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9/1/2006 - 9/15/2019We love Rennie so much. She was the first dog I ever loved. Our lives will not be the same without her beautiful happy face and her nails clicking on the hardwood floors.Caitlin HoganPantego, TexasSeptember 16, 2019
11/6/2019 - 9/15/2019Chip was always playful and always had lots of emergency. he was a super small dog but he was always my guard dog. He always knew when I was sad and would come cuddle up next to me. Chip loved to dance! every time we put music on he loved it especially when i would make him twerk! Chip was my best friend, i miss him and love him so much.cebi burgesshavertown, PennsylvaniaSeptember 16, 2019
2/22/2007 - 9/13/2019Dear Pup Boston

My sweet Pup, my Sweet Petite. Boston, I love you so much and will carry you in my heart always. I miss you terribly and am heartbroken that you are gone. I take comfort in knowing how greatly you have enriched my life and the lives of our friends, family and community with your unconditional love and kind and gentle nature. You brought tremendous joy to my life and our family. I am so grateful to have been your human, Mom, tennis ball supplier, doggie spa, trail guide and preferred cuddler (until your little sister came along and then I was a distant second).

Thank you for 12 wonderful years as a beloved member of our family. I will cherish our memories and adventures. Thank you for greeting me everyday after work with your tail wagging and helping me train for a marathon and keeping me company and snuggling on the couch. Thank you for listening, I don't know how many talks we shared or miles we walked together but every heartfelt chat and step together remains in my heart.

You are loved by so many friends and family, most of all your little sister. Thank you for watching over her and being her best friend and being so gentle and kind to her. Boston, you have taught me so much about family, love and humanity. You always had a smile for everyone. Thank you Boston for your kind heart, gentle nature and unconditional love.

Heather KempAustin, TexasSeptember 16, 2019
9/24/2017 - 9/13/2019Trixie never did ANYTHING half-way, for better or worse. She had an energy and joy for life which she shared with everyone. She was incredibly loving, playful, and feisty to say the least. I have never seen a kitten move so fast in my life. Hide and seek was an everyday game where she would purr like crazy once you found her (always in a new and weirder space), and she was never very far from a sparkly-fuzzy ball (which she would also hide and then give you clues to retrieve them of course). Napping was no exception to her originality - upside down, inside curtains, and on top of 10 foot cabinets. She loved her fur-siblings, Archie and Cooper, and always tried to keep everyone clean. She wanted to be part of everything, and even had her own stool in the kitchen where she could keep an eye on everyone. She fought her way through multiple illnesses and even cheated death, but there were other plans for her. When her illness took the joy from her life, Dr. Scudder with Lap of Love was there to end her suffering and pain. Trixie deserved so much more than this life was able to give, but she never took a minute of her life for granted. Trixie was not quite 2 years old when her life ended, but the impact she made on our lives will last forever. We will always love you, our beautiful Trixie girl.Mylissa & Matt Hites & KellySt. Peters, MissouriSeptember 16, 2019
12/22/2000 - 9/6/2019Our little Super Sushi lived a long and amazing life. She was almost 19 in Dec. She was a little dog with a HUGE personality. She was a Diva! We will miss her so much and I am heartbroken!💔

Sushi was my buddy and never left my side for almost 19 years. She was my son’s buddy and teased him every single day. Sushi was the grand-dog and super spoiled by my parents always. She sat by my side for 2 months while I was on bedrest with my son, if I was ever sad she would be right there trying to cheer me up, she entertained us since the day we got her, she smiled when I called her a “coconut puppy”, she would attack me if I talked about Santa Claus pants/pajamas(she did this up until a couple weeks ago, it was so funny), she loved riding in my convertible bug, she protected us with lots of barks, she taught Cade about animals and how to be kind to elder pets, she was blind for 4 years and sometimes she made us forget she was blind, she was a diva and would get organic cheese on all her food(she would not eat it without it), she only ate carrots dipped in ranch, she was the star of Cade’s STEM Fair project at 17 years old “Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” (the answer was yes) and I could go on and on about her big personality.

She will be so missed every single day. She was such a big part of our family and for so long. The last couple years she was so tough and just kept on going. We love you always Sushi! You will always be in my heart and all of our hearts that knew her. We have so many great memories to cherish! Thank you Sushi for being the best dog ever!!!
Shannon Rusmisel-ClarkTampa, FloridaSeptember 16, 2019
4/18/2007 - 9/14/2019Our big baby Baxter! Most loyal dog, fearless defender against the mailman, best travel companion in the world! Now that you left your broken body, you can play your favorite game of fetching the stick again! No dog could come even close to your mad catching skills!
We love you fiercely and will never forget you! Go, chase those squirrels over the rainbow bridge, buddy!
Uta and Hasso WeilandLower Burrell, PennsylvaniaSeptember 16, 2019
10/24/2008 - 9/8/2019King Castle was one of the craziest, loving and adventurous dogs I have ever met. He will never be forgotten. He brought so much light into my life and my heart will forever hold a special place for him.Jessica PericoAustin, TexasSeptember 16, 2019
Jake Allen Bethge
9/13/2006 - 9/8/2019Jake, You were momma's baby and Dads boy. We will miss you and we will always love you. You were so brave and always made us feel safe.Mike and Jodi BethgeEast Aurora, New YorkSeptember 15, 2019
6/3/2003 - 9/14/2019Lexie was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever shared my life with. Lexie was a special friend because she loved everyone. She never met a stranger; human, feline, or canine. She was a special gift to me and my family. Though I am heartbroken and the tears are flowing, I know she is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with her sisters Madison and Bailey. I’m sure they are playing hard like they used to. Goodbye my sweet girl, Daddy loves you and will see you again.Greg DierfeldtFishers, IndianaSeptember 15, 2019
Annie was my constant companion. We were glued at the hip. I rescued her when she was one year old. She came to live with my Australian Shepherd, my husband Larry and I 15 years ago. What adventures we had! Hiking in Nevada, camping trips, long ambling walks, silly games in the evening like "Sit, and when I tell you, find the treats". I hid treats all over the house and it took the dogs an hour to find them all. We also played hide and seek. My husband I would hide all over the house as they searched. My husband died in 2009. Denver died in 2011. It was just Annie and I for the past ten years. I was so grateful for her presence. At sixteen, Dr. Caroline Kiert compassionately ended her life, with me holding her until the end. Annie had a fabulous life and her death was done with concern, compassion and so much kindness. In Dr. Kiert, I felt I had a soulmate present. It doesn't get any better then this when reflecting on the life of a beautiful dog. In her name, I will rescue another dog. And I am so appreciative of Dr. Kiert.Diane WildeSacramento, CaliforniaSeptember 15, 2019
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