Pet Memorials
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Lil Bear
11/9/2019 - 10/4/2019On Friday morning we said goodbye to our beloved little handsome angel, Lil Bear, about a month before his 19th Birthday. He was the toughest little 5 1/2 lb dog you’ve ever met and really proved that over the last 6 months - he had the strongest heart. Lil Bear was unique and the perfect combination of spunky and sweet. He collected fans everywhere we went. We miss you buddy - the house is really empty without you here.

Lil Bear came into James’s life on Christmas morning, stuffed in a stocking, when James was 14. He was a regular at all of his high school soccer and baseball games. They had a special bond and were Best Friends for 18 years.

I met Lil Bear when he was 9 and it took a little while for us to warm up to each other. He wasn’t a huge fan of strangers and I wasn’t a fan of tiny dogs - but he won me over, just like he has done with countless others. After that we were inseparable. Lil Bear was my favorite thing and my happy thought on a hard day. He taught me to live in the moment, enjoy every second I had with him, and being with him relaxed me after a stressful day. I felt so grateful and lucky everyday that he was mine.

These last few months/ weeks/ days have been painful and challenging but we would do it all over again to bottle up the happiness he gave us. My heart goes out to everyone who has to make this kind of decision. Thank you to my best friend and amazing vet @chelleb610 and @lapofloveveterinaryhospice for all your help and guidance during this time. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” —Winnie-the-Pooh
Laura SeckHampton, New JerseyOctober 7, 2019
1/21/2007 - 10/4/2019Tigey never met a person or animal he didn’t like. He was curious about everything and had a signature chirp every time you pet him or he came to greet you. He loved belly rubs, sunbathing and catnip toys. It was truly an honor being his cat mom for 12 years. He was a gift that I am forever grateful for.Manuela BChicago, IllinoisOctober 7, 2019
George Jablonski
3/9/2005 - 9/6/2019George was one of the best! He was Bi-Lingual and listened better than the kids. He was a friend to everyone he met. He loved to greet the Mailman and would run outside and get the newspaper everyday. He loved his treats after giving mom the wet slobbery newspaper. He loved to go on runs and loved to chase the squirrels. After the runs and in his older age, walks, he loved to jump in the pool to cool off. He will be truly missed by everyone. Especially by his fur cousins who came to visit him just before his passing. What a great friend and a great member of our family....Roy CameronEl Dorado Hills, CaliforniaOctober 7, 2019
3/30/2010 - 9/30/2019We miss you so much and our house and hearts feel so empty without your warm loving presence in our lives. The kids and I love you forever.Chris CohlmiaDenver, ColoradoOctober 7, 2019
We had to say goodbye to our sweet girl Lacey she is loved very much
And we will miss her guarding us against squirrels running around the yard
FedEx drivers mail carriers and suspicious looking plastic bags blowing across the yard
I miss your barking and playing rest in peace girl I would like to thank Dr Lindsey for her help
through this process and thanks to the entire Lap of love team and also Dr Dani thank you very much
Cavin RalstonShawnee kansas, KansasOctober 6, 2019
1/5/2004 - 10/5/2019Our sweet little girl Coco went to Heaven on Saturday Oct 5th 2019 and has left a huge hole in our lives! I've had dogs all my life but my husband and I agree wholeheartedly that Coco was the BEST dog we have ever had! It was the hardest thing we had to do to say "Farewell" to such a beautiful soul ... and I am so heartbroken!
Coco gave so much love to each of us and in return she was dearly loved and spoilt by all of us. She was not just our furry pet, she was truly one of our family! Coco was my soul mate...she followed me wherever I went and when she couldn't see me, she would walk around the house until she found me and lay next to me. When I was sad, she knew it and would just lick (kiss) my face as if to say " I know...I've got you". I will miss kissing her sweet little face (and getting a kiss back) and snuggling in her soft neck. A piece of my heart has gone to Heaven with Coco and I feel such a void!
We have been so blessed to have had Coco in our lives and could not have asked for a better friend or soulmate. Until we see each other again at the Rainbow free my sweet girl and know that you are in our heart forever! We love you xxx
Paula PolitisWELLINGTON, FloridaOctober 6, 2019
1/23/2004 - 10/2/2019The best dog! We miss you terribly. Thank you for loving us! We were very fortunate to have you in our lives. Till we meet again💔🐾Gina IadanzaKings Park, New YorkOctober 6, 2019
6/23/2003 - 10/5/2019RIP Little Man! My heart breaks without you here with us! ❤Kim OlveraCorona, CaliforniaOctober 6, 2019
9/14/2006 - 10/4/2019We loved Minnie and did the best we could for her. She was the sweetest cat ever! She was always very calm and affectionate. There will never be another one like her.Paula MondroCanton, MichiganOctober 6, 2019
8/7/2004 - 10/5/2019Hey sly guy! I know I met you a little later in life, but you were an awesome dog. I wanna thank you for being there for Eddie all his life and being his best friend. You did an amazing job at makeing him happy and an amazing job at makeing the house feel like a home. I miss you a lot and I am crushed that you are gone, but you know Eddie misses you the most. Keep watching over us from doggy heaven. I'm so glad you're not in pain anymore.
Love you buddy ❤
Marissa AcostaAiken, South CarolinaOctober 6, 2019