Pet Memorials
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12/31/2020In memory of UnagiCathy CederlindGold river ca, CaliforniaJanuary 5, 2020
7/12/2005 - 1/4/2020My beautiful boy left this world on Saturday Jan 4, 2020. How incredibly lucky I was to have him in my life. 14 1/2 years of unconditional love and companionship which ended yesterday as one of the worst days in my life. I will always have the fond memories of our adventures and the things he used to do to aggravate my Wife, or seeing his joyful reaction whenever he got a new toy.
Cosmo, I wish I could have kept you around a while longer, but your eyes told me that you were tired, and that it was time to go.
I know that you will live forever in my heart, even though it’s shattered in a million pieces right now.
Russell HancockNew Caney, TexasJanuary 5, 2020
7/23/2017 - 1/3/2020Taken way to barely had a chance to live..2 yrs 5 filled our hearts with joy will be missed..Donald JosephHowell, New JerseyJanuary 5, 2020
6/15/2005 - 1/3/2020Our yard is empty and our hearts are broken.Reina KavanaghStockton, CaliforniaJanuary 5, 2020
5/25/2013 - 12/9/2019My sweet Ranger - it has been almost a month since you lost your battle with lymphoma and I miss you every day. I miss having you work your way under blankets and flop down by my knees each night. I miss having you stare at me until I got up and threw your purple bone for you to chase. I miss our daily walks. I miss seeing you waiting in your chair for the Doglando bus to pick you up. I miss how you would greet me at the door each night - a jump up to say "hi" and then a grab of the closest toy and a crazy run around the house. I miss how you trained me to give you your favorite treats before dinner each day.

Thank you for being my best buddy these last six years - I'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Tressa JuttelstadOrlando, FloridaJanuary 5, 2020
12/26/2003 - 12/30/2019Kodi was such a loving great dog. He went through so much with me and gave me love and support through it all. He knew when I needed him, when I needed his furry body leaning on me so I could hug him and hold him. I knew when he needed a treat, when he needed to go out or just when he was uncomfortable or scared. He was so much more than a pet he was my partner in crime, my "sweety petey,"my "bobba."THERESA DORSEYBabylon, New YorkJanuary 5, 2020
10/31/2000 - 1/3/2020I just had to say farewell to my best buddy, Edison, after 19 wonderful years. We actually grew old together; when I adopted him as a kitten, both of us were active, energetic, healthy, and fit. As the years passed we slowed down at about the same rate, eventually becoming a couple of lazy old men together.

He was always with me at my computer, just about every evening and weekend. Way back before flat screen monitors, his favorite spot was camping out on top of my old CRT monitor, so he could keep an eye on my work and correct and advise as necessary. He must have been worried about having me develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so he made it a point to come and sit on my mouse hand on a regular basis (“Time to take a break, Dad”)! I don’t know how I will be able to get any work done without his wisdom, guidance, and batting at the cursor on the screen.

Edison was good as gold his entire life. Not an hour went by when I didn’t give him four quick kisses on his forehead, and tell him what a good boy he was. Whenever I was sad, upset, or sick, he would be right there by my side to let me know that everything was going to be OK. One of my most cherished memories is how he always greeted me with a silent meow as soon as he saw me. No other kitty, no matter how sweet, could ever take the place of my precious boy, Edison.

You had a profound impact on my life little buddo, and I hope you know how much I will always love you.
Dave GilbertMount Juliet, TennesseeJanuary 4, 2020
1/1/2006 - 1/3/2020We cannot thank Dr. Bates enough for the tender, kind, compassionate way he treated our dear, sweet Daisy. The respect and gentleness he extended to her was equaled only to that shown us as well, during his entire visit.

