Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/1/2003 - 9/2/2019I thank the God of Creation for the wonderful 16 years I was privileged to be loved by such a gentle, faithful, loving and precious cat. I’ve never lived without a cat in my life and they all were special pets, but Masha held a very special place in my heart. He was one of those special pets that are especially unique. My husband often told me that Masha was really an obedient dog dressed up as a cat. I am thankful for all the years that the Cat Clinic was available to care for his health needs. They recommended “Lap of Love” to me. Thank you all who give your time to comfort pet owners during a most difficult time. Everyone I talked to on the phone was so kind, sympathetic and helpful. ...and a special thanks to Dr. Allie of Knoxville, who was absolutely the best in comforting me and Masha. She made the passing of my beloved cat a very personal, gentle and peaceful transition. Thank you, Lap of Love, for being available to allow our precious pets to die peacefully and with dignity. ❤️Susan HillonKnoxville, TennesseeSeptember 3, 2019
3/3/2013 - 8/26/2019Sweet Zoey, it is so hard to believe you have only been gone from us one week...seems like such a short time, yet feels like forever...we miss you terribly.Laurie LittleLoxahatchee, FloridaSeptember 2, 2019
3/31/2009 - 9/1/2019Jessie "Jessie Lu" Our hearts are full for loving you, Jessie Lu, but are breaking for having to say good-bye yesterday. Our six joyful and fun years together were not nearly enough but we are so blessed for your unconditional love and memories of huffy puffies, expressive tail wags, whole body sneezes, endless marches, your dome head, and your always sweet personality. You were such a gentle soul, even the birds and bunny visitors to our backyard knew that and they wouldn’t even fly or hop away when you went outside. There’s a gaping hole in our hearts and in our home without you now but we know you will always be watching over us until we meet you, Disney, Katey, and Payton at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you and love you always, Jess! <3 Mommy, Daddy and your “kid” CaseyCelebration, FloridaSeptember 2, 2019
3/1/2009 - 8/10/2019Diamond, we miss you so, so much. We had the privilege, fortune, and honor of knowing you, and for you to choose us to be in your life. When I first met you, you scooted into my coat as I bent down to pet you. You snuggled right into me and we knew our lives would be full and for the better from that point on. You taught us that life is rewarding and that we should roll in the grass along with you several times a day. And forget about everything else and live in those great single happy moments. As every day passes we are thankful you knew us.Hartford, WisconsinSeptember 2, 2019
8/5/2007 - 8/31/2019May our sweet Mack Rest In Peace. We had such a special bond with him, he was an absolute sweetheart, so loving, mushy, cuddly. He loved to be with his family and we all loved every second of it and his presence. He was just an amazing English Bulldog. He was the King of our house and he knew it, he was so spoiled, we made him pancakes every Sunday morning along with the family. We miss him terribly but know he is no longer suffering and in pain.Christine TraditiBuchanan, New YorkSeptember 2, 2019
9/1/2005 - 8/31/2019We adopted Lucky when he was a young adult, and gave him a loving home for 12 years. I'm so thankful he joined our family, as he provided many laughs, purrs and snuggles through the years. His 5 am wake up calls and drooling lap visits will not go unnoticed. 😄 He was the quirkiest yet sweetest animal I've ever met. I'm grateful he's no longer in pain. It's never easy to say goodbye to a pet but we have the obligation to care for them in their best interest, not out own. I'm sorry your body was failing, sweet Luck.Ashley HoffenbergAtlanta, GeorgiaSeptember 2, 2019
8/2/2007 - 8/28/2019Our “Favorite Puppy Dog In The Whole Wide 🌎” as Mack would say, went to Doggy Heaven. Rocky was not only our puppy dog but a loyal companion, a son, a friend, and a brother. He brought many years of joy to a lot of people. He has been with us through all the bad and good times through the years. Mack only had 3 years with him but they were two peas in a pod, best buds, brothers! We will miss you dearly Rock and home won’t ever be the same without you but we know you will be chasing squirrels and eating cheese while you watch over us. Miss you already puppy!! #Rocky #Mack #bff #favoritepuppydoginthewholewideworld #missyousomuch #doggyheaven #spoiledpuppyMegan JoyceTampa, FloridaSeptember 1, 2019
12/1/2008 - 8/29/2019My beautiful gentle giant, Jeb, made a pleasant transition last week. He was technically a "rescue" but without a doubt, he rescued me. We so enjoyed long hikes in the mountains and just sitting under the stars listening, feeling the wind and frequently glancing at each other. He was my best friend. My constant companion. My heart.

He was such a gift that could never fully repay.

There is no love like that from a dog.

Go on ahead my sweet boy and find us a great hiking trail. I catch up for you later, my baby.
LInda HillGastonia, North CarolinaSeptember 1, 2019
9/1/2005 - 8/31/2019Harry was my best friend & companion.
I'm devastated he has left this earth.
He was adored by everyone, very cuddly but a fantastic watch dog with 150 pound bark for an 85 pound dog.
The whole neighborhood loved him and his nickname was Handsome Harry.
He will be missed every day and my love for him will go on and on.
At least he is with the rest of his family now.
R.I.P. My Darling.
Gail MurphyFort Lauderdale, FloridaSeptember 1, 2019
9/19/2004 - 8/31/2019Jules - in Loving MemoryChito SienWest Babylon, New YorkSeptember 1, 2019