Pet Memorials
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10/26/2004 - 1/7/2015In loving memory of our beloved Coco (aka cocopuff, cocopop, bean)❤️

Though we had to say goodbye to our sweet little angel last night, she will live on in our hearts forever.

She left our life just as peacefully as she lived within it, snuggled in her mom's arms and surrounded by the love of her dad and her big brother, Benji.

Though her life was far too short and her disease so unexpected, we are grateful for the joy, unconditional love,never ending kisses, and perpetual tail wags that she brought into our lives. She was our little ray of sunshine and we are comforted by the warm memories she has forever imprinted upon our hearts.

Rest in peace sweet girl. We love you xoxoxo
Ariella PatelArlington, MassachusettsJanuary 8, 2015
12/27/2000 - 1/6/2015Zena was my "shotgun rider" always by my side and loved riding in the car! I've loved and lost many pets in my lifetime, but none that have touched my heart in the way this sweet baby girl did. She will be missed every single day til we meet again on the other side. Sometimes in life, we are lucky enough to meet a soul so loving and good that is makes us better people...Zena did this for me, and I hope that one day I will become the person she always thought I was! My love forever is what she earned and my love forever is what she will have <3Elizabeth RossJacksonville, FloridaJanuary 8, 2015
4/20/2002 - 1/5/2015We love and miss our Lula. She was the most loyal and smart dog I've ever had the pleasure to know; I would rather have a conversation with her than with most people I've known. At 70lbs she was the perfect cuddle dog. We would sometimes wrestle, but she would always let me win.

LULA we love you.
Brian AlvesBridgewater, MassachusettsJanuary 7, 2015
11/11/2003 - 12/13/2014In Memory of Zoëy, a faithful loving, smart and beautiful one half Black Lab and one half Rottweiler.Suzanne MerleBrocton, New YorkJanuary 7, 2015
Sadie Louise Mcgillicuddy
7/8/2001 - 12/27/2014It has been an honor to earn your love and trust, and to be considered part of your pack. We'll miss you forever little Clown Face.Andrea HolzlerSt. Petersburg, FloridaJanuary 7, 2015
1/1/2004 - 1/4/2015It is with deep sadness and heavy heart that we tell you our beloved Cody has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Cody passed away last Sunday peacefully, surrounded by his loving family. His passing has left our hearts broken. We are holding tightly to the deep love and wonderful memories that we shared with him over the past 6 years. We are so honored and grateful that Cody chose us to be his family. The grief that we are feeling now is almost unbearable, but we know with the passing of time and the love of friends and family, we will begin to heal and smile again at the endless love and joy that was brought into our lives by our sweet, gentle and loyal Cody.Liz UniackeAttleboro, MassachusettsJanuary 6, 2015
8/28/1995 - 1/2/2015Bumbinho, Aug 1995 - Jan 2 2015

You were a very SPECIAL and smart boy and we will treasure forever all the beautiful memories we spent together for almost 20 years. I wish it never ended.
We will miss your loud and beautiful voice, meowing and purring when you greeted us at the door, when you would call me to go snuggle with you, your loyalty and unconditional love.
It hurt to see you going through all the pain that the kidney failure caused you.
Now you are free from all the pain and you're with Marky again.
We'll always miss and love both of you very much.
We'll meet again, some day...
Our little house is empty without you and Marky.
You both had a beautiful and happy life.

R.I.P. My Beautiful Friend <3 <3

" This is the end
Beautiful Friend
This is the end
My only Friend, The end." The Doors
Joao TorinoSeminole, FloridaJanuary 6, 2015
1/29/2004 - 1/4/2015I know Barkley is in doggie heaven right beside Daisey and she is taking good care of him as she always did. I know he is now pain free and having a great time meeting new friends and doing all of the things that he enjoyed doing here. With the "Rainbow Bridge" it will allow that time to meet again. Barkley is loved and missed greatly every single day... his happy face, all of his slobber and drool, his gentle kisses and nudges, his certain deep slow bark, and his snoring. Rest in peace and enjoy doggie heaven...I love you BarkAmber SummersWhitsett, North CarolinaJanuary 6, 2015
Gretta Rose
12/25/1999 - 1/3/2015It is with deepest sadness and heaviest hearts that we tell you our beloved Gretta Rose has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.
She passed peacefully, surrounded by her loving family and embraced by loving prayers. Her passing has left our hearts in pieces. We are holding tightly to the deep love we shared with her over the years. We are so honored and grateful that we have had the privilege of being her family. The grief that we are feeling now is almost unbearable, but we know with the passing of time and the love of friends and family, we will begin to heal and smile again at the endless love and joy that was brought into our lives by our sweet Gretta Rose.
Priscilla and Steve deBreePortland, MaineJanuary 5, 2015
Amazing Grace (gracie)
10/6/2000 - 1/4/2015Even when you know it's the right thing to do, it's very hard to say "goodbye" to a wonderful companion.
Last night Jessica and I said goodbye to Amazing Grace ("Gracie") Haverstick, our 14 year old Old English Sheepdog who had been with us since the fall of 2000 when she became a member of our family. She was so tiny and scared when we brought her home to meet Clemmie (Darling Clementine), our two year old chocolate lab, that she ran to a rug by the kitchen sink and sat on it shivering until we got down next to her and made her feel safe.
For the next 12 years, Clemmie became the object of Gracie's unwavering devotion and the old ratty rug became her "magic carpet" because whenever she sat on it she expected love and, of course, food. "Look," she'd say, "I'm on my magic carpet. Love me and feed me." And, of course, we did.
Gracie was never an alpha dog. She was Clemmie's follower and wingman and would do anything for her big sister. We referred to the two of them as "the girls" and that's who they were.
After Clemmie left us in the summer of 2012, Gracie had to learn how to be on her own. She never really did. But she soldiered on and gave us so much happiness.
Last night, in our family room, we returned Gracie to Clemmie. Dr. Sandra from Lap of Love came to our home and sent Gracie on her next great journey. Jessica and I held her on our laps as she left us and wept for our loss though we sent Gracie on her way with smiles, kisses and thanks for a life of unconditional love.
We remain numb today but we know we did the right thing. Dr. Sandra was great and has already posted a memorial on the Facebook page for Lap of Love. Gracie we will love you forever. Mommy and Daddy.
Alec&Jessica HaverstickShort Hills, New JerseyJanuary 5, 2015