Pet Memorials
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3/25/2012 - 1/18/2014I loved her just like my child and she will be greatly missed!!!!Scherry SingletonMorristown, TennesseeJanuary 19, 2014
10/7/2002 - 1/9/2014I remember the first time I saw Smokey when I was 10 years old. Immediately I knew he was the one I wanted. He was the first dog I had ever had. Smokey was the most loving, loyal, playful, and joyful companion I was fortunate enough to have. I'll always cherish and remember the memories we experienced and the small moments we had together. You were our dog buddy. You will always be a part of us, our family, never leaving our side. I miss you so much. Things just aren't the same with you gone. We always look for you when we come home. It just isn't the same. Your life started with me, and in your final moments, it ended with me. I wouldn't have had it any other way. You will always be wholeheartedly missed, loved, and cherished. Rest in peace buddy. We all love you. I hope to see and be with you again.Edward HerbertLand O' Lakes, FloridaJanuary 19, 2014
1/14/2005 - 1/17/2014Gone from our lives but never our hearts. You will never be replaced, my best friend.Cody BrysonRaleigh, North CarolinaJanuary 18, 2014
5/20/2014 - 1/14/2014Sasha was an amazing dog she was so smart and would have done anything to protect me. I found her in the spca parking lot when I had gone in to look at dogs one day and she was with a young girl my age at the time who was crying saying she couldn't keep the dog she had already named her sasha which couldn't have been a more perfect fit and she has been with me ever since, nearly 14 years together. She loved to go for walks at the river and play catch with her tennis balls. I love and miss you so much baby girl but keep watching over me in puppy heaven I will never ever forget you and you can never be replaced 5/20/2000 - 1/14/2014Brooke TorcelloTonawanda, New YorkJanuary 18, 2014
1/3/2014 - 1/15/2014Our Moses was truly a teacher, counselor, lover and our best friend. Words can not describe the blessing he was in our lives.
We found each other unexpectedly on a spring day in Kansas City. My life changed forever for he has brought me more joy and laughter than I could imagine. I will miss him deeply! I love you Moses MaGoses!! xoxoxoxoxo
Kimberly LeHewVirginia Beach, VirginiaJanuary 17, 2014
3/30/1999 - 1/15/2014In loving memory of Oreo, a 14 1/2 year old, husky/terrier mix who was adored by her family. Oreo was a true family dog, adopted by her parents when their children were young and Oreo was a puppy. She was a high maintenance dog in the best way possible...she wanted a lot of attention, whether it was being petted, rough-housing with dad, going for a walk, or hanging out with dad outside while he did yard work.

Oreo was an intelligent dog and, for the most part, well-behaved. If she wasn't getting enough petting, she politely nudged your elbow for more attention. She also knew her boundaries and wouldn't stray from the front yard, even though she was off-leash and free to move around as she pleased. There was one time, though, when she took herself for a walk when no one else would. Her family quickly found her walking down the path that was part of her usual routine.

Oreo loved to eat and mooch food, often from grandma and grandpa who were the most generous in handing out scraps. But, again, she was usually very polite in her begging and wouldn't touch food that she hadn't been given permission to eat. There may have been a few exceptions, like when her brother's friend was holding a hamburger away from his body while he was talking and looking the other way, but you could hardly blame a girl for taking something that looked like it was being handed to her.

Since Christmas, Oreo's health had been declining slowly. Her family knew they didn't have much time left with her, and her human siblings, who were home for the holidays, gave her extra love and attention before leaving home again. Yesterday, Oreo's beloved mom and dad sat by her side during her final moments, petting and cuddling her as she peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, where she can play in the snow and eat treats anytime she wants. Rest well, sweet Oreo. Your family loves you and will never forget what a truly wonderful dog you were.
~Dr. Stacy
Danielle HarloffGlenview, IllinoisJanuary 17, 2014
10/31/1999 - 1/8/2014We miss you so much buddy!Matt BoothSmyrna, GeorgiaJanuary 16, 2014
9/15/2014 - 12/30/2013How do you say good-bye to a companion of 20 years? Her two dog buddies are mourning her as well, sniffing heating vents she used to lay on.kathy powellhuntersville, North CarolinaJanuary 13, 2014
6/15/1998 - 1/12/2014Sometime in life we are granted fortunate accidents, things that were not intended it seems, but when they happen feel as if that is how is was supposed to be. Indiana was such a gift, a fortunate crossing of fate, she needed a family, we needed her though we did not know it until she came into our lives. To be blessed with such a gift is one that makes the pain of grieving mute to the joy my life was blessed with while she was a part of it and will forever be in our hearts. Good bye sweet princess until we run together again.Stephen KilpAbington, PennsylvaniaJanuary 13, 2014
Ty anapol
1/8/1993 - 1/8/2014Ty ,
Our Sweet , Devoted , Brave Protector , loving Companion , funny Good Boy .
Daddy and I are missing you so much .
Your kitty cats are looking for you since you left for the Rainbow Bridge .
Thank you for loving our family for 21 wonderful years .
Our sweet Angel
Forever in our Hearts
Shelly AnapolHuntingdon Valley, PennsylvaniaJanuary 13, 2014