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6/8/2004 - 3/21/2019Our beloved Fiona, we miss you every day. I know you are now pain free with all the snacks you desire. Enjoy your walks by the water....Kimberly QuickWinter Springs, FloridaMarch 26, 2019
5/16/2002 - 3/23/2019Loki was aptly named. A force of chaos in the shape of a calico cat, she stole socks from the drawer and water from drinking glasses. She was extremely skeptical of guests and strangers but demanded constant love from her personal humans. Her favorite form of love was being held on her back like a baby (we called it "shrimping" since she curled up like a little shrimp with all of her legs together), but she was also a glutton for lap time and slept on the bed every night, and sometimes under the blanket. Absolute snuggle fiend.

She gave every appearance of being immortal, until she stopped eating. We took her to the vet and her renal values were off the charts; we tried a few days of IV fluids but she showed no improvement so we took her home to make her as comfortable as possible for as long as we could. It turned out to be a day before it was only too obvious that she wasn't feeling well and was ready to go. We said goodbye on Saturday, in our bed, where we'd made a little spot with an electric blanket for her to sleep. There's a hole in my heart shaped exactly like her right now.

I'm going to miss this cat for the rest of my life. I hope I was as good of a human to her as she was a cat to me; she got me through so many dark and lonely times. The world is a little colder and emptier without her.
Tess VeloSeattle, WashingtonMarch 26, 2019
2/4/2002 - 3/25/2019Mikko, aka Mr. Chubs, was a good and special boy. We adopted him and his sister as kittens, and Mikko decided early on that I was "his" person. He would sleep on my pillow above my head and was pretty much the epitome of a sweet cat. He loved to head butt and over the years when we had dogs, would display his love for them by flopping in front of them, begging them to play. Just like being a good and special boy his entire life, when he began feeling unwell, he immediately let me know. We were lucky enough to speak with Dr. Sally who assessed him and we discussed options in a kind and non-judgmental way. It was clear that Mikko was ready to sleep for good.Dana ZazinskiARLINGTON, MassachusettsMarch 26, 2019
10/1/2006 - 3/24/2019Honey Bunny Boo Bear was just a downright amazing dog. She stole everyone’s heart and loved fiercely. She was my absolute best friend and the true meaning of a companion. She loved to eat, sleep, and be petted for hours. She would always paw at you for more pets and there was no way you could ever tell her no. She had the most amazing expressions and could easily light up a room with her happiness. I’ll miss her more than words could ever say and she definitely took a huge chunk of my heart with her when she took her last breath. I’ll love you forever my girl.Ashlee HollandBlue Springs, MissouriMarch 26, 2019
12/08/2003 - 03/22/2019Buddy was our first family pet. He was a loyal friend and furry family member to us. He spent is 15 years making sure his boy and his girl grew up and were safe. His fur caught many tears and his playful ways earned many smiles and giggles. Buddy was a friend to all. He even help our Boxer and our Skipper kitty learn the ropes but he let them pass first and I hope they have greeted him to show him the ropes on the other side of the rainbow bridge.Aishia BurnettStayton, OregonMarch 26, 2019
8/30/2007 - 3/23/2019This past weekend, we had to put our 1st dog child to sleep. Our Labrador, Brady was 11 1/2 years old and was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. We didn't realize how fast his health would deteriorate and weren't prepared to lose him so quickly. He never met a stranger and was such a happy boy. He will be missed dearly.Shannon EverettGrapevine, TexasMarch 25, 2019
10/10/2011 - 3/13/2019Sammy was a loyal, playful, smart, and happy boy. He was taken from us at his young age of 8 years old which made it that much harder to accept.Doreen RomanchukTitusville, New JerseyMarch 25, 2019
10/23/2008 - 3/23/2019Charlie My Baby... You were the perfect and special boy. I knew the moment we got you and I held you and you were sleeping in my arms, I would love you forever. You were loved by so many and you will always be in heart forever. We will never forget you my baby and I miss you like crazy my heart hurts and is in a million pieces. I love you my baby Charlie forever.Maria SantiagoLand O Lakes, FloridaMarch 25, 2019
10/17/2002 - 3/23/2019I will always remember my beloved girl Gizmo. She will never be replaced as she was unique and loving in her own special ways. For much of her life she was a loving two person cat as she loved my wife and I more than strangers, whom she never became attracted to until in her older age she mellowed. In this way, I felt honored that Gizmo loved me and I was able to love her back.

I will miss her love in the mornings when she came in and woke us up by jumping up on our bed at exactly 10 minutes before our alarm was scheduled to go off. I will miss your excitement when I fed you and watched your excitement grow when the food appeared and when you jumped up on the kitchen chair to watch me.

I will miss hearing your voice meowing as we arrived home and hearing you countless different sounds that you could create. I will miss your company, as your presence in the room filled it with love and companionship and made me feel special.

It was hard seeing you pass away, but you deserved dignity and peace in your final moments of leaving this world and you deserved the ending of your suffering.
Doug CabellHuntington Beach, CaliforniaMarch 25, 2019
7/1/2005 - 03/24/2019Deuce your are the perfect son. You will live forever in our hearts. Until we meet again my love.....MomMelissa PannelLeague city, TexasMarch 25, 2019
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