Pet Memorials
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Maggie mae
In loving memory of our beloved Labrador...Maggie Mae.Steve HowardLoveland, OhioJanuary 10, 2013
3/31/2003 - 12/21/2012You will always be in my heart :( I love you very much!!! It's only been 2.5 weeks....and you're highly missed in the house. From seeing your lovely face everyday for 9 years to not at all just breaks my heart but I know now your no longer in pain. I'll always remember the day when you jumped on the trampoline. That was hilarious and the kids loved it. From that day on, you would run around the big yard & jump in with the kids/knock em down and the jump off lol. It still makes me smile when I think about it. You were the best dog ever and I would never forget you. Mommy will delevope your pictures and hang it with your paw print :) I love you bunches baby girl :)Lisa HirschMiddleburg, FloridaJanuary 9, 2013
3/7/2000 - 1/6/2013Our Xena came to us as a baby pup, a ball of cuddly grayish black fur that jumped into our arms and accepted us immediately as her family. She was with us for 12 years and 10 months and what made her special was her abundance of love.
Xena was there for us during the good times and bad when we were lonely, hurt, or sick by always making us laugh. Most of all she was a true friend that never judged or was unkind to anyone and was always happy to see us.
In 2 months she would have been 91 in dogs years and as much as we love her and because we love her we can no longer bear to see her suffer.
So we wish our Xena farewell and know she will go to rest in God's hands who created her. There she will be waiting for the rest of us at the gate and jump up to greet us as always.
Rebecca CruzSpring, TexasJanuary 9, 2013
7/15/1997 - 1/1/2013Hunter, our lovely Beagle - A playful female- our "Princess and "Miss Hunter Bunny" had a beautiful white bottom that reminded us of a bunny hopping out into her favorite place- the large, natural, interesting, creature-laden back yard full of chipmunks to be pursued!! Together, her dachsund "Brother", Buddy, made quite a pair - digging, running, barking, wrestling, snuggling at the end of their active day. Buddy adored her so much that he would jump up everytime she entered a room to greet her by licking her face! Hunter truly "lit up" a room with her tri-color beauty and enormous eyes! Our last sights of her in Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne's arms were when her blanket fell from her face and she looked so young again, so relaxed and peaceful. Healthy once again!! Yes, we did have to have her put to sleep, and yes, we miss her terribly, however, we believe we gave her the "ultimate gift of Kindness" to end her misery. And she's really not very far away at Rainbow Bridge and will AlWAYS be in our hearts! Dr. Hawthorne sacrificed part of her New Year's Day afternoon to help our SWEET, GOOD GIRL. When her Vet came back into town, he said it sounded as though, at age 16, Hunter had a "deteriorated disc" causing her to collapse when she tried to walk her last few days. The memory of that last New Years day fades as fun memories take over in our minds, making my husband , Reid, and I smile and laugh. The one I love the most was how this famous friendship was born between Hunter and Buddy.Hunter freed Buddy from his puppy playpen by chewing a hole in the mesh while I was out grocery shopping! (She worked fast - a real Houdini as she once climbed a chain-link fence in a very few minutes.) Then, these two enjoyed exploring one another curiously, and nine years of pawing at and chasing one another began, causing me to stop whatever I was doing and watch. Thank God for memories! Of trips to beaches, mountains, and parks! BUT the Fondest Memories? Snuggling on the sofa in the evenings!! My most Numerous memory is Hunter going with me to bring our new dachsund puppy home. Hunter sat as far away from him as she could in the back seat, looking jealous and disgusted! So here I was driving the car with one hand, the other hand in the back seat in a laundry basket trying to comfort Buddy who was whining , probably terrified of Hunter. I kept talking to Hunter telling her that Buddy would grow longer, more muscular, would be almost her size, and she would have THE TIME OF HER LIFE PLAYING WITH HIM- Which She Did !! by Nancy ShoemakerNancy ShoemakerCharlotte, North CarolinaJanuary 7, 2013
Buzz and savannah keesy
1/4/2013We miss you already dear Buzz and today are moving past the sadness of your loss and are basking in the joy you have given us over the past 18 years. You have found at Rainbow Bridge your beautiful sister, Savannah Jane, whom we lost in May, 2008 and are once again happy and healthy together just as you once were.Sandy & Kurt KeesyDanville, CaliforniaJanuary 5, 2013
5/15/1997 - 12/26/2012To dear, sweet Nemesis: Even if you had lived 30 years, it wouldn't have been long enough. May you watch over us, whole in mind and body, on gossamer wings and soft paws, and know that you brought happiness and joy beyond compare to all who knew you.

I'm sure there is filet mignon and Pup-peroni in heaven to keep you well-fed until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Matt WeaverTemple Terrace, FloridaJanuary 3, 2013
1/1/1999 - 2/10/2012RARE IS THE DAY THAT I DON'T THINK OF YOU.JAINE WEISELEWES, DelawareJanuary 3, 2013
12/1/2000 - 12/17/2012Josie Rosie, our little sunshine. Our hearts still ache for you, but we are at peace knowing that you are no longer suffering. I still see your sweet little face in the clouds and know that you are okay now, my baby girl. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. You will always be the shine in my sun.
natalie breauxdunedin, FloridaDecember 30, 2012
10/30/1998 - 12/7/2012Theo was the hallmark of a great family dog. He added tremendous joy to our lives every day. With his absence, every day is horribly sorrowful. We knew it was time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge and truly believe that doggie heaven will take good care of him. Nothing is going to fill the void that he has left. It has been three weeks since he passed and the house is so empty. I see images of him constantly. Theo, I miss you pal......Bob PierceSafety Harbor, FloridaDecember 30, 2012
3/15/1996 - 12/23/2012Cocoa was a gentle soft creature that is sorely missed.Martha PELTAParkland, FloridaDecember 29, 2012