Pet Memorials
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1/28/2006 - 7/19/2020Our beloved Bella passed away on Sunday morning. She went peacefully in her sleep. I woke up at 2am to go see her as I knew she was not doing well. When I called her name, she looked up at me. I kissed her and told her how much we loved her. I stayed with her until she fell asleep, I believe she was waiting to hear those words before she passed. She is now waiting for us at the rainbow bridge with our beautiful Domino who passed away in 2018. Bella and Domino were inseparable. When Domino passed away it took a big part of Bella's heart.
People will always ask did you get a sign from Heaven? Often times when a pet or family member passes you will receive a sign from Heaven letting you know there OK. Honestly, I never thought much about it until Domino passed away and there was a beautiful rainbow in a clear bright sky. Today as I walked down the street with our other two pups, Chloe and Abby there in a clear bright sky was a beautiful rainbow. I couldn't stop looking at it for I know, at the other end, is our beautiful Bella now reunited with Domino just waiting for us one day to join them. I have peace knowing they are together again
Janice SchiffCoral Springs, FloridaJuly 24, 2020
Winston Artemis Carbonari
7/26/2015Winston Artemis Carbonari
Winston, the greatest 3 toed Great Dane there ever was, lover of jellybeans, ice cubes, baby carrots and a good sized human bed, crossed over the infamous rainbow bridge, no thanks to bone cancer.He was just a few days shy of his 5th birthday.
I hope he knew I did everything I could to give him a wonderful life and that him just existing made mine that much better. Life will never feel the same without him in it.
I had so many more adventures planned for you buddy, I just didn’t get enough time.
I love you, Moose. Till we meet again 💔
Kate CarbonariMurray, UtahJuly 24, 2020
6/7/2010 - 7/22/2020“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard….” Isaac, thank you for being by my side for 10 years. You were and will always be the apple of my eye, my sweet boy.AnnaMaria Levich-MoralesPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJuly 24, 2020
We loved you more each day
You fit into our family from day one
Seeking shade and enjoying treats
You gave us an enormous amount of joy
Our home will never be the same without you
Shirl DevollPerkiomenville, PennsylvaniaJuly 24, 2020
12/13/2005Bert you were this families protector for 15 years. You watched over my children until they grew to become adults and yet you still were by their sides. You were loved so deeply and will forever stay in our hearts 💕 I know you are now pain free and running free! We love and will forever miss you. Until we meet again my good boy!Roxane SanabriaLenoir City, TennesseeJuly 24, 2020
10/10/2007 - 7/22/2020Merlot you will be forever be in the hearts of those that got to spend time with you. The house isn’t as full now, but your memories are everywhere. From you galloping around the yard to your pacing around at meal time. You are the perfect camping partner, never straying far from camp and then relaxing next to the fire after the day of adventure from setting trail cams or just waking around.. You always had the patience for other dogs and children, never getting upset when the playing got too rough. Your property was yours, even if it meant knocking a fence board out to stare at those walking by. Without leaving the yard you made the message clear, it was your yard and it was to be protected. Your deep bark would make someone think twice, but once you accepted them it was time to play. Time will make it easier to deal with your loss, but I know you are better now. You will never be forgotten, you’re always in our hearts. I’ll think about you often till the day we meet again. Run and play free like you were always meant to be. Love you and miss you Merlot ,my sweet sweet girl!Centennial, ColoradoJuly 24, 2020
4/8/2016 - 7/22/2020It’s with a heavy heart to share that our sweet Luna crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, July 22nd 10:42am. She was diagnosed with IBD at the beginning of 2020, fought hard for months but unfortunately was not responding to treatment. She was euthanized at home, surrounded by unconditional love. Even though we wish we had more time together, it was a blessing to cross paths with such an amazing soul. She was the sweetest, most loving pup. Already miss her snuggles, hearing her tip taps around the house, looking down at the top of the staircase every time we came home, her on her favorite “neighborhood watch” spot and napping on Luna’s lawn. We know she’s barking at all the other big dogs and chasing squirrels up there. We will forever love and remember you Lubu.Jennie NguyenAnnandale, VirginiaJuly 23, 2020
Viola Lee
3/17/2006 - 7/20/2020We love you and miss you our special girl.
You brought so much joy to us for so many years.
There will never be another one like you.
JOSEPH FANNINGVANCOUVER, WashingtonJuly 23, 2020
Annabelle "Anni-girl"
10/15/2010 - 7/22/2020To our princess,

A little piece of our family and hearts will always be missing but we know you are at peace and are no longer in any time of pain. We will always cherish the loving memories you gave us and we will share your stories as we grow old.

You were the best little girl that anyone could ask for and had the biggest personality. You were such a diva but that is why you were so special. Although you are not physically here, I know you are with us at all times.

Until we meet again,

Mommy, Daddy, Elvis and Z.
Rachel WinskiNashville, TennesseeJuly 23, 2020
6/22/2002 - 7/22/2020Here’s to Sammy! His first five years seem to have been tough, and he was literally saved at the 11th hour for 13 bonus years (see the next tab). In them, he patiently waited for his two adopted brothers to go over the rainbow bridge, and then he flourished! He was a lover, a goofball and, on rare occasion, a nipper (thank you Feliway!). His became a strong personality and he was devoted to his adopted mom & dad, and they to him. He helped them through major moments and moves, and they tried to help him with his increasing health issues, only bringing out the dreaded cat carrier and car ride when absolutely necessary. It was such a comfort to help him move on, from the couch he loved to lounge on.John & Dee WhartonBonita Springs, FloridaJuly 23, 2020