cloth?!?” became a phrase often shouted in our home.

Not only was he huge and handsome, he was also the most laid back cat we have ever met. Wiley had diabetes and was amazingly tolerant of his insulin injections and our poor attempts at checking his blood glucose. He’d let us prick his ear multiple times (but for some reason would freak out afterward when the monitor beeped. Being stabbed repeatedly was OK, just as long as there was no beeping). He often would stand at the top of the stairs and howl in his extremely loud voice, which was his way of telling us that he wanted attention NOW.

Wiley lived with many other cats throughout his life, but two years ago he met Chuckie. Chuckie truly was Wiley’s brother from another mother. Wiley and Chuckie were best friends from the very first second they met. Often Chuckie would give Wiley a head butt, and Wiley would respond by licking Chuckie’s head. They could usually be found looking out the front window together or curled up against each other on the couch. They also loved to play fight. We’d know they’d been “fighting” when we would find dark tufts of fur on the carpet and two vicious kitties sleeping against each other on the chair.

Wiley was our big cuddly teddy bear meatball, and we will love him forever.
Elizabeth DempseyExton, PennsylvaniaNovember 28, 2019
Mommy Girl
5/15/2017 - 11/25/2019Mommy girl you were the most sweetest gentlest cat and for a feral outdoor cat, had a lot of love and warmth!. you will be missed dearly as you were far too young to have to go over that Rainbow Bridge. My heart is aching for you, but I know you will be fine as my Roxy is over that bridge as well and will take good care of you. miss you my girl,Roseann PettrowBrick, New JerseyNovember 28, 2019
11/7/2004 - 11/25/2019Today is the second day I woke without the sound of your paws coming down the hall. Today is the second day I woke without your fuzzy face to kiss good morning. My heart breaks and I miss you so much. You’re passing was peaceful and for that I am grateful, and I know that you are with God and are okay now. But I am left behind without you, and I have no peace, no comfort. I try to remember the 14 yrs of joy and happiness and not the last few months of slowly losing you. But it’s very hard. I’m very angry right now for having you taken from me prematurely. I’m angry that my baby didn’t get to live a healthy life to 16 or 17. I feel cheated and that you were taken from me way too soon. I want you back. I want to turn the clock back and have you bouncing in my life once again. I envy those who have had a visit. I felt you with me the night of your passing, but I feel nothing but a void now. You always were very independent! But you’re mommy who loved and treasured you so could really use a little kiss right now. Thru my tears and heartache, I would never trade our time and days together. You were and still are a blessing. I just wish you were still here with me. I wish I still had your body to hug, your paws to wipe, your fuzzy face to kiss, your moustache to trim. I just want you back.Becky SaboHouston, TexasNovember 27, 2019
9/3/2019 - 11/26/2019We will always love and remember you, our darling girl.Lesa and RobPortland, OregonNovember 27, 2019
3/27/2003 - 11/25/2019We know you're running around like crazy, joining all the dogs in heaven my boy! Momma and I will miss you terribly until we're reunited again. I heard they have every kind treat imaginable up there , so make sure you share them with all your new and old friends my son! So grateful you chose us to give your love to.Kerry and Larry MiglioreSomers, New YorkNovember 27, 2019
7/12/2003 - 11/25/2019Murphy was really the best friend I could have asked for. We did everything together, road trips, camping, naps on the couch...I feel honored that he was here when my son was born 8 months ago and for the previous 15 years. Anyone that met Murphy instantly fell in love. He liked to give kisses but was polite to only kiss your nose and not your mouth. He was a gentle dog that took care of his stuffed toys instead of ripping them up. I'll never be able to replace him nor do I want to. He will forever have a place in my heart and is my role model with his unconditional love. This is hard but I know he's no longer hurting and he loved me as much as I loved him until the end. Love ya bud.Adam BoyleClinton, PennsylvaniaNovember 26, 2019
11/26/2002 - 9/23/2019It has been two months since I last heard your squeaky little meows, or your crazy night time yowls, or your too long claws skittering down the hall. I miss the most your cuddles, my champion of coziness. I miss watching you become less fearful and more social. I miss chatting with you every morning and saying goodnight to you every evening. I miss how easily you forgave me for whenever I had been away and am still a bit heartbroken to know that you would wait by the door for me when I was out of town. I maybe miss petting your super soft fur even more than the cuddles, no, I take it back, your cuddles were the best. You loved a good brushing and a chin-scratching. I miss interpreting what you were trying to tell me. You got so good at expressing yourself. Like when you’d walk into the bathroom when I was in there, staring into your unkempt litterbox, looking up at me, looking back at the box and then waking out without using it. Or leading me to the living room, jumping up to your favorite spot on the couch, and rubbing your face on your brush as you gazed up at me. Thank you for being so good at telling me when it was time to let you go. You made the most difficult decision I can ever recall making, just a little bit easier. Rest easy, my dear sweet Kiki kitty! I’ll always remember the comfort you provided me through so many ups and downs. Thank you for the 9 wonderful years together!Sarah ValluzziSeattle, WashingtonNovember 26, 2019
6/1/2010 - 11/24/2019Dearest Hurley,
You were the sweetest kitty that ever lived and I'm missing you so much already. It's simply not fair that you got cancer and please know I tried my hardest to fight it with you. Today, I'm thankful you're no longer uncomfortable. I truly hope you know how much you were loved. I'm so going to miss your little kitty breath on my cheek and the sound of you purring like a motor in my ear when I fall asleep. I'm going to miss how you'd still try and nurse on my little finger while you made biscuits on my blanket as you laid on my chest. And those "I love you eyes" you'd give me...I'm gonna miss that too...My sweet baby Hurley Burley. Your brother Charlie and I will remember you forever and ever. Until we meet again, my sweet still own a piece of my heart.
Amie WoolweberLake Balboa, CaliforniaNovember 25, 2019
3/29/2007 - 11/1/2019Cosmo you were the best dog ever and I miss you so much. Life is quiet and lonely without you. You are the true definition of unconditional love. You helped me through some really tough times, comforting me and cheering me up with your goofy antics. Rest in peace little buddy. You are my sunshine and I am thankful for the 12.5 years we had together. Until we meet again.Kimberly DanteHillsborough, New JerseyNovember 25, 2019