Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/15/1998 - 6/29/2014Zeke was simply the best dog anyone could ask for. He was kind, he was gentle, he was loving. He loved to be with his family, no matter where we were. He loved his walks more than anything. He loved all dogs. He was just the best. He always had a smile on his face. His tail was constantly wagging. I loved him more than lifeMark RulonSimi Valley, CaliforniaJuly 1, 2014
1/5/1993 - 6/26/2014Thank you, my Franki, for choosing to live with us and teaching us unconditional love, how to play more, rest more, be present, enjoy nature and eat more of what we love with great purpose! Your 22 years of earthly life prepared you for the greatest adventure of all ~ and one day, I will join you there across the rainbow into the light. Franki, I love you dear boy - more than words can say. I am honored that you chose us. You live in our hearts forever.Chapel Hill, North CarolinaJune 30, 2014
1/15/2000 - 6/26/2014Jake, my buddy, my pal.
I only knew Jake for 3 ½ years and he was hard to get to know. But eventually we became friends. He would greet me every time I visited his home, he would come looking for me if he didn’t see me in the morning when he was let out.

I could only pet him on his head because of the pain in the rest of his body, but he always looked forward to my petting and tried to lick my hand. Eventually he became my sitting buddy on the couch, laying over and snuggling against my thigh.

A couple of years ago Jake was introduced to (had to put up with) a new puppy that was brought into his home. Needless to say, all the puppy wanted to do was play, play, play and Jake didn’t want anything to do with her. But as time went by he looked to her as a member of the pack and followed her out to the yard, and around the house. He even became her protector at times (see pix).

Jake was an odd/funny dog, but wow am I going to miss that cute/sad face.

John EnsBrick, New JerseyJune 30, 2014
10/19/2006 - 6/26/2014Peekaboo, you are our sweet little angel. You were very special to us and we will forever love you. You brought so much joy to us and to so many others. We will miss your kisses and that gentle little nibble you gave to us on our noses. Your soulful eyes will be with us forever. We will never stop missing you. We love you Boo Boo. Good-bye for now - until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace our sweet, beautiful angel.Kathy FrazierStokesdale, North CarolinaJune 30, 2014
3/10/1999 - 6/23/2014Shadow was such a sweet dog. She was a good watch dog and friend. She was the only dog that actually came when I called her. She was name shadow because when she was little she always followed me around. She will be missed. She had a good long life.Kris PefferLa Porte, TexasJune 30, 2014
Reesie & Nancy
12/21/2001 - 6/28/2014I had to say goodbye to my baby girls, Reesie and Nancy. The brought so much joy into my home for so many years. Life will never be the same without having them here. My heart is comforted knowing that are now with my husband in heaven above having a good home together once again.
I would like to thank Dr. Cook for everything and all your compassion.
Sandra MooreKodak, TennesseeJune 29, 2014
3/1/2002 - 6/25/2014In memory of my little bad girl. You will always be in my heart as my first little feral that I ever raised. I wish you were here to bite me one more time. I'm sad you had to go, but I was sadder still to see you declining and not feeling like the happy little girl you used to be. Mommy loves you alwaysEllen HolmesPembroke Pines, FloridaJune 28, 2014
5/26/2007 - 6/24/2014To our beloved angel Delilah. You were there for us through all of our hardest times in life. The constant moves we finally moved to our dream house last year. You had room to walk, waited till we fenced in yard, waited till we were on vacation this week, did everything we asked of you. You were the best Great Dane ever, we miss you so much. The house is empty without you. Bentley is heartbroken without you, I only hope he will turn out to be a Great Dane with your heart as well. This was the hardest week of our life's , but I know we will meet again. Thank you Dr. Steven Schultz for being so caring. We love you Delilah. Love your family Tj, Lauren, Madison, Samuel, Bentley . The Meredith's ..TJ MeredithWest Seneca, New YorkJune 28, 2014
10/28/1999 - 6/27/2014So many things will never be the same.greg melcherwest lawn, PennsylvaniaJune 28, 2014
4/23/2001 - 6/27/2014Sarge you will forever be missed. You were the best dog on earth . Heaven has received the best dog anyone can have. Your unconditional love to everyone will be missed until we meet again.Dalia FrenchCasselberry, FloridaJune 28, 2014