Our pets bear witness to our lives. They are a family members who love us unconditionally and who we often forget will someday leave us. We and our other pets had the good fortune to be with Daisy as she passed, closing a circle which began with a first hello, pat and kiss 14 years ago. Our hearts are aching but knowing she was ready to let go and is now no longer suffering was a gift Dr. Bates gave us all. The lock of fur and paw imprint plaque keepsakes are a kind gesture added. We chose to help Daisy let go at home and then spend moments with her after Dr. Bates left, so our other pets could come close as desired, and also have closure. We took Daisy for cremation to "Pawprints Forever"pet crematory owned by Pagano Funeral Homes family. Our experience there was exceptional as well. Knowing Daisy is now in her heavenly body, out of all pain, happy and frolicking with carefree abandon comforts us, as we grieve for her. Thank you Dr. Bates very very much.
Ann AshmoreChadds Ford, PennsylvaniaJanuary 4, 2020
6/24/2011 - 12/29/2019I keep hoping that I’m going to wake up from this bad dream and that you’ll be curled up next to me on the bed. After you were diagnosed with lymphoma on September 25, 2019, life has been a bit of a blur for us. I knew something was going on, but didn’t suspect cancer. It’s like you were fine and then all of the sudden, you weren’t. We were told there was a really good chance for remission if we tried chemo and that we might get to keep you around another year or two, so of course we didn’t hesitate. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. For whatever reason, nothing we did worked and the cancer started taking over your body completely. While I’m extremely grateful for the three months we got to spend with you after learning of the diagnosis, it’s SO not fair that this happened to you or that the treatments didn’t work. You were only 8 years old and WAY too young to leave this world! I knew one day you would leave us, but I was hoping for much more time with you. At least one thing went right though. I was able to make sure that you left this world peacefully, pain free, at home, and surrounded by your family. I hope you licking my tears beforehand was your way of telling me that it’s okay. You loved me unconditionally.

Parker, I miss you so much that it hurts. There is now a Parker sized void in our lives. The house is not the same anymore. You no longer greet me at the door with your wagging tail and so much excitement that you had to bark, telling me all about what I missed, while weaving in and out of my legs. I keep looking for you in your usual spots and hoping I’ll turn around and you’ll be following me again or peering at me from over the back of the couch. We still open the front window for you when we leave so you can continue to look outside. The house feels very empty, even with two young kids. You were not just a pet to us, you were a member of the family and we no longer feel entirely complete without you here. You had to be in the middle of everything, wherever we were and no matter what we were doing. You were here for all the big moments of our lives, including getting married and the birth of our two children. Not only were you in our wedding, but you’ve been in every monthly picture of the kids, up until now. A tradition I’m sad you are no longer here for.

We are trying to take comfort in the fact that you are no longer in pain and like to picture you in some wonderful place of endless Greenies, walks, and belly rubs. A place where you were greeted and welcomed with open paws by all the fur babies our entire family has loved and lost over the years.

Although you may be gone (except for your hair which we continue to find all over), you will never be forgotten. You will forever live on in our hearts, through our memories, and in the stories that we will pass down. We love and miss you!

Love you always,
Elizabeth ShaftelSaint Johns, FloridaJanuary 4, 2020
3/29/2003 - 1/1/2020George, saying goodbye to you was one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to do. You were such a huge part of our family for over 16-1/2 years. You were one of the sweetest dogs I ever knew. Even though you were "my dog", that never stopped you from making Mom your cuddle buddy. Whether on the couch or bed, you always somehow found a way to snuggle up to her. You were an amazing big brother to Mackenzie and Noah, and even our other fur baby, Dodger. No matter how much they may have tormented you as little kids, you were always there with one of your big kisses. I will miss your cute little round face and always wagging tail. You were such a happy dog and certainly made our lives so much better. You will be forever missed, but we hold our many memories of you now as treasure. I hope that you are now running through heavenly fields, chasing birds like you did here once upon a time. When I leave this life someday, I hope that you run to me and greet me with a big George kiss. Love you forever George.Michael ZmijewskiWinter Springs, FloridaJanuary 4, 2020